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So, there are about 800,000 Dreamers and you're being used as leverage by both sides of the political world....

This struck me as poetic irony, because there are about 800,000 Federal workers in a similar situation right now (including me). Obviously, your situation is much more troubling than mine, but I hope you take some comfort in knowing that it's not personal. The government has no problem screwing with the lives of their own people, just like they're screwing with yours. It's like being part of a really lousy, special club. We can come up with a secret handshake, if you want.

What have your experiences with Homeland Security employees been like, and what's your least favorite part of the renewal process?

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Good evening, sir. I just completed 10 years of Federal service myself, most of it in the DC area. The only major shutdown I've had to deal with was during the Obama administration and I honestly wasn't too worried, despite the fact that I was getting paid less back then. This time, I definitely feel more uncertain.

As someone who has more experience with shutdowns (and life experience in general), do you feel this shutdown is different than the previous ones? Or just more of the same bullshit?