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Batteries as well?

(I have some of these at my house, actually, but I doubt you want to drive all the way to Humacao. ...or that you want the ones I wore in Afghanistan, which were gross before Maria started moldering everything.)

I’ll bring new ones if you want to coordinate linkup via PM. In Plaza or wherever’s nearby. I have to fly into SJU, and my wife will probably want to wait to drive down to Humacao until early evening.

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This Saturday, I’m headed to see my family who rode out the storm near Humacao/Yabucoa. I wasn’t able to get a flight there and back right after the storm, and by the time the airport was opened back up fully, my wife (medical professional in Humacao) thought it would be easier, logistically/cost-wise, to wait for thanksgiving.

Anything specific I can bring you, even if it’s just a small comfort item or two? I usually pack lightly, but Southwest passengers get two checked bags. (Just don’t say paper towels.)

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They are, and that’s a good idea. But there’s quite a few items that Amazon/FBA sellers on Amazon can’t or won’t ship to PR. And they don’t really tell you they won’t ship it, until you’re checking out.

As a former Amazon employee, stockholder, and PR resident, this always infuriates me. Even though I understand the mechanics of why, it pisses me off every time it happens.

But, as far as I know, all the main carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS) are delivering, as long as they can get to the place they’re supposed to deliver to.

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Just trying to help OP out is all. I’m headed there anyway, so why not?

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Former outbound ops and senior ops here, who launched three FCs, and launched Kiva in four.

Has the system gotten any better than it was in 2014-15? Has the mentality of, “Well Kiva won’t let us pick that order, so screw it,” improved?

That, combined with a few key personalities (negative ones) was a contributor to me leaving, mainly because it seemed hypocritical as hell. Especially when Seattle would freak out because the stuff that wasn’t getting picked wound up being CE misses.

Also, to the question someone asked about worst things happening... Not much, other than the occasional conveyor crash or cut from boxes. The real craziness tended to be in the dramas, and the buildings were relatively safely run. Hell, I shut down a major FC in the middle of peak season for three hours due to a suspected gas leak.