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Go to West Virginia, seek out the tiny sister towns of Davis and Thomas. Stay at the Billy Motel and Play at the purple fiddle. :) You won't be disappointed.

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You're welcome! Don't forget to stop into TipTop for coffee, beer, and foods ☺️ bonus outdoor areas to visit are cannan valley, the dolly sods, and Seneca Rocks since I saw you like to find areas of solitude and starry nights.

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It's funny how far reaching the affects area of the opioid crisis and how many people just don't see it or understand. I live in Dayton Ohio so I am too familiar with the issue, our overdose numbers were staggering.

I'm looking forward to watching your video and have a lot of respect and emotion just for the title alone. I think we need videos like yours are invaluable and probably what we need to see whenever these speaking about these places and people.

Frontline did a documentary on our city not long ago and I was really disappointed. I think we need to have more understanding and call one another to a higher love for our neighbors.