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A friend's husband was a refugee from Bosnia. His family ended up in Germany and then America.

What are your thoughts about how something like this could happen in the 90s and with much more attention in the world stage, now and the 90s? What are your parents thoughts on the oppressors now?

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Holy fuck, that's awful. I'm sure the universities are declining.

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I had a friend pass away from brain cancer. She first got her diagnosis and treatment at age 21 and passed away ten years later after 9 years of remission. I never asked her her thoughts in her impending death.

What are your thoughts on a pending death? This friend could be a big jerk sometimes, how do you feel about people thinking back on your life and remembering parts of you that cast you in a bad light?

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He posts about it a couple entries higher. It sounds wonderful.

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Extra cushioning on your hips/sides. What you'd grab onto for lovin'.