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It just sat there, silently sending out cancer cells to grow elsewhere, like so many dandelion seeds.

As a cancer researcher, this is the most accurate and at the same time, poetic description of metastases I have ever heard. Would you mind if I post this quote on my computer monitor? I'll credit it to u/Knitwitty66. :-)

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Interesting, never knew that meds were helpful for PD. Which ones? SSRIs? Others?

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"Undercurrents" perfectly captured my experiences with multiple bouts of MDD, except meds worked for me and I didn't have to go through ECT. The book is an auto biographical novel by a therapist as she progressed through MDD.

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I upvoted. 😄

And the nurses have seen a few boners in their time. And shit and vomit. It's all part of life. It's about bringing comfort to their patients. Nurses are the best. Just remembering the hospice nurse catheterizing my dad as he was dying of cancer. Getting a patient that's going to live a long life is way better.

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Does that mean BPD and ASPD are being conflated in Hollywood? Or when you discuss the stigma, do you also include any and all stigma associated with any PD diagnoses?