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Please forgive my ignorance. Prior to Maria what was the worst power outages you'd experienced? The media here sometimes paints this picture that Puerto Rico's infrastructure was failing prior to the hurricanes, almost implying you are all used to this sort of thing. Can you comment on that perception?

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Thanks for replying. That sounds awful and I really hope Puerto Rico gets the help it needs.

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Thank you for your service and the AMA. I talked to a man once who had been in Hanoi for years. My favorite story of his was about a GI who had been forced to read a defamation letter over the loud speaker to the other inmates. Because the captor's english was not great, he was able to get away with reading lines like "honorable Ho Chi Minh" as "horrible horse shit men" which ended up being a morale booster at the time. He also talked about guys "ratting out" people such as Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne to the captors. Any similar stories you'd like to share which helped lighten each other's spirits during this terrible time?

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Many, many people put forth consistent effort and push during failures and still never make it. Luck may favor the talented, prepared and hard working...but when people assume the reason they got ahead of others is because they're just harder working it's easy to rub the wrong way.

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Can you give an example of how something you suggested made a game better compared to the original plan? I'm curious what your job entails.