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Do you think humans are too dependent on modern technology? Have you seen any people there such as homeless people or farmers or fisherman that are dealing with lack of electricity better than others simply because they are not dependent on technology?

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As a fellow stoner adventurer, I have to ask, why do you feel the need for approval? Do people's comments and upvotes really matter? Does your blog and this AMA somehow make your experiences better? If the rest of the world never smoked grass or went on a bike ride, would that matter to you?

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His AMA did benefit me. It inspired me to maybe do the same one day. His AMA also prompted you to post this comment, which in turn inspired me to not be a fucking douche nozzle like you.

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How do you fee about the fact that you are not free to make your own decisions about making a difference in the world and you are simply a tool in a giant machine called the Navy and that sometimes the US government does not make the world better, sometimes they make it worse. You have to do exactly what you are told and what if you are told to do something you don't think is right? How do you feel about the fact that the US military has not been used to make the world a better place since WW2? Every single war since then has not been about defense, it has been about being the aggressor and consolidating power into the hands of a few US corporations. Furthermore, how do you feel being a part of the US military industrial complex, where a few select people and corporations use the guise of defense as an excuse to make themselves richer? Do you think you would be able to make more of a difference if you had simply motivated yourself and followed your own moral compass as opposed to giving up your free will to join the military?

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How do you deal with your murder of innocents at the behest of the rich and powerful? When you blindly take orders, do you honestly believe you are making the world better or are you just evil?