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Great article, and glad that Tampa continues to support investigative journalism and getting out to the world. My question is, did the sheriff detail the training that the detectives go through? Did he comment on getting more training?

I'd have to imagine that Hillsborough, Polk, and others nearby are gearing up to field questions about this from TBT and local news channels.

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As a former Cooper City person, and fellow IT person, what do you bring to the table as far as perspective that makes you a good fit? Personally, I didn't get a perspective on things until I was in my 40s, and most IT people are not great at communicating well, as and not very good at teamwork, as well as only seeing their way as the only correct way. Personally I'd be rather reticent about you due to your age and career, though I've learned to find out more before making a decision. Since I have friends still there, "Show me what you got!"

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It's that they have the time that makes them vote, according the senior people I've met, it's that they see things as a whole, they see the Forrest from from tree. Now that I'm close to 50, I see what they mean and am starting to understand 1 small decision or act can make a big or zero impact. It's great that people want to fight and stand up. When I was younger, I too wanted to as well. What I didn't understand is that it not only takes vision, but fortitude, wisdom, a group of advisors wiser than me, and people that believe I can do what nobody else could do before me. I've had mentors that have helped me see that. From what I've seen, it's just you, and your vision. I want someone to pick up the baton and run, and people need a leader. A leader surrounds themselves with people that help them achieve that goal. Technology is just a tool. Your phone is a small, very small connection to the world. The real connection is with the people that you know, and the people that they know. Technology is such a very small part of the world that real people live in. If people understood Net Neutrality, then it would have already been solved, but yet we still have to explain it. If you are charismatic and can build a base of followers to your vision, and get people to trust your decisions even if they aren't sure you're correct, then you're ready.

If you look at the military, leaders are formed through the toughest of times, and it takes years to learn how to lead people. Leadership is partially learned, and partially a talent. I know I'm not a leader of a large organization, but I know how to support a CEO, commanding officers, or managers. If you ever saw Band of Brothers, there are great and bad examples of leadership, which is similar to businesses or government. From what was explained, and comparing to others that have run for office and done AMA's, I think competitively to them that you have a bit to go before you are ready for a leadership position, though you have promise . This is one Floridians constructive feedback and truly hope the best for you!

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Similar to soy milk. When did soy beans get udders and teats? Do farmers get up at 4 am to milk their soy fields?

If you want bacon, eat bacon, otherwise it's a bad imitation.

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Who are other reporters and news sources you respect outside of TR?