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Holy fuck, that's awful. I'm sure the universities are declining.

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Extra cushioning on your hips/sides. What you'd grab onto for lovin'.

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What are the consequences of deflecting a large astroid? Would chunks of it bounce off and create some cosmic chain reaction that would destroy Jupiter's rings or Mercury's version of the dinosaurs? Or would they just burn up in the atmosphere and Australia would have a lovely light show?

Thoughts on the movie Armageddon?

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Holy shit. How many stories do you think we don't hear about? Is there anything we can do about extradition?

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I know you mentioned cats just now, and how dogs are expensive.

What about kittens? My job had a wellness event where the local cat shelter brought in fully vaccinated kittens in a closed room, and staff that liked kittens/disregarded their allergies, could play with them for an hour. The event was free, the shelter person spoke about how pets relieve stress, and staff were just delighted. I also think two people walked away, ready to become fosters.