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Even your AMA gives us the feels.

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It's awful. Extra work is low pay and many sets suck. No one cares about you and it gets old quick. Just like anyone in front of a camera, you spend most of your time milling around when people like me set up everything. Unlike featured actors you gotta be there while we set up the lighting often instead of a double which can really suck depending on the crew and weather among other things. If you want to do it go on Hollywoodos.com and its around $200 to register. Depending on your look though you can get lucky with either extra work turning into something bigger or just becoming a very popular extra.

Someone mentioned Craigslist and that is to be avoided. Most non-reality union castings are not posted on CL unless it is a casting assistant or casting associate grasping at straws.

If you're not an actor and want to get in front of the camera the best thing is to have some kind of unique look or be ethnically versatile.

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how much does a gallon of diesel cost right now?

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Hey guys, I'm helping run this thing with Bruce. He just had to run out to a meeting but feel free to throw some more questions out there and I'll have him try and get to them when he can. We all had a blast with this and will have some more good AMAs coming for the hockey world on Reddit!

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if this was written by a guy to a girl and not vice-versa the creep factor would be off the charts. I'll leave my thoughts on this comment as is to my self...