My not-short bio: Hi there folks! About me: I'm a 29 yr old guy, I work in Activity Registration sales, I'm a musician, I love staying active and doing sports stuff!




ORIGINAL ACCIDENT AND X-RAYS: Gross stuff. Avoid if you have a weak stomach

FAILED RECOVERY PROCESS: Tried for 8 months to recover to a reasonable range. Mother nature had other plans.


So, last July 31st I was hit on the way home from work by a guy who wasn't paying attention and ran a red light. He T-boned me at 30mph, mostly severing my left ankle, totaling my motorcycle and throwing me 20ft from the bike, where I landed on the curb, dazed and with a destroyed ankle but otherwise not too hurt.

911 was called right away. There was a squad car just a block back that saw everything. Other driver got out of his car and started screaming and apologizing, ambulance came and picked me up and took me to Parkland Hospital (same hospital JFK got taken to after being shot)

AFTER a 4 hr surgery at 1AM when the surgeons got to me, they put my pitiful foot back together. I was consulted the next 9days before going home. The docs said Amputation was a consideration until about day 7, then told me we were out of the woods. I went home with a bunch of broken bones and told to heal.

A month later, the wound was drying out and there was necrotic flesh. I spent all of Sept in the hospital having debridements and a complicated flap surgery moving a piece of my thigh to to my heel to cover up important structures.

Went home again. Had thanksgiving with parents and family and GF, went to HS 10 year reunion was fun.

Went back to followup appointment: "guess what, there's still a hole. we need to cut part of the back of your heelbone off." Okay

Back in the hospital Dec. 14th through christmas and new years in a hospital bed, a wound vac, and nasty IV antibiotics. Mid January "still infected. We have to take more heelbone." Me: "Okay."

February: "We want to put you on a dangerous IV antibiotic called Polymixin B that went off the market in the 50s because it kills peoples' kidneys." Me: "...wut?" Them: "well, it could kill your infection. We're just going to monitor you very closely." Me: "k."

Feb 14th: got to go home on drugs and convalesce there.

March: Stopped taking antibiotics because the course of treatment was through, started wearing a walking boot to get around. Things are looking up, but still hard to get around without an achilles tendon for thrust. Went to events with the lady, went to the dog park, officiated two friends' weddings.

Abscess forms in bottom of heel. Dammit.

April- back in wound vac to manage abscess but healing at home. Finally talk to my Orthopaedic Surgeon about my treatment, and the wound vaccing is working, but it's slow. We've been talking about other possibilities for awhile but this is the first time I think think about it. A prosthetic could put me back close to my functional level. Right now I'm at like... 40-50% and I find out I'm not a good candidate for an achilles graft anymore because of heel bloodflow issues.

In the end, I could have kept going with this crap and staying at home and wasting my life and never doing anything, but I wanted to take action, and I was never going to be close to my former abilities on my mangled foot.

The time had come after months of considering. I talked with all my family members and close friends and my girlfriend, all of whom were incredibly supportive. With them supporting me, I told my surgeon I wanted to proceed with the Below-Knee Amputation surgery we had discussed. I know we both wished he had been able to save it, but I could tell he was happy for me to get back sports and activities and being widely mobile, and he supported my decision as a "perfect candidate for this surgery."

Went in for the original cut 6 days ago and had it revised and closed it up two days later. Since then I've been recuperating. It doesn't feel that different since I've mostly been on crutches for 8 months anyway. I am SUPER EXCITED TO GET STARTED WITH MY NEW LIFE! I will get fit with a prosthetic down the road here and begin the adventure of walking and doing everything on a metal foot instead of a flesh and bone one.



ORIGINAL ACCIDENT AND X-RAYS: Gross stuff. Avoid if you have a weak stomach

FAILED RECOVERY PROCESS: Tried for 8 months to recover to a reasonable range. Mother nature had other plans.

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bmault387 karma

Serious you still have to buy a pair of shoes?

-I--WEAK--I-265 karma

Haha. Good question. I haven't yet had the opportunity to buy new shoes, so I don't know. I have a ton of shoes already so I imagine it won't be a big deal to order a pair still, but I bet I could order big name-brands a single shoe at a time online.

csmith59306 karma

You will still need a pair of shoes when wearing your prosthesis. Make sure you bring your left shoe when you are being fit for your prosthesis so it can be adjusted for that pair of shoes

-I--WEAK--I-297 karma

good to know. Thanks. I wasn't using my brain when I answered this question, but OF COURSE I still need two shoes-- one for both feet. Durr hurr

kyoto_kinnuku381 karma

Some amputees wear one shoe and find a "sole mate". Someone with similar tastes, same size foot, but on the opposite side. Then when you buy shoes you send the extra one to that guy and he does the same for you. Josh Sunquist talked about this in one of his YouTube videos.

-I--WEAK--I-236 karma

this is completely badass and now I want to do it.

Wjb9759 karma

I'm pretty sure Josh Sundquist (you tuber and former Paralympic skier) has talked about it in a few videos. There's hole forums for people looking for "sole-mates" sure there's a sub for it as well.

-I--WEAK--I-22 karma


jeffazing40 karma

Coming from an amputee, it'll be like dressing a doll for awhile.

-I--WEAK--I-24 karma


Asum-sum37 karma

You seem like a chill dude, wanna hang out sometime?

-I--WEAK--I-50 karma

Fo sho. Join me in my underground lair.

Asum-sum20 karma

I'll bring the shwarmas!!

-I--WEAK--I-63 karma

Döner Kebap for me plz

Vonderbock13 karma

My Left Shoe - 2016 Oscar Nominee

-I--WEAK--I-15 karma


FoamGolum7 karma

If you get a pair of prothesis, you could go to dance clubs and tell people that you literally have two left feet!

-I--WEAK--I-9 karma

Lol. Is that meant to be a compliment where you're from? :p

mamaof2boys26 karma

Wow there are lots of resources for amputees out there. Good luck! :)

-I--WEAK--I-22 karma

SO many resources. It's amazing!

Paradigm6790300 karma

As far as I understand it, below the knee amputations can be some of the least life-affecting major amputation due to the quality of the prosthetics nowadays.

You seem to be taking this pretty well, so I assume your prosthetic is a good one. Can you tell us a bit about what the prosthetic looks like and what it will/will not let you do?

Prosthetics are a very interesting topic and I love seeing a good prosthetic helping someone live a normal life.

-I--WEAK--I-266 karma

The foot I have my eye on, other than the super expensive computerized variants, is a carbide energy-storing spring foot that is designed for active, multi-sport guys like myself:

The Freedom Innovations Renegade AT


As for aesthetics, I'll be ordering a cover from UNYQ, a company that 3D prints customized prosthetic covers and fairings that look like the curve and musculature of a leg instead of a metal pipe.

Here's what some of them look like:

I'm also designing my own in CAD that I'll 3d print, fabricate, and colorize for all occasions!

This is all to say-- I don't have a prosthetic yet. I'm at least a month away from that, but, based on my conversations with other BK amputees already, there aren't too many things you can't do- it becomes a challenge of "who says I can't?" and seeing what you're capable of. The only thing that is annoying to me in terms what I know will be a detractor is the idea of having to hop to the bathroom in the middle of the night because I don't want to put on my leg every time I have to go and I don't want to use crutches everytime I go.

Lots to be excited about though!

Paradigm6790145 karma

Dude, you're going to be a cyborg. That video makes it look like you can do anything. Upside is that on the beach you can stand on your prosthetic in the 5 million degree sand.

By the time you're old enough that hopping on one foot is more than annoying I'm sure we'll have fancy robotic ones you can wear 24/7 that even has a sense of touch.

Good luck!

-I--WEAK--I-55 karma

Well thanks so much! I agree with all of that! It's gonna be a lot of work to get good at everything again but I am pumped up!!

And yeah, the development of the tech by the end of my life is incredibly exciting!

7585342587247 karma

it becomes a challenge of "who says I can't?" and seeing what you're capable of.

"You'll never shoot a gun again!"
"Oh really! I bet I can hit someone through a toilet door!"

-I--WEAK--I-19 karma

Lol goddamn it

jenorama_CA45 karma

I can't remember now where I ran into this--if it was online or NPR, but there was a gentleman who was a double amputee, but still did a lot of rock climbing and such. He shared a story where he was in a difficult spot and how the only way he was able to get out was by adjusting the length of his prosthetic legs just a little bit longer. So there you go. Go go Gadget legs!

-I--WEAK--I-47 karma

Hugh Herr. Lost his legs climbing in the 80s. He's responsible for the most important developments in mechatronics in the last decade

vegetaman3113230 karma

What was the infection? Fellow biker and ex infectious control care tech.

-I--WEAK--I-313 karma

Pseudmonas Aeruginosa. It's on every. surface. ever.

It's likely I picked it up in OR after the flap surgery.

vegetaman3113130 karma

Yeah, we had cystic fibrosis patients on our floor, and mdrp was the absolute downfall of many of them. Makes msra look like childs play. Ooh, follow up question, what bike did you ride?

-I--WEAK--I-298 karma

Jooblesjerome84 karma

gorgeous ride :o g'luck in recovery

-I--WEAK--I-78 karma

thank you m'jooblesjerome.

Hope it's fast and amazing.

headshox36 karma

Are you going to ride again? (love that bike by the way)

-I--WEAK--I-57 karma

thank you sir. I will ride again but not anytime soon.

Jahadaz30 karma

Just for the cool value you should throw a hand shifter on your next ride.

Glad to see you want to ride again.

-I--WEAK--I-21 karma

that would be sweet

iRideBMX11 karma

Hope you get the ride again man! If you aspire to that is, I know I;d be veeeerrry sketched out to be back on the bike

-I--WEAK--I-8 karma

one day.

iRideBMX7 karma

Well good luck with recovery man! You seem pretty positive, I hope your life takes the turn you were hoping for

-I--WEAK--I-9 karma

Thank you my friend, I really appreciate it.

Tylensus7 karma

Oh my god...I love Scouts so much. Plans to ride again once you recover? Best wishes, amigo.

Edit: saw your answer below. Good luck with the prosthetic, dude. Hope you love it!

-I--WEAK--I-10 karma

thanks for the good wishes!!! Enjoy the trails.

Liv-Julia39 karma

Oh dang! My husband picked that up from a public hot tub. It settled in his hip, destroyed his hip joint and he had to undergo a hip replacement.

My questions are: did the man who hit you find out about the BKA? If so, what was his reaction? What took his attention off the road?

Last but not least, did you have good nurses? As an RN I hope the answer is yes.

-I--WEAK--I-59 karma

I doubt he found out, as we went our separate ways after the accident. I'm sure it gave him nightmares for awhile though.

Who knows what took his attention off the road. Everyone drives dangerously now, especially in my city. People ignoring the road for their phones. Merging without looking and no signals. It sucks.

Yes I had good RNs! Only one sucked, the rest were awesome!!!

Liv-Julia9 karma

Yay, I'm glad you had good nurses. Being in hospital sucks so hard.

-I--WEAK--I-10 karma

it is not very fun

mglee31 karma

Did your wound smell fruity?

-I--WEAK--I-54 karma

Someone knows the scent of pseudomonas!

Yes, it did smell fruity.

Legate_Rick28 karma

Motherfuckers don't even have the common courtesy to smell bad while they're fucking you up.

-I--WEAK--I-12 karma


SquidRevolver146 karma

Awesome attitude about this, and it seems like you have an amazing support system through family; all that considered, are you angry for what one guy not paying attention put you through over his stupid mistake?

-I--WEAK--I-583 karma

I don't know how people go through what I've been through WITHOUT this kind of support system. My gf has been my number one, taking care of me day in and out for 9 months. MY parents and grandparents have to come to visit, friends take time off work to see me, and it was still hard for me. I can't imagine how someone would do it alone.

The guy who hit me... hmm... well, he got out of his car immediately, was horribly apologetic the whole time, exchanged insurance with the cops and cooperated fully and quickly, allowing us to get a settlement from his insurance which is super important when neither person in a couple is working.

If he had hit and run, I would probably be mad at him.

As it was, it was a stupid mistake. People make them all the time. I'm sure he'll see the surprise in my face for the rest of his life, but I don't wish poorly upon him. I didn't pursue further action against him, as my attorney found he was a poor immigrant teacher from a large family. What was I going to get out of him anyway.

I hope he pays more attention on the road, but it was a mistake any of us could make, and I don't hate him over it.

SquidRevolver220 karma

Wow, now that's humanity right there; you're the kind of guy I could have a pint with.

-I--WEAK--I-138 karma

Cheers mate. Pour 'em up and drink 'em down!

whatnameshouldihave19 karma

Random question. Did you drink alcohol during the recovery process? If so, how much would you say?

-I--WEAK--I-18 karma

Some, yes, but not until I was completely back before the 3rd hospital visit. Toward the end more and more. I haven't had anything now since before surgery.

Tenzin_n41 karma

Hey man you lost a foot but now you have all these sweet sweet karma. Was it almost worth?

-I--WEAK--I-61 karma

so worth it!!!

Frostedflakezzz33 karma

So many steps in the road to recovery! Forgiveness and emotional evolution are at the very core imo. Seems like you are on the right path. Hope the best things for you in your life! Cheers!

-I--WEAK--I-28 karma

thank you for the kind words, they are much appreciated.

Erinnerungen111 karma

You mention not feeling any different, but I'm struggling to fully understand that. I'm sat on a couch now, with my feet underneath me. I'm not using them for anything, but can wiggle my toes etc at will, and I feel a small sensation in other parts of my leg. You can wiggle the toes on 1 foot. What is the sensation you experience when you try to replicate that with the other leg?

-I--WEAK--I-188 karma

The sensation right now is pain because the stump is still swollen from surgery a few days ago, so when in my brain I give the command to wiggle my toes, muscles and tendons in my upper shin pull stuff that was recently cut and sutured back together.

The thing is, I don't have phantom limb pain or phantom sensation on the left leg below the cut site, no proprioception at all, which is to say I don't feel like I have toes to wiggle.

It just feels like... nothing is there, which was kind of what I expected it to feel like. my other good foot, I have a general sense that my toes are there and I can wiggle them. Amputated foot, not so much--but really it's only been four days and I already don't think about it.

Khourieat100 karma

Suddenly I'm hyper-aware of my toes in my boots...

-I--WEAK--I-74 karma

Isn't it interesting!? Human bodies are awesome.

slapadabase32 karma

Very inspirational stuff OP. I'd like to add that I got phantom pain a couple weeks after I had the top of my finger amputated, the nerves might start firing again after they heal a bit. I hope you don't get that though.
My brother lost his leg and struggled quite a bit with phantom limb pain. Good luck and speedy recovery!

-I--WEAK--I-23 karma

got it. Good stuff, thanks for the advice. I've got a Doc who has been offering me an upped dose of gabapentin that I haven't started taking yet but probably will in a week or so to avoid it. Much appreciated.

DemyeliNate12 karma

Gabapentin is great. I'm on 900mg 3x a day for multiple sclerosis. It has helped my nerve pain quite a bit. Hope it helps you.

-I--WEAK--I-12 karma

I would say it's doing its job.

derphurr56517 karma

What's losing a bit of flesh anyway? We'll die soon enough, you'll have something to show for!

-I--WEAK--I-16 karma

very good point :) thanks for that.

SakuraCha8 karma

Hey op, i just want to say you seem very brave to make this discision. My step dad had a similar thing happen to him, but was able to recover enough to keep his foot. My mom was also in an accident about 11 years ago now. She lost both her legs above the knee. I just wanted to tell you my second hand experiance with the phantom pains. It seemed to be ok for the first year. She took a lot of medication to control the pain though. I think she might have even gotten addicted to it. However, whenever she would drink, miss a dose, or smoke heavily the pains came back very very strong. She would stay up all night screaming into a pillow trying to stay quiet so not to wake us. No matter how many times you go through it, it never gets easier. It might take a toll on your family and girlfriend as well. I would suggest getting counceling or at the very least pain management as well. Im probably rambling on way too much now, but I just wanted to tell you my experiences with it.

-I--WEAK--I-12 karma

Accident Trauma often leaves amputations that are done less thoroughly and methodically than planned amputations. My surgeons have a specific procedure to cut and ligate nerves, and many people have no symptoms.

Thanks for the good thoughts.

gaijinpot90 karma

What kind of footwear were you wearing?

-I--WEAK--I-149 karma

Sneakers :( I still hadn't found a pair of riding boots that didn't mess up my feet. If I had been wearing some good solid boots, I might have a different story to tell.

Even more annoyingly, I had highway bars coming in the mail three days later which may also have saved the ankle--but, on the other side it the impact could have spun the bike differently causing a worse injury of some kind, so, it's hard to do hypotheticals.

iamthedigitalcheese73 karma

Not sure if the best boots would have saved your foot, but may have reduced the tissue degloving and need for grafts.

-I--WEAK--I-83 karma


In the end it was the infection that killed the foot.

1asshole20 karma

Firstly, I am so sorry. Secondly I'd like to use this opportunity to recommend the use of frame sliders because of just this sort of lateral impact protection. It saved my same foot from being crushed just recently after being sideswipe hit and run. May not have saved your foot, but it is a significant advantage to have something-anything-for standoff distance from the side of the bike. Hope youre still riding man, and are staying active.

-I--WEAK--I-11 karma

Thank you for the tip!!

nowenhaxyn61 karma

Sorry if this is a bad question haha, did either your shoes fly off during the crash?

-I--WEAK--I-84 karma

they did! Both of them!

Noalter46 karma

Wait, what? How are you alive then if both shoes flew off?

-I--WEAK--I-19 karma

I don't know...?

TheATrain21816 karma

The joke here is any time a guy's shoes fly off in an internet video that you're not quite sure yet is a gore video: he's dead.

-I--WEAK--I-16 karma

I even knew this joke but failed miserably.

nowenhaxyn22 karma

That's wild haha, thanks for answering man, I wish you well on your road of recovery.

-I--WEAK--I-29 karma

no problem. Thanks for the lovin' bb

rowaboat980 karma

What Halloween costumes are you considering other than pirate now that you have this leg up on most people?

-I--WEAK--I-172 karma


Sexy Terminator

Herschel from the Walking Dead (Dale from the comics)

Sexy Herschel from the Walking Dead

Zombie 1

Zombie 2

Sexy Zombie 2 (for frat parties)

also EVERYTHING this guy has done lol, although his cut is much higher than mine

rowaboat914 karma

Ha! I'm glad you're so positive about the situation! I'm sure having the right attitude makes things at least a little easier.

-I--WEAK--I-11 karma

makes it a ton easier! Thank you.

Vcent46 karma

As a future nurse, anything you wish was done differently during your stay at the hospital?

-I--WEAK--I-145 karma


Don't get pissed at your patients for wanting painkillers. I took dilaudid different ways and for different courses of treatment in the three months aggregate I've been in.

The hospital I'm in is a county hospital, and dilaudid is essentially stronger heroin being mainlined in most of the time, so OF COURSE you'll get patients with drug-seeking behavior.

I'm just a run of the mill guy who enjoys a good beer here and there. I'm not an addict, and I went through 14 surgeries of varying pain! If I ask for it an it's on my chart, give me that shit. I probably need it. Even if I don't, it's been prescribed to me. You don't get to editorialize.

I had one nurse be very rude to me and told me that "dilaudid was the devil" and cast this very obnoxious attitude on me because I was asking for it every interval I could get it. I eventually had to tell the charge nurse to never let her be my nurse again because she was so unprofessional.

Also, Have fun! It's a crazy job and a lot of nurses do it too long for their personalities. Enjoy what a wonderful thing you are doing for other humans!

wicksa51 karma

Damn, someone in your situation should have had a PCA pump at some point (button you can push to dose yourself with dilaudid/morphine). Fuck that nurse, when I worked on a surgical floor I gave dilaudid out like candy as long as the patient was still breathing, I hate seeing people in pain.

-I--WEAK--I-28 karma

I have had a pain pump 3 times right after serious surgeries. This was one of the times when I had IV bolus but no pump.

Erinnerungen35 karma

Do you intend to use a prosthetic limb? If yes, how long after the operation does it take for the wound to be healed enough, in order to be able to start learning how to use a prosthetic?

-I--WEAK--I-51 karma

oh you better believe it! The quickest post-op for prosthetic fitting is 4 weeks after surgery. Most people see it happening between 2-2.5 months. My prosthetist thinks it'll be 5-6 wks for me.

At that point, the first socket is fit, and I start looking at equipment, suspensions, all sorts of fun toys. It will still take about a year for the final fit to set in, and I'll still have adjustments throughout my life to make sure I'm getting the best fit, gait, etc.

The foot I have my eye on, other than the computerized variants, is a carbide energy-storing spring foot that is designed for active, multi-sport guys like myself:

The Freedom Innovations Renegade AT

It looks pretty cool and functions even better: ( 1:19 of the video is where it shows the cool stuff)

As for aesthetics, I'll be ordering a cover from UNYQ, a company that 3 prints customized prosthetic covers and fairings that look like the curve and musculature of a leg instead of a metal pipe.

Here's what some of them look like:

I'm also designing my own in CAD that I'll 3d print, fabricate, and colorize for all occasions!

patio8731 karma

You turned your amputation into a Hobby.

-I--WEAK--I-24 karma

That's exactly right!

BrundleJosh30 karma

There is no such as a final fit. You can see atrophy for a couple years depending on the limb. I get new sockets every two years and each one is significantly different from the one before. I got a new one a few weeks ago and now that I'm used to it, the other one hurts to wear. But it'll still work should happen to lose my current one.

-I--WEAK--I-16 karma

Got it. Thanks for the info.

workraken9 karma

Are you planning on making any with irregular features, like a secret flask compartment, or is there not really enough room for support AND extraneous nonsense?

-I--WEAK--I-14 karma

lol I will ABSOLUTELY manufacture some with some... interesting applications. when you look at a prosthetic cover, it's just plastic magnetizing to a metal post making for a lot of dead space... I could easily see making a spout fit down in there on the inside where it isn't visible, have the interior with foodsafe plastic, take off the cover to pour drinks and BOOM there it is!

dantheflipman22 karma

Take a look over at

It would be absolutely awesome to shove a $5 Raspberry Pi Zero computer inside your prosthetic cover, make your day to day cover have an integrated Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth Speaker, even a portable Amazon Alexa assistant, so you could yell at your leg to make your next shopping list!

Neat! :p

-I--WEAK--I-19 karma

lol wow! I didn't even think of that. I just built a RPi SNES retro gaming console with an RP3 and had a blast. I could definitely do a cover with those hookups! Tiny network switch for on-the-fly LAN gaming. Built in screen in my sunglasses!

Awesome Idea!

Duke97_5 karma

Yes, you can have this nice techno foot, but what about a pirate pegleg ?

-I--WEAK--I-11 karma

I asked for that first but I really just don't want the back problems it comes with

GEARHEADGus2 karma

My gramps got his leg blown off in WW2 and got a wooden leg, so it's pretty crazy how far technology has come.

-I--WEAK--I-2 karma

Dude, I'm telling ya.

nicklo2k30 karma

Dude, seriously: You're a fucking inspiration. You haven't let life get you down and you're so fucking positive that balloons probably stick to you. Forum rules dictate that a question must be asked, so: Favourite ice cream flavour?

-I--WEAK--I-24 karma

That's quite a compliment, and I certainly appreciate it.

I really have always liked chocolate chip cookie dough, but at some of the Creameries in new england all bets are off--I mix chocolate with coffee and three or four other flavours... mmm mm good

Zyphit29 karma

What was the winning fb caption entry?

-I--WEAK--I-129 karma

"I need a femur minutes to think of one"

COZ3NS54 karma

Femur minutes? Heel no, I ankle time for that.

-I--WEAK--I-21 karma

Dang son!

SmashedBug40 karma

I'd give him some more credit, it's hard tibia good pun artist.

-I--WEAK--I-19 karma


GIOverdrive16 karma

Reddit would go on a marathon if this pun got out

-I--WEAK--I-10 karma

We did it, reddit.

those_are_MY_organs28 karma

During the initial accident, what was the pain like? Did you feel how badly your ankle got fucked, or were you just in shock?

Also, I give you mad props for your attitude towards the guy who hit you. Actually, just your attitude in general. You seem like a reasonable guy and a decent human being. I hope everything goes well for you from here on out :)

-I--WEAK--I-45 karma

Thanks for those kind words. They are much appreciated in times like these.

The initial accident happened in slow motion; I felt the shock impact on my left side and then the ground and motorcycle spun and lurched away from me as I was launched through the air in a lazy arc, landing about 20 ft away and rolling to a stop.

I sat still for about 5 seconds processing before letting out a bellowing scream at the top of my lungs for another 10 seconds, taking panic breaths every second or so. I probably stopped after about 30 seconds.

Then I was back in my own head and I knew what had to be done. I shouldn't have moved at all, but I immediately tried to sit up and was able to raise myself off the ground. Good. No paralysis. I had no amnesia or weird smells or stroking symptoms. Good, no observable brain damage. My arms and hands and fingers were completely functioning. Head was in fine shape.

I got down to the legs. Even with the accident less than a minute before hand, the left leg hurt and I knew better than to try to move it. I picked up my right leg and foot and shook them around a bit. No damage there.

The ankle continued to hurt all the way to the hospital thanks to a super bumpy ambulance ride and the firefighters splinting my foot.

I will never know a pain greater than the ER nurses setting the ankle. Even doped up to my eyes on dilaudid, and two knuckles in my mouth to bite down on, It hurt all the way up my spine and I screamed when they did it. After that the drugs did their jobs.

those_are_MY_organs16 karma

I'm impressed you had your wits about you enough to check yourself out, I'd have just panicked lol.

How is the pain now? Do you still have to take a lot of antibiotics?

-I--WEAK--I-16 karma

Pain is very much receded, although they took my delicious PCA (super strong IV opiate pain med) pump away today to wean me off it so everything feels a little sharper.

Not too many antibiotics. Just a couple days after the wound closure to make sure OR germs didn't stick around.

franker24 karma

planning on riding motorcycles again?

-I--WEAK--I-54 karma

Nowhere in the immediate future, although it has nothing to with the nature of motorcycles and everything to do with the nature of traffic. The big city I live in is a shitshow for driving, and feels barely safe to do so in a car. I could see myself getting another bike wayyyy down the road when I live in a much smaller town, use it for trips to the grocery store etc.

Where I live right now it's just an unfair risk that I wouldn't put my girlfriend/future fiancee through ever, ever again--nor should any children I have have to worry about that.

In the end, I could have been on a bicycle or a pedestrian or anything really, the car still would have clobbered me.

DagSonikku27 karma

Future fiancee huh? Sounds like things are getting serious haha

JohnTheScout35 karma

Y'know OP, you're a pretty chill guy. Something tells me you're going to come out of this just fine :)

-I--WEAK--I-52 karma

tank u bby

Ozzytudor3 karma


-I--WEAK--I-6 karma

What a big smiley you have there

bitNine27 karma

You are having a way better time than I think I'd be having if I were in your shoes shoe.

Too soon?

-I--WEAK--I-29 karma

no, I lel'd

theneedfull11 karma

That's the main reason I don't plan on riding a motorcycle. I think I will be fine on my own, but I've seen the way others drive and I just don't trust them. I got t-boned by a large landscaping truck going 50mph. He had a seizure and ran through the red light light. I was in a Honda civic and was able to walk away. I went to the ER just to make sure there wasn't anything internal, and they didn't find anything and I walked out with a couple of bandaids. Would have been a different story on a motorcycle.

-I--WEAK--I-8 karma

It'll never be you- it'll always be the guy not paying attention :(

Nlz9020 karma

The phantom pain, you feel it too don't you?

-I--WEAK--I-13 karma

No. I'm on a good dose of gabapentin and will remain on it.

Nlz908 karma

Would you have felt it without it? Edit: just realized it was just 6 days ago.

-I--WEAK--I-7 karma

lol ya

naitfury15 karma

Do you get the amputated part back after surgery? I mean technically it's you....yours?

-I--WEAK--I-17 karma

lol. There are a lot of stories of people doing this and cremating the limb/having a burial for it, but because of my infected heelbone, it was never going to be an option.

naitfury25 karma

Haha I would've taken it home and planted it in the garden, water it every day.

-I--WEAK--I-18 karma


PmMeGiftCardCodes14 karma

How much money did you get from the settlement?

Because_Bot_Fed11 karma

Approximately how long could the settlement carry you without having to work? :p

humbertog1 karma

So that much?

pandafoxshark14 karma

What has been your favorite foot related joke that you have either heard or used yourself since your amputation?

-I--WEAK--I-68 karma

Some faves:

"Legoless needs to get to Gondor"

"You look like you're about a foot shorter"

My submission was "I'm on my last leg here"

pizzatoppings889 karma

How did you pay for all the treatment? Did you have good insurance?

-I--WEAK--I-45 karma

Any basic insurance is usually in existence for this kind of gigantic accident. You pay your max-out-of-pocket for the year (mine was about 4K) and the rest is battled out between the insurance and the Healthcare Provider.

With 12 (now 14) surgeries, 3 months of hospital time, and home care, the bills are several orders of magnitude more than 4K, but that's all I pay.

DrunkestManAlive11 karma

Will you be getting that back from the driver of the car as they were at fault?

-I--WEAK--I-69 karma

no reason to. He has absolutely no money or anything to go after, plus it's just silly. Live and let live.

frustrated_pen22 karma

you are kind of my hero, restorer of faith in humanity.

-I--WEAK--I-9 karma

that's nice of you to say. Have a great one!

DWells550 karma


-I--WEAK--I-5 karma

thank you so much for your valuable conversational contribution :-)

TakeawayIsNiceM89 karma

Do you like pancakes?

-I--WEAK--I-28 karma

Why thank you for asking this!

Not only do I like pancakes, but I love them as well. I would have to say my love for pancakes started many years ago the first time I saw the golden yellow batter start to thicken in the hot pan of my grandmother's kitchen. The moisture in the batter started to sizzle as it evaporated and small bubbles opened across the surface of each disc, signifying it to be ready for consumption.

The butter, melted down to a warm, oily confection, sat happy in its glass container with the thick handle to avoid burning. The maple syrup was heated too, joining its friends on the table with a smile as the knives and forks were brought forth.

Cake after cake was lifted out of the base of that scratched black frying pan, with thin columns of steam erupting from the basket with a cloth over top, a promise of the hot delights to come. The butter smeared over and in between each cake, covered with syrup, and lightly cut with just the blade of the fork before making that everlasting journey to the mouth...

Yes, I enjoy pancakes.

fucky_fucky7 karma


-I--WEAK--I-13 karma

great screenname.

fucky_fucky8 karma

Thanks. Great attitude.

-I--WEAK--I-6 karma

lol yes. Thank you.

Cosmic_Gumball7 karma

Seems like you had a poor circulation/perfusion issues from the start? As evidenced by: repeat infections, slow healing even with a wound vac, necrotic/drying tissues... Ever have a doc describe what was going on in this area for you? Btw, thanks for the post

-I--WEAK--I-4 karma

VERY good eye... you must be a doc or medical professional of some kind?

Yes, the Peroneal Artery and the Posterior Tibial artery were transected and irreparable at the time of the accident. The Anterior supplied blood to the whole foot, but it didn't do it well enough, clearly.

BlondeAmbitionTour336 karma

If you could give your Top 5 pieces of advice for someone going through this what would it be?

And what would be some good ideas for presents/gifts for someone in the hospital for so long?

-I--WEAK--I-8 karma

-keep busy. Distract yourself. Books. Comics. Computer Games. Video Games. Origami. LEGO SETS. music

-surround yourself with positivity -friends, family, write letters to people

-begin research on what your life can be very early

-eat healthy

-MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION don't get pushed by doctors, family, or friends. It's up to you.

Kortiah6 karma

Damn... Quite a battle you fought. Props on the hard decision but it was probably the best all things considered...

I'm currently passing my riding license and it makes me even more want to wear ATGATT... Love the Indian Scout. Do you know if there's a chance you could ride again? Like with a special kind of shifter? (Or maybe you just don't want to anymore, could be understandable).

(P.S.: I had the same kind of graft you had for your heel (vessels, skin, etc at once), but it was for my right hand to get rid off a cancer, but fortunately it worked. What triggered me in the pictures is that I had the "chicken skin" effect when skin was fresh out of surgery, but the surgeon got me right on the table as she noticed that, because apparently it's one of the effect of bad blood flow in the graft. Don't know if that applies to yours but I thought it was interesting.)

-I--WEAK--I-6 karma

Yes thank you. ATGATT is a good idea. There's a freedom you feel when riding without, but if you go down you're gonna want those extra layers.

I will definitely ride again-- just not in a big city, and not when I'll be caring for a family. My injury wouldn't require a special shifter. My regular prosthetic foot would fit in shoes or boots and I could pull up or stomp down just like a regular left foot.

Anorexemon5 karma

More light-hearted question; the guitar in your "Failed Recovery Process" album has a beautiful finish on it. What make is it?

-I--WEAK--I-12 karma

haha. That, my friend is the cream of the crop- a gorgeous arthouse guitar known as the Squier Bullet Stratocaster that retails for the low low price of $149.99!

It used to be black- I sanded down the body and finished it with minwax stain and sealer when I was 17 :) You, too can do it!

CthuIhu4 karma

You gonna ride again?

-I--WEAK--I-8 karma

perhaps waaaaayyy down the road. Never in a big city again. Never when I'm in a position to provide for a family. Perhaps a bike for retirement or something.

I'll miss it- it was a great hobby for 8 years but now it's time to put it on the shelf.

Catsaiah4 karma

do you know what happened to the shithead that ran you over?

-I--WEAK--I-8 karma

I do. He got out of the car screaming and apologizing, gave his information to me and the cops, and cooperated through insurance.

Fisheswithfeet4 karma

Do you wish you'd skipped the 9 months of misery and just had it lopped off from the start?

-I--WEAK--I-10 karma

No. I needed this time to get it right with my mind, and I needed to see what my own foot could be capable of.

Malgana2 karma

Have you had any phantom limb experiences? some people say they can still feel their toes and even wiggle them after they've lost their feet.

-I--WEAK--I-11 karma

so far, no. I'm on gabapentin which is a nerve pain preventative drug. Taking it after the surgery, as well as the use of nerve blockers before the surgery has shown clinical ability to drastically cut down on nerve pain and sensation.

So far, I haven't had any.

TheTiredMonkey4 karma

I don't know if you saw it the other day but someone posted saying that mirrors have been known to help against it.

-I--WEAK--I-3 karma

that's super wild. I'll check it out if I have any

Jonly_Bonly2 karma

I know in the comments you said YOU paid 4k for all the medical expenses before the insurance stepped in, but do you know what the hospital would have billed you?

Godspeed on a quick recovery. If nobody's done it already, somebody needs to buy you some beers.

-I--WEAK--I-6 karma

Thanks mang. Lots of beers, yes :-)

I stopped counting, but it's over $1,000,000, probably more.

The insurance won't pay near that amount of cash to the hospital, they'll negotiate it way down but it's still way more than any reasonable person could afford

Erinnerungen2 karma

Can you explain how the subsequent process unfolds? How much do you have to now coordinate, in terms of getting agreement on your care, and who will pay for what? Does the doctor managing your care do that on your behalf? Do you have to speak with your insurance company over every small thing? Do you have to speak with the driver's insurance company over every small thing? What about changes that aren't medical - if you needed someone to go and get shopping for you (ignoring friends and family), or needed someone to drive you around (again, ignoring friends and family), would those costs be covered? Who would manage that? Have you received compensation already, or is that yet to be determined?

-I--WEAK--I-5 karma

There are a lot of advantages to having your ducks in a row in this kind of thing. The Drivers' insurance company paid the settlement and now they have no further responsibility. My insurance (and most american plans) have small payouts/reimbursements owed in exchange for covering most of a $10,000-20,000 prosthetic limb, In the end, I'll probably end up $1,000 out of pocket to be back in walking shape.

Since I can walk with crutches, I doubt those shopping coverages would be covered at all.

The next steps are coordination between the PMNR doc (MD Who evaluates my status as an amputee (high-demand patient needing most coverage because they show they'll get the most use out of a prosthetic all the way to low-demand), my Resident MDs at the hospital, my Prosthetist-- the guy who takes me through the prosthetic shoestore, fitting everything, trying everything on, and my insurance.

FrontBumper2 karma

Maybe do a favor for the people after me... As someone with a weak stomach, the X-ray pictures don't bother me. Maybe separate them?

At any rate, do you experience a phantom limb?

-I--WEAK--I-4 karma

lol. They're categorized by the part of the accident they're associated with, so no, I'm not going to make an album for two pictures.

No, I don't experience phantom limb pain...-yet. It could always show up.

Fisheswithfeet2 karma

Also, I imagine you've taken a boat load of narcotic pain meds at this point. Any concerns or issues w/ physical dependence or addiction?

-I--WEAK--I-3 karma

I'm not an addictive person. I've been on dilaudid and hydro and stuff before and when I go home from the hospital I'm fine.

Krazy_Kane2 karma

Is that strat a fender? Either way, I love the natural wood, It's killer.

-I--WEAK--I-3 karma

thank you friend! No, it's a squier. A banger I bought from my cousin 10 years ago, stripped and refinished. I love the natural wood look.

de_dominix2 karma


-I--WEAK--I-12 karma

Intense shit.

I cried a lot in january for a week or so when it seemed like it was going to happen before I was ready.

That also coincident with an absolute great friend of mine drowning trying to save his dog in a fast moving river, so that week fucking sucked.

You go through the grief phases just like losing a loved one, and then you make a decision with how you're going to deal with everything.

I choose life.

CountryBoy062601 karma

How did you wait 8 months? I feel like I'd be fed up with everything after like 2 and consider the amputation.

-I--WEAK--I-2 karma

I think it was mainly because up until the end there was still a "chance" of recovery and return to normalcy on my biological leg. It takes a lot longer to get your mind around than it seems.

KeriEatsSouls1 karma

Will you be dressing as a pirate this Halloween?

-I--WEAK--I-2 karma

Maybe one of these:


Sexy Terminator

Herschel from the Walking Dead (Dale from the comics)

Sexy Herschel from the Walking Dead

Zombie 1

Zombie 2

Sexy Zombie 2 (for frat parties)

also EVERYTHING this guy has done lol, although his cut is much higher than mine

KeriEatsSouls2 karma

Oh man, sexy Herschel sounds amazing! I hope you'll post pictures to show off on Reddit.

-I--WEAK--I-2 karma

Oh I will, baby

ElliotParker981 karma

I've heard that amputee's can still feel their missing limb, like, can you still feel yourself wiggling your toes even though they're not there?

EDIT: Just saw you've already answered this. Disregard this.

-I--WEAK--I-2 karma

Props for answering your own question :-) Nice work!

SnickIefritzz1 karma

Have you thought about getting the leg people to make you a leg with a hidden pistol in it? Pop pop.

-I--WEAK--I-3 karma

Leg pistol, leg flask, leg nuke, leg everything!!

boonz1 karma

What kind of safety gear were you wearing, specifically what boots and pants?

-I--WEAK--I-2 karma

well, I clearly wasn't wearing boots with metal sidewalls, that's for sure

boonz2 karma

This wasn't obvious to me and I had no intention of offending you with my question. Albeit speculative - in your opinion, could wearing proper motorcycle boots have reduced the damage to your foot?

-I--WEAK--I-6 karma

Haha, I know. I just happen to know a lot of people that ask me stuff related to this and I'm usually a little sassy about it. The first question people ask is "were you wearing a helmet" and my response is usually "well, my feet weren't" because it's irrelevant and moot to what actually happened.

Sure. I could have worn proper motorcycle boots which would have helped me a little bit with the injury. On the other side. Wearing boots instead of what I had worn could have taken a little longer or shorter to put on, putting me at a different point in time at the accident. I could have been spun out by the back wheel and smashed my neck, becoming paralyzed. I could have been a few seconds behind and smashed into the car, killing myself.

*Or I could have been a few seconds extra at the office, resting my feet a minutes from wearing motorcycle boots and missed the whole thing entirely.

The point is that it's completely moot as to whether or not it would have helped-- I didn't have them on, so it doesn't matter what I was wearing.

boonz2 karma

Thank you for your honesty. I truly hope you make a good recovery!

-I--WEAK--I-1 karma

thank you for your kindness!

bitNine1 karma

You said almost nothing about the guy who hit you. What's his involvement in all this? By that, I mean is he aware you're lost your foot? Is he in contact with you and super apologetic? Sounds to me like you're in nothing but good spirits, which I find awesome. I'm not sure how I would react if I were in your situation. I just don't know how I'd feel about that other person who technically took my foot.

6 years ago I severed all the ligaments in my ankle, and was unable to walk on it for almost 4 months. Took a good 6 months to rehab after surgery and post-cast. I remember being so sick of not being able to walk. I just wanted off those damn crutches. I can't imagine how I'd feel now without a foot. Hang in there, and I hope it heals up well for you!

-I--WEAK--I-1 karma

I answered this somewhere, but I don't feel it's necessary to engender any ill will the part of him- he was just a regular guy who made a dumb mistake. I don't see what would be the point of going after him, it's not like slashing his tires would equal what I went through, and even if I wanted that, what am I supposed to do, kidnap him and cut his leg off, SAW-style!?

Live and let live. I've run red lights before too and I'm just lucky I didn't do anything that jacked someone up.

His insurance cooperated, and let's say that helps too.

bitNine1 karma

Oh, for sure. I didn't mean to imply literally going after the guy. I just wondered if this was one of those situations where the guy was actively involved. As in, he's visited you because he really knows he fucked up, or is going above and beyond what you'd expect. We certainly all make mistakes, and I think if I had been the one to make the mistake, I'd do my best to show how sorry I am while also trying to stay away if that's what you wanted.

-I--WEAK--I-1 karma

I'm sure, but sometimes people don't and his insurance cooperated, so that's kind of the important thing.

whalewhalewhale_____0 karma

How did you pay for all the hospital costs?

-I--WEAK--I-2 karma

...Health insurance...?

Melndameyer0 karma

I'm stumped....... To soon? 🙄

-I--WEAK--I-2 karma

Give me a femur minutes to get over it.