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I've come up with great alternatives to cursing words. So, as opposed to saying "shit", I'm going to go "shiiit-ake mushrooms". As opposed to saying the word "fuck", I'm going to go "fffruuuctose".

Go to Netflix next time so this is not an issue.

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Isn't that where Jurassic Park is?

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Will they get fired if I ask for a "fucking cheeseburger" and they make it for me?

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Why do I need you to sell snacks? Any driver can do this in their own.

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We covered this during the whole birther thing. A politician said it had to be investigated because of so many people asking for it and he was then sent a link to a petition with way more signatures asking him to investigate if Mitt Romney is a unicorn. He ignored it. The point is you can ignore absurd claims.