I have been living without power since hurricane María hit on September 19. We lost power at about 2am. Power has been established around me but my subdivision is still without power. This is mostly to vent and talk to people as we are kind of going crazy down here.

I have electricity at work. Please don't tell my boss I'm doing this. https://imgur.com/a/rJYUo

EDIT: More proof, selfies with local debris piles. https://imgur.com/a/WSN9o

EDIT: If you would like to send donations: Cristo Reina Church P.O. BOX 3823 GUAYNABO, P.R. 00970-3823

Or visit this website and donate directly http://www.cristoreina.net/donativos.html (These guys are doing a great job in Guaynabo)

EDIT: If you want to help stateside: Call your State Representatives in Congress and tell them to support any relief packages for the Island. There will soon be some in Legislation. You can help us with a simple call.

EDIT: Thank you all for your amazing kindness. It really has hit close to home. I also just want to say watching Norm MacDonald videos on YouTube (when I have had service) and listening to the Childish Gambino album have really helped me get through all of this. For real. If those guys read this, thank you so much.

EDIT: Some people have been asking for pictures of my experiences and survival methods. Good news! I made an album! https://imgur.com/gallery/qb98J

EDIT: I opened a Twitter account to keep updating about all that's been going on down here: @hurricaneperson

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Cruzan_Cowgirls2478 karma

I live on St Croix... No power since the 6th of Sept.... AMA?

(67 days?)

I too have electricity at work.

nopuedeser1448 karma

Wow! Good to know you're ok! Irma, right?

Cruzan_Cowgirls823 karma

Lost my power for Irma, but didn't get hit till Maria (on St Croix).

nopuedeser580 karma

I hope you get power back soon. Did you see the hearing today at the Natural Resources Committee? The Rep. from the Virgin Islands did a great job.

dooberson458 karma

Oh and btw that report that the island will be at 95% by Christmas is totally bullshit.

nopuedeser413 karma

I hope it isn't.

dooberson95 karma

I'm in Isla Verde on a disaster relief crew, and we've been without power for a whole 2 WEEKS!!!! It's been terrible! Nothing compared to your 2 months, but still shitty!

asimplescribe86 karma

Isn't that where Jurassic Park is?

nopuedeser156 karma


bebblebr0x2102 karma

How do you feel about EA, in light of their recent shit storm?

nopuedeser7865 karma

Rather not have power than play their games.

amyladams11786 karma

Thank you for your post..keep us informed about PR. I am so sorry that it has been 54 days?!? Good God. We are in Florida on the west side. How are you doing otherwise?

nopuedeser2160 karma

Ok. The fact that I still have a job is a blessing. A lot of people lost their jobs and had to close businesses.

Postedwhilepooping1528 karma

Have criminals been taking advantage of the disaster? For example looting?

Is there a curfew?

nopuedeser2227 karma

Home invasions are a large concern right now. Not in my area thankfully, but criminals have been targeting people with generators and stealing them in more remote areas .

Onkel_Adolf1511 karma

Do you at least have rum?

nopuedeser2461 karma


Spoonsiest1313 karma

What has been the most surprising part of this experience for you? And what has been the hardest?

nopuedeser2780 karma

I was surprised how fragile modern society really is. The hardest has been losing hope some days.

LivingReaper1036 karma

What do you think about the theory that mankind is always 9 meals away from anarchy? Meaning if gas ran out suddenly or whatever society would last 9 meals then people would start fighting over food and stuff.

nopuedeser1590 karma

I think that theory is damn accurate. It was scary the first couple of days.

asupremebeing881 karma

Hope is a lubricant that we give our souls to function properly. Here's hoping you stay properly lubricated.

nopuedeser1295 karma


gringo_neenja1274 karma

Batteries as well?

(I have some of these at my house, actually, but I doubt you want to drive all the way to Humacao. ...or that you want the ones I wore in Afghanistan, which were gross before Maria started moldering everything.)

I’ll bring new ones if you want to coordinate linkup via PM. In Plaza or wherever’s nearby. I have to fly into SJU, and my wife will probably want to wait to drive down to Humacao until early evening.

nopuedeser1024 karma

Cool. I live 2 blocks away from Plaza. I'll pm you.

nopuedeser1198 karma

I'd to share some experiences I've had cooking food, finding clean water, waiting for hours in line for $10 worth of gas and much more.

rileyteea1179 karma

1) How has your day to day life changed the most? 2) From your perspective does it seem like things are/will get better anytime soon?

nopuedeser2152 karma

1) Down time is really rough. While I'm at work, things are pretty much "normal" (they have power). But when I get home and remember that the night will be dark (just candles), It get's kind of frustrating. Keeping busy has been really essential to surviving. 2)It does not. Politics are getting in the way of real progress. People with electricity say they have constant power outages so not even they feel they are back to normal.

DontGildThis433 karma

Do you ever just stay at work to enjoy the electricity?

nopuedeser1095 karma

We can't! They turn the generator off at 5pm sharp. But I charge my phone there during the day.

Panic_Is_The_Answer317 karma

Do you have/use powerbanks? Would seem like a good way to have extra power.

nopuedeser1096 karma

We were not prepared for this at all. We were pretty much YOLOing it.

illstealurcandy246 karma

As someone who's lived through several hurricanes, I was just thinking that you better at least be charging your damn phone at work. How are you getting laundry done? Old fashioned way?

nopuedeser535 karma

Bucket. Also, wash boards have become a hot commodity.

coryrenton970 karma

are the rich in puerto rico also similarly affected, or do they have better infrastructure, backup generators etc...?

nopuedeser1897 karma

Good question. They don't have better infrastructure but they do have backup generators. Funny thing is, those generators are not made to run for 50 days straight, so they have to either use them at certain times or use them until they stop working and then pay someone to fix them. No one has been able to escape the effects of the storm.

coryrenton657 karma

what are the strangest things that still seem normal (e.g. movie theater still running)?

nopuedeser2811 karma

Chinese food. Never stopped serving. Also, I saw Blade Runner 2049 the other day and people were looking around the theater during the desert/junkyard scenes like "that's us right now"

andygates232391 karma

At least you're not radioactive!

nopuedeser209 karma


DatBeardie121 karma

I guess if you did you could at least claim the hurricane was rad

nopuedeser111 karma


petermesmer789 karma

Please forgive my ignorance. Prior to Maria what was the worst power outages you'd experienced? The media here sometimes paints this picture that Puerto Rico's infrastructure was failing prior to the hurricanes, almost implying you are all used to this sort of thing. Can you comment on that perception?

nopuedeser1309 karma

I was a kid during hurricane Georges and I was without power for about 3 weeks. Lately we would lose power for maybe like 1 or 2 hours if it rained a lot (once a month). Never for this long. It is really subhuman living conditions.

RobbobertoBuii527 karma

What have you been eating lately? It must be hard cooking without power.

nopuedeser1148 karma

This is where I've had to get creative. You know those cans used by catering services that have a blue flame? I'm using those inside a pot to insulate the heat and make it stronger. I put the pan over the pot with the flame inside. Been perfecting my spam sandwich and Tuna melt recipe. Also, peanut butter.

RobbobertoBuii285 karma

Spam is ALWAYS tasty :)

nopuedeser897 karma

Yes! Oh, I forgot to mention Chef Boyardee and Vienna Sausages. A running local joke is how kids born in 9 months will all be called "Carmela" (a local sausage brand) and they will all be Chefs (from Chef Boyardee)

Keohane521 karma

Quick question. I am the least picky I know. I love all sorts of foods: spicy, bitter, sour, exotic, oddly colored, you name it. I still crave garlic butter fried meal worms I had at a scouting event as a child.

Vienna sausages make me vomit without fail. I'm convinced they are meat too low grade to be used for pet food. I once fed them to local raccoons and one literally shit itself to death. There was a trail of feces leading from the can to its corpse.

What's your secret to keeping them down? Is there an antidote for what it does to a man's intestines?

nopuedeser217 karma

Lots of ketchup.

Hereibe454 karma

If you could have one physical thing show up at your doorstep, what would it be?

Has this affected how people consider the statehood vote where you are?

nopuedeser800 karma

A solar energy panel with a generator. And yes, people are disillusioned with the United States.

gringo_neenja449 karma

This Saturday, I’m headed to see my family who rode out the storm near Humacao/Yabucoa. I wasn’t able to get a flight there and back right after the storm, and by the time the airport was opened back up fully, my wife (medical professional in Humacao) thought it would be easier, logistically/cost-wise, to wait for thanksgiving.

Anything specific I can bring you, even if it’s just a small comfort item or two? I usually pack lightly, but Southwest passengers get two checked bags. (Just don’t say paper towels.)

nopuedeser458 karma

Haha nice one. I had a very cool flashlight you could put on your head but gave it away to some people in the mountains. They are in very low supply here and they needed it more than I did at the moment. If you could find one and bring it I would really appreciate it.

squarpushr183 karma

Is there anywhere I can send mail just to you? I have headlights and you can have some other shit too man but I want it to go to use. and someone I know (kinda)

nopuedeser137 karma

Sure I will Pm you!

samforart296 karma

Did the power cut made people to interact with each other more now? Like we did in the past

nopuedeser617 karma

The first weeks we did, but then desperation kind of set in and people realized this was going to last a long time, so they got kind of alienated. It was a strange shift in energy.

guoit286 karma

Not sure if you're still answering questions. But I read a week ago or so that there have been thousands of deaths in Puerto Rico since the hurricane but they aren't sure how many can be attributed to the aftermath of the hurricane such as drinking contaminated water.

Have you noticed if there are people succumbing to illness more often than regular? Or have the deaths been fairly consistent with old age and death by natural causes?

nopuedeser557 karma

Great question. Suicide rates have spiked. And yes, people are dying from diseases that we never worried about. You have to be really careful what you put in your mouth.

guoit206 karma

That's really horrible. Lo siento mi amigo.

nopuedeser175 karma

Thank you.

waydle75 karma

I hope all your friends and family are okay.

nopuedeser187 karma

Thank you. We are. We lost a friend to cancer due to the deterioration of infrastructure. He was a great guy.

OtterlyHawkward282 karma

Is despacito really the way you do it in Puerto Rico?

nopuedeser368 karma

Just putting power back.

Gengarsweep263 karma

As a fellow puertorican. Where are you from? Is your area better off than others? Im from Aguadilla over in the west corner of P.R. as far is im aware, we are way better off than the middle of the island.

nopuedeser355 karma

San Juan, Hato Rey specifically. My street is full of garbage and mountains of debris. Not a pretty sight. And the lack of electricity has everyone on edge in the area.


My street is full of garbage and mountains of debris

have garbage services stopped functioning where you live? has the city or PR said when they are going to schedule a clean up for the mountain debris on your street?

nopuedeser204 karma

Garbage services are working in certain areas. Debris cleanup is much more limited. There has been a lot of flooding due to debris buildup near sewers.

mirandapd241 karma

Would you, and your family like to stay at my house in Washington until things get better? Maybe your boss would let you telecommute?

nopuedeser236 karma

You are so kind. Thank you for that offer. Since my parents recently got their electricity back we are pretty committed to staying here. But your offer shows such kindness. Thank you!

JumperP215 karma

Can you provide some lessons learned or advice for others in order to prepare for this type of situation? I am looking for lessons learned on how much food, water, fuel, propane, etc. that people should consider having on hand in case of an emergency.

nopuedeser518 karma

Oh yes! Save water for 2 weeks. People go crazy and lines become endless. Also, get a generator and make it solar. You don't want to wait in line in the sun for 8 or 10 hours just to use your generator. Also, get a gas stove. Hot food became a commodity for about 3 weeks. And most importantly...SAVE! A small savings account can save your life.

JumperP143 karma

Thank you so much! Would you agree with 1 gallon per day for drinking and 4 gallons a day for other uses so around 50-100 gallons stored?

nopuedeser120 karma

Good estimate.

lucky-LC205 karma

How has cell coverage been? I attempted to text a friend a few times with no reply, but I wasn't sure if he was able to get my messages at all. :(

nopuedeser238 karma

Only cell coverage in some parts of San Juan, some parts of Ponce and some parts of Caguas.


When you do realistically think you'll have electricity at your home again? Is your family trying to buy a generator? When do you think the island will return to using an electrical grid and stop needing to rely on generators?

nopuedeser264 karma

1) Realistically, January. 2) The whole Island, at least year.

an063641177 karma

Has this whole power outage been helping you with No Nut November?

nopuedeser243 karma


SaintNattygrumpo149 karma

Which aid group is helping the most?

nopuedeser556 karma

Red Cross, FEMA and Daddy Yankee (no joke)

sowhiteithurts140 karma

This whole issue has made many Americans consider the fact that Puerto Ricans are US citizens who aren't treated like it. Have the views of Puerto Ricans on their relationship with the rest of the nation changed significantly following the government response?

nopuedeser245 karma

Yes. Some people are very disillusioned with the United States. A lot of the old timers that really believed in the red white and blue feel abandoned.

semeronaut129 karma

Would you rate the rest of the USA's aid response as a 10 out of 10, as Donald Trump did? If not, how would you rate it?

What was effective about the aid response, and what was ineffective?

Here's hoping you have better days ahead.

nopuedeser412 karma

Thanks: I can't rate the US aid, because this is like nothing before. The easy answer would to say there are days where it is at a 10 and days where it is at a 1.

Effective: Cargo ships with literally tons of supplies arriving 2 or 3 days after the storm. Ineffective: Turning on the Power grid, and the President not understanding the seriousness of the issue, plus the politicking with the mayor of San Juan. It has put people against each other here.

Thank you.

__jupiter__97 karma

This is probably the most realistic answer for this question. Thank you.

nopuedeser110 karma

You're welcome. Things are complicated, in general.

Mikeisright146 karma

I also wanted to thank you for being honest about the cargo carriers being there too. I work in international trade and I know for fact that I couldn't ship anything out of Miami for about 3 weeks due to all carriers (ocean and air) being forced by the U.S. government to use their ships/planes for relief efforts. It was sickening to see the media lie about this and it pissed off everyone at the major Latin America export hubs (ATL, MIA, DFW, etc). Everyone was eager to help and the media shit all over the effort, it was disheartening.

So thank you for making it known that we were doing our best.

nopuedeser149 karma

You can't imagine the excitement I felt when I saw you guys entering our port for the first time since the hurricane. It was the first time we didn't feel cut off from the entire world.

skullscrashdown129 karma

Are you wearing a NASA shirt?

nopuedeser163 karma

Yes! My favorite shirt.

ThatDandyFox127 karma

Have you had issues with price gouging?

I hope things are resolved quickly for you!

nopuedeser269 karma

This has been the worse. Generators going for $800 before the storm are now at $1500.

ThatDandyFox70 karma

Jesus, I'm sorry you are going through this.

nopuedeser79 karma

Thank you. I hope it ends soon.

Mister-guy101 karma

So cool you're doing this. I'm likely too late, but:

I spent 6 months working in Puerto Rico this year, mainly in the mountains of Toro Negro, Tres Picochos, Adjuntas/Giullarte, Jayuya, Maricao... How did these places and the people there fair? Even before the hurricane, it seems the roads and the infrastructure there were in pretty poor shape. I've had difficulty finding news about these smaller towns.

So many incredibly kind people there, that I have had no way of getting in touch with.

nopuedeser148 karma

These places got hit the worse. I had the privilege of going on a grassroots mission there with water and food. They are in real bad shape and cell coverage is non existant. I'm so sorry.

Mister-guy59 karma

I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. So sad to learn how badly these communities were hit. We spent quite a bit of time talking to land owners there, and the biggest problem we had was the people inviting us in for coffee while we were supposed to be working!

The response to this disaster by the US Government has been appalling and embarrassing, and you all deserve so much better.

I'll be making a donation with the link you provided, best wishes to you and your community.

Keep fighting the good fight my friend.

nopuedeser35 karma

Thank you! They took it down, but you can go here and click the donate button at the bottom. http://www.cristoreina.net/donativos.html

nopuedeser91 karma

I just want to say watching Norm MacDonald videos on YouTube (when I have had service) and listening to the Childish Gambino album have really helped me get through all of this. For real. If those guys read this, thank you so much.

bubby4290 karma

What does your user name mean?

nopuedeser202 karma

"no way"

calsosta191 karma

Come on just tell us.

nopuedeser97 karma


dogrescuersometimes79 karma

Is this a business opportunity for portable power generator companies? If you could buy the generator, could you get the diesel fuel?

nopuedeser111 karma

Yes it is! But please don't hike up prices.

nuzebe24 karma

how much does a gallon of diesel cost right now?

nopuedeser47 karma

Right now about $2, but a month ago it was at $7-9 a gallon. Absurd.

o1oo65 karma

What's the situation with the trucks now? Last I heard they didn't have drivers to deliver supplies.

nopuedeser136 karma

This has been resolved thankfully. The U.S. military, along with private truck drivers have transported diesel and supplies to most of the island. The first weeks were scary. Empty shelves everywhere. Now supermarkets are more or less back to normal if they have power or generators.

NikonGuy8351 karma

How much debris is left by the road? Crews want to come help but can't afford the 90 day payment terms PR included in the latest RFP for debris removal. (Standard is 30 days, plus no assistance for getting trucks over there.) Hopefully the Army Corp will step up and straighten things out.

nopuedeser43 karma

Oh man I didn't know this! Will be looking into that 90 day clause.

Bombug46 karma

How's the laboral situation over there? Have some people lost their jobs because there's no power, or is work mostly normal for everyone? Saludos desde Costa Rica. Espero que estés bien.

nopuedeser76 karma

Gracias! It's really bad. 15,000 people have already filed for unemployment. So many businesses are closing. I'm so lucky to have a job right now.

ouncesAndPounds44 karma

Do you think humans are too dependent on modern technology? Have you seen any people there such as homeless people or farmers or fisherman that are dealing with lack of electricity better than others simply because they are not dependent on technology?

nopuedeser93 karma

Yes! Homeless people have adapted brilliantly. And I would say the problem of our dependence on modern technology is that it is outsourced. I'm really considering going off the grid.

karmaisourfriend43 karma

The link to the Paypal does not lead to your fundraiser. Would you please re-post?

nopuedeser47 karma

Can you check again? I changed it.

canoncancrizans42 karma

Also in PR. ALSO on Reddit ON MY CELL PHONE because I need an f’ng break, and my computer doesn’t work either.

What mad skills/new hobbies have you found now that the electricity is gone? How do you fill your time?

nopuedeser63 karma

Practicing my guitar solos.

gDisasters41 karma

What's the situation on welfare of home pets? Is there enough food for them?

nopuedeser45 karma

I don't know. Honestly, there is very little information about this.

turkeyjerkey2340 karma

Is it safe to travel the country as an obvious American tourist with money?

nopuedeser236 karma

Yes, it's safe. Tourists are sort of "off limits" here. Too much risk vs. reward. Also, most tourist areas have electricity already and heightened security. Just in case, let me know your room number and ATM passcode and I'll be glad to help you stay safe hehe.

CanadianJackass37 karma

How'd you get WiFi?

nopuedeser88 karma

My parents' apartment got power 3 days ago. It is the lap of luxury.

hiimcdub29 karma

How did you get on reddit?

nopuedeser67 karma

At work. We have a generator.

cocoblue925 karma

What is Caguas liike?

nopuedeser41 karma

I haven't been there yet. I was in Ponce two weeks ago and they are soing much better than San Juan.

Captain_MasonM23 karma

What was an average day like without power? We rely on electricity so much, I can't imagine what I'd be doing without it...

nopuedeser64 karma

It was a struggle, always thinking "where will I get ice, how can I keep my phone charged, will tonight be hot or cold." Just sheer uncertainty.

Sokolov_Rdz23 karma

Que es la que hay?

nopuedeser34 karma

Na to bien. Aquí sin luz y tú?

spokris17 karma

How's El Yunque doing? I was there not long before all the hurricanes. It was beautiful and peaceful. Probably my favorite part of the island. I hope it will recover.

nopuedeser15 karma

I haven't been since before Irma.

friarforty17 karma

Scientology is bragging in their promotional pieces how they're bringing relief to the island. What level of bullshit is this on?

nopuedeser34 karma

I have not seen them, but if they are then good for them.

tuffergirl13 karma

I just donated to your church! I am so sorry that the US administration hasn't been more supportive. Sending you love and prayers from NY. May I ask how you are finding adequate drinking water? I've read the majority has been contaminated.

nopuedeser14 karma

Thank you! I have to buy it at supermarkets in bottles. It sucks because sometimes they are in low supply. So It's always good to store up

mxzrxp10 karma

why? and who's fault is it, be honest. thanks!

nopuedeser51 karma

From what I have seen, trees being allowed to grow near power lines fell because of the winds and took them with them. Tall trees should be prohibited within a certain radius of any power lines.

BlackBuck18632 karma

Do you think America has an obligation to bail you out?

nopuedeser2 karma

I'm not sure.

FreeWinn2 karma

How did you post this?

nopuedeser10 karma

From work. We have a generator and internet. Also, Sprint has decent signal near my house.

zymbosa1 karma

What's going on with airports/leaving the island? Have flights gotten more cost prohibitive? Saw the comment about generators-are people generally helping each other out or are there some groups hoping to make a buck off their neighbors misfortune?

nopuedeser2 karma

Lots of good people, some really bad apples hiking up prices.

turkeyjerkey231 karma

What is the political feeling down there? Does everyone hate Trump, or also feel that they are being used as pawns by the Democrats?

nopuedeser15 karma

Everyone hates Trump, but we also understand that politics are about compromise. We have put some political differences aside. And yes, Democrats have used us as a moral cause, but honestly, most people don't mind as long as it helps us reach some sort of normalcy as soon as possible.

Stovential1 karma

Can you describe your sentiment, or anybody else's sentiment when they heard that Trump didn't know that he was your president?

nopuedeser21 karma

We had a laugh about it.

Stovential11 karma

Your good spirits are really inspiring. I was pissed.

nopuedeser12 karma

We're used to this kind of comedy. Things here always have a magic realism element.

Dr_Nobody_1 karma


nopuedeser3 karma

It's called a cellphone, look into it.

MrSarcasm241 karma

How do you have power to do AMA?

nopuedeser2 karma

Work has a power plant and now I'm on my phone.

Hssfan-1 karma

Exactly how greasy and sweaty are yours and your families assholes currently?

(Typing this from my air conditioned 4000 sq ft beach condo)

nopuedeser1 karma

As sweaty as u last night

AtheistComic-5 karma


nopuedeser37 karma

Funny thing, the other day I ran out of paper towels and thought "Where's Trump when you need him?"

AtheistComic-1 karma

I wonder if somebody calculated how many bounty sheets would be required to soak up the hurricane. more than ever produced probably.

nopuedeser26 karma

According to their ads with the blue liquid, just one.

FireTrickle-5 karma

How are you sending this with no power?

nopuedeser6 karma

I'm at work. We have a generator. Also, I might answer from my phone later. I'm charging it here so it lasts til' tomorrow.

Tophtech-15 karma

With the facts of global warming meaning this type of destruction is likely to be much more common, why rebuild at all? When God himself gives you a sign that can be seen from space maybe it's time to move?

nopuedeser22 karma

And what? Prohibit people from living in any disaster prone areas? No one could live anywhere. Everyone has their disasters. It's part of the human experience.

Stovential6 karma

This answer deserves more attention. Thanks for handling with grace. Glad you're percerviering.

nopuedeser7 karma

Thank you! Faith has been instrumental in keeping it together.

dhanson8651 karma

You have every right to live in PR, but not everywhere is disaster prone. I live in an area where I'm too far inland to worry about hurricanes, I'm in a major valley that blocks tornados, Its a humid state so I don't have to worry about forest fires, It's hilly so it's easy to build on high ground and avoid flooding, and so on.

I have no problem with prohibiting people from living in disaster prone areas. But every community has to decide where the dividing line is between uninhabitable land and inhabitable land.

Looking at that from another angle with sufficient technology and building standards you can build most anywhere. So you can just say only X type structures in this space and that would block unsafe housing without saying no one can live there.

You then you get into where to the people go that can't afford to live in the more expensive structures it takes to make living there safe. But money is always part of the struggle of life.

nopuedeser1 karma

Yeah. Cheap land has its downside. For example, flood prone areas here are usually really cheap.

foshizi-15 karma


nopuedeser9 karma

Work computer. We have a generator.

foshizi-15 karma

So you have some power

nopuedeser16 karma

I said "living" without power not "working" without power. But thank you for your nitpicking.


  • Guy claims no power, but is posting on the internet
  • Proof is his username scribbled on lined paper
  • Includes a link to his Paypal account to "donate"

Seems legit!

nopuedeser6 karma

I can send more proof if you like. Or remove the link if you think it will take attention away from the situation.