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Would you, and your family like to stay at my house in Washington until things get better? Maybe your boss would let you telecommute?

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My daughter has decided to take me to see The Hateful Eight in Portland at 10:00 AM on Christmas Morning. Do you have any suggestions or fun facts I can use to impress her with inside the movie knowledge?

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Hi Randy, You're probably gone now, but maybe you'll look at these later. I am also nicknamed Randy, and I also work in medicine. Well, nursing to be more specific. Do you think your work will ever lead to the ability to replicate cells, tissues, and organs? If so, do you think we will ever be able to do this in the body to regenerate lost or damaged organs, limbs, and nerve tissue? And if that is possible, would you be adverse to your discoveries being used to help transsexual persons attain a better quality of life by altering their physical bodies? Thank you for all of your hard work!

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I loved you in Man from Atlantis! That show was amazing! I wasn't that big of a fan for Dallas. I liked your character the best, but everybody was just too evil. What was it like working with Suzanne Sommers? Did you find her as difficult as the Three's Company folks thought she was? I always had the biggest crush on her.

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Do you ever hang out with John Cusack? What was it like working with him? Is he as adorable in real life as the characters he plays?