I was brought to the US from Mexico when I was 3 years old, my main language is English, I live in a super Redneck town in Texas. I am 20 years old now about to be 21. I go to college and pay for it all by myself, the dream act has allowed me to work and get my drivers license. I have been working at an accounting firm since I was 17 and am going to college to get my masters in accounting. I listen to mainly country music since due to my environment, but I listen to a lot of everything else. I haven’t been back to Mexico since I was brought here....I really don’t know much about Mexico, just that it’s where I was born and that kinda makes all the difference.... Anyways there are approximately 800,000 other dreamers in the United States with many different stories but I’m here to answer any questions I can!

We have been used as leverage and as pawns by both sides of the political world.

Proof my SSN and Work Permit: Proof

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PerfectAtmosphere105 karma

Are you able to travel outside the US? Or are you “stuck” inside the country?

mariahhsolstice130 karma

Before trump we could apply for a permit to travel for family emergencies, school or work, now we can’t but I can go to Alaska, Hawaii and any US Territory I believe

HouseAtomic4 karma

When you say “before Trump” does that mean before Obama & DACA you could get a travel permit?

mariahhsolstice15 karma

When the Obama administration passed DACA they also allowed people to apply for travel permits, the trump administration closed that and tried to stop DACA and from what I know there are still courts fighting this so people who didn’t renew for whatever reason can’t apply for it anymore even if they qualify for it

smellygymbag-5 karma

Thats lame alaska and hawaii are states.

mariahhsolstice10 karma

I know they are states, I was saying I’m not landlocked

smellygymbag5 karma

Oh i misread i thought you were saying you can't go to those places. Sorry yo

mariahhsolstice4 karma

Hahah you’re good!!!

jam70536 karma

Are you still able to go through the traditional process of naturalization or are their procedural headaches in place because you were brought over as an undocumented minor?

mariahhsolstice44 karma

Actually it might be easier because now I have been in the US legally and they have done biometrics and have records of my status here! But I do have to pay around 2,000 every two years to renew for legal fees and the fee the uscis charges

professor_aloof3 karma

Are you a visa overstay, or did you apply for Advance Parole to leave the US, then get back with an entry record?

mariahhsolstice9 karma

Neither, my parents brought me here illegally when I was 3, no visa or anything they sent me with 2 strangers. I’m now about to turn 20 about to be 21

Conductanceman35 karma

How do you think the US should handle the illegal immigration problem?

mariahhsolstice164 karma

Hmmm I think the people who are here and have been here for a significant number of years let’s say 10-15 and up and have no criminal record, have paid their taxes and done their duties as residents, should be given a chance to apply for a permanent residence here. People with a violent criminal record, who have taken advantage of government assistance, and have not positively contributed to the American society should be given maybe a year or two to gather their things and return to their country before being persecuted and deported. The immigration office should be expanded for them to be able to process asylum cases faster, so that anyone who wants to immigrate here due to danger can quickly do that. The security at the southern border should be greater but I don’t think a wall is what would fix it, I think more ports of entry maybe, and more security, idk I’m not well versed in border security!

Conductanceman74 karma

If immigrants who are here illegally for x number of years are given a path to citizenship, doesn't that just say that the process for becoming a citizen is to come illegally until you're eligible for citizenship?

I am pro immigration as I believe it's one of the ways America became and remains great. I just wish there was a way to make the process for legal immigration better and to prevent illegal immigration more effectively. I mean, wouldn’t it have been better for you as a child and even now if your parents had brought you here legally rather than illegally. Presumably you were brought here illegally because there was no effective way to take you legally.

mariahhsolstice18 karma

Haha I see what you’re saying but what I meant was like if you were here since say like 2007 or something like that, like so many years from the date that law is implemented not like moving forward, does that make sense? Sorry my wording is weird haha Yeah I wish the same, my parents brought me here illegally out of ignorance and laziness I feel, like they weren’t running away from any danger and my dad actually used to work as a wild fire firefighter in Oregon under a work visa but then when the scare of the 2000s happened he went back to Mexico where he cheated on my mom then my mom was the one who brought us here illegally without him knowing out of anger and then he followed suit because “family”

Tjseegy13 karma

*prosecuted. Unless you really do mean ‘persecuted’....

mariahhsolstice14 karma

Haha yes prosecuted *** sorry

SugahKain5 karma

Tbh if you dont have all exits blocked out on a border. People are going to sneak in via illegal immigration at least with a wall in place. You only really have to worry about key choke points and air travel.

mariahhsolstice1 karma

Yeah I think you’re right! I just wish it wasn’t so expensive you know?

open_ur_mind2 karma

I think the people who are here and have been here for a significant number of years let’s say 10-15 and up and have no criminal record, have paid their taxes and done their duties as residents, should be given a chance to apply for a permanent residence here.

People with a violent criminal record, who have taken advantage of government assistance, and have not positively contributed to the American society should be given maybe a year or two to gather their things and return to their country before being persecuted and deported.

If these two people have lived here for the same amount of time, why should the second group you described be afforded any extra hospitality?

mariahhsolstice6 karma

I simply think chaos would ensue in both directions, the countries people come from can prepare for the influx as well as there not being a so many jobs just being left like that, plus people might own homes or whatever

Talik1978-1 karma

Do you believe that giving violent criminals a year or two to get their things together will result in them complying with immigration policy, or do you believe such people would be more likely to attempt to evade the law?

mariahhsolstice1 karma

I would suggest some sort of monitoring system of sorts!

Patches1313-2 karma

This is a excellent suggestion and one I think a lot of us Trump supporters (and Trump) would support.

Good luck and hopefully your future will remain bright!

mariahhsolstice6 karma

Thank you! ♥️

CalculusMaster22 karma

How does FAFSA work with you since you’re in college?

mariahhsolstice53 karma

It doesn’t! I don’t qualify so I pay for everything out of pocket, but I could apply for tafsa and certain scholarships

James-Wing7 karma

What is TAFSA?

mariahhsolstice20 karma

Texas financial aid, it’s what you apply for if FAFSA doesn’t give enough or don’t qualify!

CalculusMaster2 karma

Does TAFSA give you a good amount to help you out?

mariahhsolstice37 karma

I wouldn’t know, I haven’t applied because I make enough money to pay for college as of right now and I think that money should go to people who REALLY need it.

CalculusMaster3 karma

Yeah, thats what I think too. I also live in Texas but I’ve never applied for it, I was just curious since I’ve never really heard anyone use it.

mariahhsolstice5 karma

Haha yeah, truthfully there is so much money for college for everyone out there a lot of people just don’t look for it so it’s sitting there! But now you know and if anyone needs it tell em to apply!(:

silwr17 karma

Are you angry with your parents for doing this to you?

mariahhsolstice33 karma

Yes, sometimes! I think that their selfishness harmed my potential, because now I have to work EXTRA hard to achieve my goals, but I love this country and I want to stay here so for that I’m grateful!

ImpartialDawn-21 karma

He shouldn't be angry at his parents, they gave him a better chance at life than he likely would've had in Mexico. Mexico is a complete shithole and it's natural to want to get the fuck out of there. We shouldn't be angry at the illegals who want a better life - but they, and their children, should be promptly deported together.

mariahhsolstice12 karma

Am a she! Haha

wavesuponwaves15 karma

How has the political climate since the presidency effected you, if it has?

Do people noticeably treat you any differently?

Have you had to undergo many changes to your daily life?

mariahhsolstice47 karma

Hmmmmm no not really, I’m “white passing” if anything I look Asian haha People wouldn’t even think I was born in Mexico or speak fluent Spanish usually, plus I don’t have an accent

People have been more racist towards my parents, which hurts obviously, even though I will say I think what they did was irresponsible and negligent to my safety and future

magicbananas310 karma

Do you wish you didn't grow up in America?

mariahhsolstice41 karma

No no I grew up on BbQ and Football I wouldn’t trade that for the world!

Gibslayer1 karma

even though I will say I think what they did was irresponsible and negligent to my safety and future

Not to be too confrontational and I don't know the proper way to word this. I wonder why you think it was negligent to your safety and future?

There must have been reason for your parents to think the risks involved with crossing illegally into the US were worth it to give you the best future. It's clearly worked out as you're earning a good wage and studying at college off your own back. The motives behind the decision seems like they were very much conscious of your safety while wanting you to have the best future possible.

I can see how entering legally would have been more of a benefit had they managed to do it. But again that assumes they'd have been able to meet the requirements to do so.

I guess in a way I'm asking a few questions.

  • If you had been raised in Mexico, do you think you would have been more or less safe?
  • If you had been raised in Mexico, do you think your future would have a better outlook or worse?
  • Were your parents in a position to legally enter the US?
  • If they were, would it have been a quick enough process that you would have still been at education age when you got residency?

mariahhsolstice17 karma

My mom brought my sister and I here without my dad knowing to spite him, in the process my sister was sexually abused and nearly died, I was sent first with strangers and was in the US alone for a while without my family. That’s more so why I say that, I feel like my success is in spite of my origin not because of it

Gibslayer2 karma

Certainly a lot of story in your journey through life.

Thanks for the very unique and interesting AMA.

mariahhsolstice4 karma

Thank you kind stranger!(:

grovelmd10 karma

What do you think about Trump's wall?

mariahhsolstice43 karma

I think...it’s idealistic, but more than anything a waste of money because the problem is bigger and more complex than just that

smellygymbag3 karma

What do you suggest is the problem and what is your solution, to the best of your ability?

mariahhsolstice32 karma

I wish I had a good solution, I really do love America and I love being here, I also recognize that if immigrants gave the energy and money they spent when coming here on their own country they could make a difference! And I don’t think it’s fair to Americans to have to compete with less expensive work from undocumented immigrants and not to mention the crimes that are committed by undocumented immigrants ):

Exaggeration17A10 karma

So, there are about 800,000 Dreamers and you're being used as leverage by both sides of the political world....

This struck me as poetic irony, because there are about 800,000 Federal workers in a similar situation right now (including me). Obviously, your situation is much more troubling than mine, but I hope you take some comfort in knowing that it's not personal. The government has no problem screwing with the lives of their own people, just like they're screwing with yours. It's like being part of a really lousy, special club. We can come up with a secret handshake, if you want.

What have your experiences with Homeland Security employees been like, and what's your least favorite part of the renewal process?

mariahhsolstice5 karma

Aweee I’m so sorry /: the whole government shutdown thing is so Infuriating, I hope it hasn’t set you back too far!!!! ):

The homeland security people I’ve met have all been nice!!!(:

The most annoying this has to be the fact that I have to renew my license and stuff every two years and that means having to take time off work to pay for this, it’s more of a nuisance than anything

allorange8 karma

Any advice for someone that wants to be an accountant? What should i do first? Im kinda lost tbh

mariahhsolstice4 karma

What that person said^ haha I wanted to be a doctor but after working at a tax firm and because of my legal status it’s easier for me to become an accountant

Bobby-Samsonite6 karma

How did you get a Social Security Number?

mariahhsolstice17 karma

DACA program gives you a SSN and a work permit

nuala-lala6 karma

Do you value U.S. culture? If so, in what way? Or do you think geography doesn't matter?

mariahhsolstice23 karma

I grew up with boots, eating BBQ, and watching football! I love US culture haha I’ve visited Colorado and all the way up to Boston love the USA

kingofwale5 karma

Personally speaking, will you support a bill that grant an easy/easier pass for dreamers like yourself to American citizenship in exchange for a Border wall?

mariahhsolstice8 karma

Hmmm see I don’t like that we are used as pawn though, the cost of that would affect millions of AMERICANS negatively where that money could be spent on the Americans that pay those taxes. A wall that limits the influx is good, so much money for something that isn’t going to fix the problem entirely is where I take issue to it!

BouncingDeadCats8 karma

You’re being used as pawns whether you like it or not.

Personally, I would trade a wall in return for path to legal resident status and possible citizenship.

$5B is a lot, but it ain’t much in the grand scheme of our government wasteful spending.

mariahhsolstice4 karma

I think that if there is no other option yes of course I would but idk I just hate the thought of “owing” anyone anything and I feel like a lot of people would blame us for the expense of the wall does that make sense? It feels sort of like dreamers would represent the wall if it was a trade off. If my wording is weird please ask me to clarify haha it makes sense in my head

kingofwale5 karma

“So much money for something that isn’t going to fix the problem entirely..”

So in your opinion, what will fix the problem entirely?

mariahhsolstice12 karma

An overhaul of the immigration system, removing the people that aren’t contributing positively, expanding the department of immigration so that any petitions people make to come in can be processed faster and approved or denied so people don’t get desperate and come here illegally. Those are just some thoughts but I think it’s a complex problem that requires a complex solution

Treysdaddy081 karma

Do you think the wall would also help with illegal drugs coming over our border?

mariahhsolstice2 karma

Ummm from what I know most of the really dangerous drugs are coming through ports of entry and are being shipped from China, so not really.

Maybe like weed and cocain it will help but again I don’t think the drug problem comes from the southern border primarily

rydan1 karma

I find that stat suspect. The thing I've always heard isn't that the drugs are coming through legal ports of entry but that they are seized at legal ports of entry. It sounds like customs and DEA are just doing their jobs mostly correctly. But how do you seize something in the middle of nowhere in the desert? That seems like it would be much more difficult even if there were 10x the drugs coming through there instead.

mariahhsolstice1 karma

Sources: https://www.google.com/amp/s/foreignpolicy.com/2017/08/29/trump-says-border-wall-will-stop-drugs-heres-what-a-dea-intel-report-says/amp/


I think it seems illogical to travel through the dessert if money is the objective simply because of how much longer it would take and also how many dead-zones there are like a lot could go wrong, I’d imagine. A wall might help but also I think they would use tunnels instead and in which case the wall is still there but not doing anything really


I’m not saying the wall will effectively do nothing, I’m saying the wall won’t be as efficient as it should be considering the cost and concerns people have

Andaeros3 karma

Why do you think this is any way unique when there are multiple other people in this position?

Also, when do you plan to become a citizen?

mariahhsolstice2 karma

I stated that there are 800,000 other people in my position, I acknowledge how common it was, but there are still so many people who either don’t understand it or didn’t know about it, and I answered their questions.

There really isn’t a way for me to become a citizen as of this moment, and it’s also a process you have to apply for residency then you can apply for citizenship after a certain amount of years as a resident. For me to be able to apply I would have to fall into certain categories and each different category has different steps to be approved for residency with different waiting periods

Bobby-Samsonite3 karma

How often are you on reddit and what are your favorite subreddits?

mariahhsolstice3 karma

I’m on reddit every day just lurking mostly My favs are /beautyguruchatter /bigbrother and /joerogan haha idk if I did the little / thing right

CommentsApreciator3 karma

What is your biggest dream?

mariahhsolstice7 karma

The travel through Argentina!

CommentsApreciator5 karma

I'm sure you will make it!! Just don't give up on your dream! It might seem impossible now, but life finds a way! Just don't give up ;)

mariahhsolstice3 karma

Thank you kind stranger ♥️

hooklineandsinkers3 karma

What do your parents do? Do you have grandparents, aunts, uncles or cousins? Do they help you? Do you help them? How? Why don't you know more about Mexico? It's a beautiful country with a great culture. Do you or your relatives ever think about contributing back to Mexico so it can become a place people want to live vs leave?

mariahhsolstice15 karma

My mom used to clean houses, my dad worked night shift polishing floors for like 13 years till he got sick, he now does janitorial work for a restaurant. I do have extended family here but most of them are citizens, my grandparents had my mom in Mexico along with 4 other siblings and abandoned them there (my grandparents are citizens of the us) my other aunts and uncles were born here. My parents actually came here because my dad cheated on my mom so she wanted to be with her family and my dad eventually followed because despite cheating I guess he loved us. My moms family doesn’t help us, they sorta look down on us, it caused me to have severe self esteem issues growing up, because of the things they would say to us. My parents just never taught me haha, in recent years I have started talking to my dads family that is over there and learning more, my sister became a resident this year and she visited said it was beautiful and the people were so nice! I have thought about that last part so much! I think that perhaps if people grouped together and contributed to their communities to fix what they don’t like about their countries maybe it would be more bearable! It’s really expensive and dangerous to come here that money could be used to create businesses and help the economy, but idk that’s pretty idealistic

CommentsApreciator3 karma

How different do you think you and your life would have been if your family have never brought you to the US?

mariahhsolstice10 karma

Entirely I think! I wouldn’t speak English or French (learning) I wouldn’t have the same education that I have now, I also don’t think I would have such an desire for justice you know? Mexico is so corrupt and I mean America isn’t perfect but just the fact that you can speak up and protest what you don’t like and not be afraid for your life means so much!

Dessum3 karma

The last statement really hits hard. Everyone is talking about "dreamers" like they're some political platform, on both sides, and it loses a lot of its emotional value.

What would you recommend we take from your experience? Personally, the fact that you don't have any attachment to Mexico is the thing that makes the biggest difference in my opinion. You've built your life in America, as an American. Who is to say anything you are is illegitimate?

mariahhsolstice11 karma

I think it’s just how American I am haha, I love George Strait and Beyoncé, Crawfish And macaroni and cheese haha, I went to prom and pre K. If I wasn’t born in Mexico I would be your average American Young Adult

Dessum1 karma

Cool, then I got the right idea from your post! Thanks so much for this, I hear about "dreamers" all the time but there's really not a lot of diversity in my town and I've never met anyone online with this experience before.

Also, if you have the time, I would love to know what you think about the information President Trump just gave us live a few minutes ago. I'm pretty angry with it - while he's offering Dreamers more protection, I'm almost positive I remember this being offered in return for "The Wall" ages ago when DACA was the big thing. If I remember correctly, it was turned down because he still wasn't willing to cut any corners then, but now he's sort of in a bind I guess. Again, I'd love your take on it!

mariahhsolstice2 karma

I haven’t read what he has said but I have gotten notifications, from what little I’ve seen I think he’s offering more protection but not anything permanent so to someone who doesn’t know about DACA they would think he’s solving it but I’m pretty sure he’s just gonna let people continue renewing which is good but that’s no different than how we were (AGAIN THIS IS THE GIST IVE GOTTEN I HAVENT SEEN THE SPEECH YET)

Ganaraska-Rivers2 karma

Now do you wish your parents obeyed the law and brought you in legally?

mariahhsolstice5 karma

Yes, if they had then I would have the same opportunity as every other person here, them bringing me here illegally was traumatizing due to the trek and also it’s really annoying to live somewhere and to kinda be hiding in the shadows, there are a lot of normal things I couldn’t and some I still can’t do.

Such as getting a drivers license, without the dream act I couldn’t get one, luckily I’m a such a goodie two shoes so I never drove. Now I have one but I have to renew it when my permit expires.

Job applications require a social security number, which I also didn’t have before the dream act.

I can’t travel outside the US so any school trips I couldn’t do.

Just stuff like that that limits me, that maybe other people don’t think about

show_the_maw2 karma

After you get a masters, are you allowed to apply for an H1B visa? I really have no idea how these things work but all my Indian coworkers have H1Bs.

mariahhsolstice2 karma

No, I think that has to be applied for before coming, but I’m not super knowledgeable on that sorry ):

Rytechmonster2 karma

How do you prove your citizenship status? The specific example I’m referencing is getting a standard mortgage on a home. When being asked if you are a us citizen, selecting no would require only a few allowable visa types for you to get a mortgage.

mariahhsolstice3 karma

Ummm I don’t know how to answer this, if I have to answer this question on anything I ask the person at a desk where I’m filling out the form

whore_island_ocelots2 karma


mariahhsolstice3 karma

Yes, they don’t deport us in theory, but they do have all of our information. Most jobs don’t accept people who don’t have lawful presence here so people would loose their jobs and wouldn’t be able to continue school, certain scholarships would be taken back. Stuff like that but we would stay here

BadBanter2 karma

Trump has just offered a deal to extend DACA in exchange for his border wall. As a "Dreamer" what is your take on this deal?

mariahhsolstice7 karma

Well his administration tried to cancel daca and are currently in courts against states because of it which is the only reason I was able to renew last year, he isn’t giving anything permanent just basically backing off on what he tried to take away I think, so he isn’t conceding anything just making it seem so, but I haven’t had time to watch the entire speech so I could be wrong

BrettwestNY1 karma

You shouldn't have a ssn, your parents are dicks. Yes some of us actually want you gone, how is that so confusing to so many? Go fix your home.

mariahhsolstice1 karma

I think the part that doesn’t make sense to me is like I grew up here and have contributed positively to American economics and society, I pay my taxes don’t use government funds for anything, I consider this home like I don’t know anyone there...

I just guess I don’t understand why I should be punished for a decision my parents made when I was 3 years old... I don’t know anything about the history in Mexico or the culture really, I would be a fish out of water.

All of my friends, connections and dreams are here. I had nap time in pre k with the same people I went to prom with, I’m the same I was just born somewhere else, you want me to just leave that?

BrettwestNY1 karma

Yes I do, unless the deal exclusively covered you children which it sadly won't. We all know a daca deal will place anchors for your families. Illegal immigration is disgusting and IDC how it's justified. Plus many are old and educated enough to help fix the places you should be calling home.

mariahhsolstice1 karma

The deal we have right now exclusively covers children that were brought here not parents, when Obama tried to pass a similar law for the parents it was rejected, in my opinion and as much as I love my parents, I think rightfully so.

I don’t think that parent will likely get any benefit because even if the children are granted protection the parents aren’t.

I see your point, however we don’t call that home, you know? It would be like giving up everything that’s yours and starting over but without the desire. For instance say I got a job opportunity in Washington state (which is where I’ve always wanted to live) I may consider that but maybe still pass on it bc I have important human connections here and starting over is scary. Going to Mexico is even scarier because there’s no real appeal to me, I’m not ashamed of my roots or whatever but that’s just not home, maybe a vacay there but I’d miss the USA and everything I’ve built here.

ClitNibbler1 karma

The other day Trump's proposal (that Nancy Pelosi rejected ten minutes before he released it) included a 3 year extension to DACA. Do you have any thoughts on the proposal?

mariahhsolstice1 karma

When his administration stepped into office they tried to stop the program all together, they got sued and are still being sued by many courts. If I wouldn’t of made the deadline to renew My permit would’ve been revoked, anyone that qualifies and for whatever reason didn’t apply before can’t now and if their permit expires they can’t renew as of this moment. So he’s just basically saying he will stop stopping the program, not really making it better or more permanent or anything like that. From what I understand

SunflowerDevyl1 karma

If a bill passed to allow you and other dreamers permanent residency, what's the first thing you would do?

mariahhsolstice7 karma

Ummmm continue living my life like normal hahaha I would probably want to travel to Peru I want to hike to Machu Picchu, but that’s more of a luxury haha

SunflowerDevyl1 karma

Lol just curious. The question was asked in the daca subreddit. A lot of people said they would do things like register to vote or visit home country relatives.

mariahhsolstice4 karma

Yeah yeah I figured haha! I would go visit my grandmother because she remembers me but I was brought here so young I don’t remember or have a huge attachment to my family in Mexico

nuala-lala1 karma

If you could vote, who would you vote for: Democrats or Republicans?

mariahhsolstice11 karma

I would vote for the candidate that best represents me, I tend to be more socially liberal but fiscally conservative.

I am not super pc but I don’t think certain things like gay marriage is any of our business as long as it’s two consenting adults, they should get married

However with things like taxes because I work with small businesses and witness people abusing the tax system I’m more conservative on social programs

fugensnot1 karma

My best friend would benefit greatly from the DREAM act but she was brought here by her idiot mom when she was 17, just a year too old. Why is her mom stupid? Ole Mammy is here legally and everything. Ffs.

mariahhsolstice1 karma

Would her mom not be able to petition for her to become a citizen? Did she get married?

fugensnot1 karma

My friend or the mom? The mom is a citizen now, and she's married. My friend is 33 and living the undocumented wild ride in a part of the country I won't name. She is neither married nor has kids.

I feel that if that were any option, she would've taken it already.

mariahhsolstice1 karma

That’s so interesting, because my moms parents are both US citizens and apparently if my mom wouldn’t of gotten married they would’ve been able to petition for residency and eventually citizenship.

But those may be old laws idk how it would apply now

PettyLikeTom1 karma

I think what you're doing and what you stand for is pretty noble really. America is the place people want to be, but everyone's so gung ho and wants to let just everyone in. I think as long as there's proper paperwork and you've proven you're a honest hard working and tax paying citizen, you should be let in. But anyways, that's just me. In all honesty, what small redneck town are you in? Cause I could name several in Texas and there's not many that aren't

mariahhsolstice2 karma

It’s south east of Houston so it’s like a suburb not SUPER small but smaller it’s called La Porte

ZB431 karma

Can you not become a yank?

mariahhsolstice2 karma

What is a yank?

If it’s what I think it means which is like once I become a resident then citizen I would be able to petition other family members? Technically yes but for parents it takes like 3-5 years after I’m a resident/citizen and for siblings it takes 10 years till you can petition them. So yes but my sister is already a resident and I don’t really have anyone else to neutralize

Rand_alThor_1 karma

Hey, what do you think about the idea of essentially open borders vs. controlled immigration?

Trump seems to be pushing for the latter, and the left of the Democrats for the former. Being someone who could potentially identify with both types of immigrants, and with both sides, perhaps you can say what you feel about this issue as it applies to the US?

mariahhsolstice1 karma

Open borders are not good in my opinion

I think a controlled Immigration system would better serve everyone involved.

Being able to know who is here is essential so the security of this country, also you know like there are tragedies happening all over the world everyday I don’t think the US can let everyone in you know? At some point I think people should do what Americans did to make this a country worth risking your life to get here, which is fight for your rights. Americans didn’t like their government so they fought until they were able to fix it, there’s no reason why other people can’t do that for their own countries I feel.

Although, there are situations that are in grey areas which is what immigration systems are for, to identify these situations and to grant permission to be here or to reject someone’s entry.

OldEnglishA1 karma

1) Did you think the people in the migrant caravan from Honduras where too violent against border patrol agents? 2) Did you think it would have been better for them if they tried a more peaceful approach? 3) Do you think it is better to enter the US by trying to apply for a green card than to risk being caught by ICE ?

mariahhsolstice7 karma

I was really busy with school and work when all of that was happening so I’m not super well informed, but they were very violent against Mexican border patrol agents and American border patrol agents from sim clips I saw on the news With that whole situation I just sorta wonder like what if all of those people that rallied up together would’ve just decided to change their country you know? To help one another and start an uprising, it surely would be easier to convince someone to fight for justice than to move 3 countries away? But I don’t know what all is happening in Honduras I did feel like the media and the president exacerbated the situation because of the elections

itsmejacy1 karma

Do you happen to be from a redneck town in the Texas Panhandle? Not the point of this post but I’m curios

mariahhsolstice1 karma

Nope, I’m from a town south east of Houston, but I’ve been to the panhandle, Amarillo is so beautiful I love the hill country part of Texas

micahm970 karma

I have been doing some research into multiculturalism and I wanted to see how you felt about assimilation into American culture.

I know you have said you love American culture, but how do you feel about traditional American values? i.e. values that make our country unique like patriotism, checks and balances, capitalism, Democratic-Republicanism, free trade, and others.

I am not suggesting that we shouldn’t celebrate other cultures’ food, clothing, music, and such. But I do find it necessary that we culturally assimilate to American values as a melting pot and not a salad. Thoughts?

mariahhsolstice6 karma

I think that those values are what make America so great! The protection under the constitution and the bill of rights is what makes America so Great! Being able to say what you want, the right to remain silent, right to a jury, due process, right to an attorney, having a bipartisan system ALL of that makes America great and those are freedoms often taken for granted but they are so special because they are in writing and UNALIENABLE.

BouncingDeadCats5 karma

Damn right.

As an immigrant from an oppressive country, I appreciate those values much more than the current crop of social justice warriors.

America ain’t perfect. But it’s constantly evolving. We should keep the things that make us great and change the things that don’t.

I hope you get some good news on DACA and a path to legal residency and citizenship soon.

I don’t understand the crazy opposition to a wall. What’s so immoral about it? Why have a wall along a part of the border but not the rest? Why oppose it now when Schumer and Clinton supported it before Trump?

mariahhsolstice3 karma

I don’t oppose the wall completely! I think that it’s necessary to have all of the border covered to keep as many people who are undocumented out as possible, however the cost of it seems so excessive when the immigration agency should be expanded to fix what started the issue which is delays in petitions for asylum and visas. But again I don’t know too much on border security so that’s just an opinion

_be_nice-3 karma


mariahhsolstice6 karma

I’m not saying it shouldn’t! My parents were negligent, lazy and irresponsible, but I don’t think I should be held responsible especially when I have been compliant with laws here and have contributed positively to the society

MrE1993-5 karma

How do you feel about sushi and would you be up for getting some?

mariahhsolstice3 karma

I love sushi!

ligmabofa-7 karma

Why didn’t you apply for Legal status in the many years you’ve been here?

mariahhsolstice4 karma

I’m not super well versed in legalities but I think I can’t apply until I’m 21 or something like that but even then it’s REALLY hard to be able to get residency from just being here. I have to look into that more! My boss may be able to petition me but again it’s a long, complicated and expensive process

AnalShits-23 karma

Do you see any similarities in yourself to Taco Bell? (Americanized Mexican)

mariahhsolstice2 karma

Hahaha sorta???? Idk I’m originally from central Mexico closed to the capital sorta but I get told I act like I’m “northern” Mexican idk what that means really haha But I love spicy food and am not a huge fan of Taco Bell actually because it gives me the shits