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I honestly don't understand why we are bumping up ages to smoke. You can vote at 18, have to file taxes at 18, can become fully independent at 16 if emancipated. You have to sign up for the selective service at 18 and can sign leases if your 18. Etc.

The world is at your fingers when you turn that magic number. Yet for some reason you can't drink and maybe soon won't be able to smoke until you're 21. That doesn't make much sense. If you have to regulate tobacco to that age, shouldn't the age to become a legal adult change to 21 also? If you can't trust an 18 year old to make smart and healthy choices they sure as hell aren't going to make safe financial choices.

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I need someone to clean up a mess I made.

It involves some dirty dishes and giving a dog a bath.

I pay with cookies. Anyone interested?

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How do you have power to do AMA?

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Oh my god I haven't been to a Market Basket in years since it in in the Northeast, are you in NH?