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only if you say something funny damn it!

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"what's your job? do it for free for me right the fuck now"

as a nurse, i would immediately throw you on the ground and start doing chest compressions. in a non sexual way.

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Damn, someone in your situation should have had a PCA pump at some point (button you can push to dose yourself with dilaudid/morphine). Fuck that nurse, when I worked on a surgical floor I gave dilaudid out like candy as long as the patient was still breathing, I hate seeing people in pain.

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they cant have baked french fries? :(

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I kept telling my nurse that I needed tylenol or advil like every 4 because every time they wore off, my temp went really high and I could not breathe, this is why I was admitted in the first place, because this happened while I was at the normal doctor's office. They kept not giving me the medicine every 4 hours, and each time I would crash and then 1000 doctors would have to come in and see what was happening, which was annoying, but I'm sure they weren't doing it on purpose or anything, I just don't think they felt it was as urgent as I did.

Well they can't give tylenol every 4 hours around the clock, because you will go over the daily limit and end up fucking up your liver. They could have alternated tylenol and ibuprofen so that you were getting something every 4 hours, but it could have been ordered in a way that they couldn't. Usually tylenol and ibuprofen are ordered every 6 hours as needed (meaning you have to ask for it when you need it, or the nurse notices you have a fever and offers it), and if it's ordered for fevers it usually isn't given unless the fever is >100.4. I am sure your fever was high, but maybe it wasn't high enough when you were asking for it, or it wasn't quite due to be given yet. Just my 2 cents as a nurse. It could be that your illness just didn't appear as severe as it was at that time, luckily they figured out that it was and got you into the ICU for proper care!