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Hey man! Congrats!

I make indie rock music in my bedroom - any tips on getting it to the ears of some film makers? Not looking to make money, just want to see it go to use.

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Hey man - ive been making music since december publicly. (Indie inspired by early 200s alternative like modest mouse clap yourhands say yeah etc) i was wondering..

What steps should i make to get my music heard? I have had very positive reactions and have been told that it deserves attention all that shnazz and i just dont know how to go about getting it some attention.

Any advice?

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Yeah I’ve put everything on all platforms (spotify and all that included) and ive hit about 500 subs on youtube and insta since i started in december. Had a few online magazines feature me and what not just dont have the time to really submit myself to labels idek how to go about it haha

Ill throw my youtube up if you’re interested in hearing me out a bit but dont feel obliged.


Thanks for hittin me back though man - and congrats on makin’ your dreams a reality always happy to see that.

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My b on ‘man’ btw just a force a habit. Thx i will