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Oh and btw that report that the island will be at 95% by Christmas is totally bullshit.

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Me too, but the company I work for is constantly getting more contracts to supply diesel to generators for extended periods of time. The fact that the infrastructure was bad to begin with, and that the local government doesn't seem to want to help is really slowing things down. The power companies can't even get their power poles off of the boats without giving the government a cut first.

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I'm in Isla Verde on a disaster relief crew, and we've been without power for a whole 2 WEEKS!!!! It's been terrible! Nothing compared to your 2 months, but still shitty!

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I'm not sure now is really the best time to come here as a tourist because it is still technically hurricane season and since I've been here we've drowned 2 cars in water that floods the streets after 10 minutes of rain. Not to mention the oceans have a lot of sewer water in them.

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That is definitely an issue, but the local government meaning the mayor's in Puerto Rico not the governor are slowing progress by trying to put money in their own pockets.