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Girl losing her top.

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Your name is clearly visible on your badge, and your badge's ID number is not blanked out at all, which makes you identifiable to anyone who has access to your internal systems. That barcode is also scannable, I have no clue what the code means but it's easily read from a simple phone app. Not sure if you care, but just a heads up.

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Hilarious. My original job was working directly for the company. Then we got sourced. So I went to work for them. Same job. Original company did the 36 for 40 thing. New company of course did not.

But it's hilarious to think even Wallyworld does 36 for 40. Wallyworld treats their employees better. Now that's a depressing thought.

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I EXPLICITLY stopped playing the beta because the early levels/game were SO TEDIOUS.

I even took the time to give them this feedback on their little survey thing.

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Approximately how long could the settlement carry you without having to work? :p