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So now that you've been out of incarceration, what are you doing for a job and finding a way to make ends meet? Does being a former convict and listed as a bank robber deter you from certain jobs and all that as well?

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Do you hope they make a movie out of this just like they did for fanboys when episode one of star wars came out?

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Honestly what's the biggest thing most people try and change for the new year?

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I take it you never watched fanboys? The whole point is similar, on which their childhood friend was dying of cancer and they take him across country and meet all the star wars cast members along the way and break into skywalker ranch so he can watch episode one before he goes, which would be before it comes out in theatres. Honestly it's a fucking damn good movie really, and if you have seen it in sorry to have just described all of that

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Hey that's pretty sweet, thanks bud I appreciate it