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since I DIY'd them all.

Um, wat?

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The thread is about Saudi students exclusively, so I don't understand your question.

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it does make life easier that's very true.

For who? FFS, I cannot believe we actually appear to be having a conversation in which we cheer that an American company makes it more convenient to shackle one's woman in Saudi Arabia. They're savages, and Google is a profit whore, so whatever, fuck Tim Cook, but can we please at least express how repulsive this is? It's not NORMAL for us, and we shouldn't speak as though it is.

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Imagine your grocery bill quadrupling over the course of six months while farmers figure out how much it costs to pay berry pickers and chicken pluckers minimum wage.

I'd be fine with that, and ultimately, everyone working those jobs would be better off than the slaves who worked them before.

Basically your argument boils down to support for a permanent underclass of people with less rights than citizen laborers so you can have cheap tomatoes. Fuck that, capitalist lapdog.

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I wanna know: how exactly is it that you think he "stole" all these tax dollars?