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He does actually.

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A French TV news channel recently did a whole reportage about how devastated cities -even at less than 20km of the capital- are now deserted both by people helping and by humanitarian organizations, and people there are on their own now that the whole drama coverage by medias/shocking news has settled down.

There was basically a woman having to clean herself and eat on top of her house's ruins.

Can you confirm that? What organizations are left in Nepal? What are the one that left "a bit" too quickly, if there are?

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Damn... Quite a battle you fought. Props on the hard decision but it was probably the best all things considered...

I'm currently passing my riding license and it makes me even more want to wear ATGATT... Love the Indian Scout. Do you know if there's a chance you could ride again? Like with a special kind of shifter? (Or maybe you just don't want to anymore, could be understandable).

(P.S.: I had the same kind of graft you had for your heel (vessels, skin, etc at once), but it was for my right hand to get rid off a cancer, but fortunately it worked. What triggered me in the pictures is that I had the "chicken skin" effect when skin was fresh out of surgery, but the surgeon got me right on the table as she noticed that, because apparently it's one of the effect of bad blood flow in the graft. Don't know if that applies to yours but I thought it was interesting.)

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Good to know there still are.

Thanks for doing that you're awesome