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I'll be honest and say I straight up pirated most of my college textbooks. I understand that someone worked to make these, but the value I get from these, required, books is laughable. My freshman year cost $500 in textbooks I used maybe a dozen times total.

What is your opinion on this sentiment, ignoring my methods if you wish?

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As far as I understand it, below the knee amputations can be some of the least life-affecting major amputation due to the quality of the prosthetics nowadays.

You seem to be taking this pretty well, so I assume your prosthetic is a good one. Can you tell us a bit about what the prosthetic looks like and what it will/will not let you do?

Prosthetics are a very interesting topic and I love seeing a good prosthetic helping someone live a normal life.

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It's a big deal, he was paralyzed and got a working penis. He's basically the nintendo 64 kid with his junk.

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Oh thank god

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Thanks for the reply! There is a lot to say about piracy, but I am always very conscientious when I do choose to do so. The books I could afford, and I saw value in, I purchased.

The ones I pirated were the $120 13th edition Calculus books. Had I a cheaper option I most likely would have purchased more.