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I would say you cut that video too late. I just watched it from this point and it seemed the response was OK. But if you start the video from the start and reach that point it definitely is not OK. She literally says seconds before your starting point that she isn't there to give an interview on this and is there to talk about the bill she's trying to get passed. Then Nancy Grace just continues talking about it.

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Considering that he capitalized the word "Taxes" in the title I think so. Except we don't refer to TX as Dixie. That is more to the east.

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I'm curious about this. So you couldn't hear anything like even if you tapped the side of head or scratched it?

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Serious question. Did you sue them before 2015? If so what was the outcome? Is that how we got NN originally?

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Is the whole book just his adventures while falling?