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Do you ever just stay at work to enjoy the electricity?

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Which makes it a little odd that certain groups on the right seem to love hanging out in Berkeley....

I mean, nobody should be getting beat on, but what exactly is the point of all of these right-wing rallies in one of the most liberal places in america? They clearly aren't trying to drum up support...they are trying to antagonize the wacko anarchists who have always been there and are just looking for a riot.

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3 if you are starting now.

Lots of things are still running on 2, but most new projects are starting in 3 these days.

It is relatively easy to switch back and forth afterwards (although you will probably get annoyed when some useful 3 feature doesn't exist in 2). For example, I mostly play around in 3, but had a Python 2 project come back recently. We just continued along in 2 for the entirety of that project. Not too hard to just make small mental tweaks to write stuff the 2-way when you have existing 2 code.

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If you are thinking about the tattoo route, one of my relatives works at an all-female-artist tattoo shop in minneapolis--which is pretty cool in and of itself--but one of the artists there also specializes in pretty damn realistic mastectomy reconstruction tattoos