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On October 22, 2012, Kiriakou pleaded guilty to disclosing the identity of a fellow CIA officer.

That's what he was convicted on, not whistle-blowing on torture.

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Why are you bringing this up? This is different budgets that don't mix (aka different pots of money). As a American citizen I want the Wall, that's why we voted president Trump in. Trying to pit the health of your town against this objective is not only deceitful but its also pretty scummy and underhanded.

People like you in public office is one of the major problems with this country. Instead of respecting what we the people voted for, you attempt to deceive and belittle us via guilt trips.

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What a load of crap.

A better question is when did journalists give into greed and start publishing fake news, like your linked article where Judy Woodruff claims that President Trump is the first president to lie and that journalists had to adjust to speaking about the president because of this.

Journalists like Judy Woodruff and yourself is why millions of Americans have stopped believing anything you report on.

When you publish so much fake news, real news slips on by with us not believing it either. The curse of a public with access to the world via the internet.

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This is a excellent suggestion and one I think a lot of us Trump supporters (and Trump) would support.

Good luck and hopefully your future will remain bright!