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What is "social and economic justice"?

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I am a Republican that voted for Bush, Obama (first term), Romney and Johnson/Weld. That is a fantastic answer! Thank you. I remain disappointed that the Democrats don't shine more lite on HR 3. (clearly republicans have been paid off) Most citizens don't realize that the US government spends more on healthcare/person than Canada. In total we spend ~19% of GDP as compared to 10-13% other western societies with universal services. Therefore, the problem isn't money it's the expense across the entire healthcare supply chain. Just math. How do you/we reduce salaries to doctors, nurses, hospitals, drug manufacturers, medical device companies, distributors, etc. while increasing supply? How do we get society to realize drugs that cost $100ks can't be universally supplied if you want universal coverage? Just math. I look forward to politicians who lead by debating objectively the real issues (my utopia). Answers like yours, will get republicans like me in your camp. Good luck!

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It's easy to pick an issue and advocate. Can you prioritize the top 5 current programs you want continue and the top 5 you want to dis-continue?

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Are you familiar with the Claudia Goldin's research at Harvard? What do you think about her findings?

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Do you believe there are any elective surgeries the military shouldn't cover? Which ones?