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So cool you're doing this. I'm likely too late, but:

I spent 6 months working in Puerto Rico this year, mainly in the mountains of Toro Negro, Tres Picochos, Adjuntas/Giullarte, Jayuya, Maricao... How did these places and the people there fair? Even before the hurricane, it seems the roads and the infrastructure there were in pretty poor shape. I've had difficulty finding news about these smaller towns.

So many incredibly kind people there, that I have had no way of getting in touch with.

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I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. So sad to learn how badly these communities were hit. We spent quite a bit of time talking to land owners there, and the biggest problem we had was the people inviting us in for coffee while we were supposed to be working!

The response to this disaster by the US Government has been appalling and embarrassing, and you all deserve so much better.

I'll be making a donation with the link you provided, best wishes to you and your community.

Keep fighting the good fight my friend.

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What you washing that hair with man? Will it make me attractive?

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How do you maintain that fabulous mane of hair?