EDIT: Thank you very much for your nice comments, DMs and support. I will be available on this thread for at least one more day for live responses, and will try to answer after that every question you might have within at most a day.

Hello Reddit!

I am Yulia, a nudist, professional photographer and videographer who turned my hobby and love of erotic art photography and pornart into a fulltime job when corona destroyed our “normal” business.

My last AMA was more than a year ago and shown that you love the topic so I’ve thought about an update :-).

I photograph nude couples, swingers, groups, but even singles who want to have something for their partners or pervy dating sites. Both males, females and diverse.

I am in “the industry” of art erotica on both sides of the camera with my husband since I was 18 years old. I have been photographed by few famous artists too and worked with few well-known erotic models.

I have many stories and insides to share and gladly give no-BS answer to all your questions from all topics above :-). I will be here all day and answering every single of them. You can shoot some for my hubby too, he will pop up time to time as well.

Ask us anything!

Few proofs.

https://yulieart.com is my main website, in the About section https://yulieart.com/About is my reddit username. My Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/juliettfairy/ .

Here are some my recent behind the scenes selfies and snaps (very nsfw):






Example of my Bdsm work I do with my customers


And as more personal level here is me with legendary Katya Clover


Back in the days as a wedding photographer


And as 18yo model on a wedding show


Have a good day!

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OvCatsAndTheVoid1348 karma

You often take pictures of yourself naked with your camera during a photoshoot. Is this purely staged or do you actually sometimes strip naked to do your photography?

AboutAsItGets1852 karma

I usually shoot naked yes. It makes it easier for all of us and usually removes the need for the "getting comfortable first hour" with each other.

OvCatsAndTheVoid604 karma

That does sound like it would make things less awkward. I've never done a nude shoot but I do feel it would make it better if the photographer was also naked rather than just being a clothed onlooker.

AboutAsItGets822 karma

It is incredible difference it makes. Especially if opposed sexes are present.

You have 1 hour from "hi" to "can you please slowly masturbate" and there is no way to make it reall and look real if you are not comfortable.

OvCatsAndTheVoid303 karma

I can imagine. I would feel a lot more comfortable masturbating if it was a woman taking my photos and she was naked. It would make it erotic. But if she had cloths on it would feel clinical and stale.

AboutAsItGets293 karma

Yes, it gets even worse when she is in charge. Unless you are really really into it.

Lord_Vrel219 karma

What a coincidence. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

AboutAsItGets127 karma


Kodirt135 karma

Just want to offer up that I believe a wonderful work would be to video yourself throughout a shoot and recording the process from end to end. It would be both interesting and erotic to se the interactions between yourself and the models and watching that level of comfortability change and grow and to see them open up in a sexual way. Then again right now I’m a turned on confused gay man so wtf do I know.

AboutAsItGets31 karma

I have such videos on my site :-)

legthief1319 karma

Does the photographer who photographs you also have a photographer who photographs them as they photograph you photographing your subjects?

AboutAsItGets666 karma

😂 few times tourists and random walkers-by, sometimes it is selfie from my Behind The Scenes camera on a tripod and sometimes my assistant/husband/or whoever comes with the subjects :-).

But yea, definitely happened that someone photographed as someone photographs me photographing someone :-D

infamous2k681 karma

Do you ever find yourself getting involved in all the fun? Or keep it strictly professional?

AboutAsItGets862 karma

Thank you for your question!

I do yes, also because i often photograph people i know very well.

infamous2k292 karma

Does it get pretty wild on set?

AboutAsItGets720 karma

Well that is the beauty of working with amateurs. They do it because they want to and love it, so yes. Is very real.

Jahred-1994197 karma

You must love your job?

AboutAsItGets376 karma

I do. It changed my life and also gave me hopes in hummanity.

Jahred-1994113 karma

Cool.finding something you love to do makes life perfect.cheers

AboutAsItGets108 karma

Thank you. I wish it to everyone.

son_e_jim68 karma

"Hopes in hummanity". There's your money shot.

AboutAsItGets172 karma

It's true. I have never seen so much love as in my erotic shooting couples even (or especially) during many years as a wedding photographer. Sad but true.

Perca_fluviatilis59 karma

This is pretty eye opening lmao

AboutAsItGets42 karma


niqqer69420-66 karma

My school had a bunch of dudes who just hummed to annoy teachers. They were called "Hummanity". I am glad you gave them shout out.

AboutAsItGets12 karma

😂 sorry not a native speaker and my firefox has no autocorrect :-)

elektro-chemistry-137 karma

So butt fucking broken women in failing relationships gave you hope in humanity? It gave me the opposite.

AboutAsItGets33 karma

How is swinging broken? Even on wikipedia it says most swingers confirm improvements in their lives.

I my "non swinging" life i see only divorces in early age. Most my swingers are 40years and older, being together 20+ years.

Nuclear_F0x258 karma

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I recall from a previous AMA, women were much more open to the idea of being photographed naked than their male partners.

I personally think it's widely accepted in contemporary culture that the female form is regarded as aesthetically beautiful, whereas the male body is more functional like a tool. As an artist, how do you compose photographs of men so that they may appear comfortable and photogenic? Do you find photographing men to be challenging in a different way in comparison to women?

AboutAsItGets248 karma

Thank you!

Yes my view didnt really changed. It still is that women are more accepted as being nude (sadly) and also more open for the idea.

I have to disagree that males are seen as tools, i mean most accepted nude art is male too? Virtuvian Man, David, etc. I think it is mostly males problem that they too easily detach them self from the idea that they are beautiful and want to just post unflattering photos of their penises.

I do not find it more difficult to photograph men, as i shoot what i like as a girl and do not try to please or even get much inspiration. If any difficulty comes, than it is from insecurities of men.

Hope it answered it?

Nuclear_F0x61 karma

Thank you for your insightful answer.

I do think western society's appreciation for the male form has diminished quite a lot since the Renaissance. It's a widespread problem and it was also evident in the art lessons I've attened which featured a male model. I can't help but see it as a vicious cycle when even artists are not inclined to challenge those norms. It's a sad state of affairs and I honestly don't think that's anyone's fault (except the media/social-media), it's just unfortunate that this is the way the world is right now.

I honestly don't know why men believe images of their genitals would be artistically pleasing, but I think this lack of creativity definetly perpetuates the problem.

AboutAsItGets71 karma

Yes, this is just the underlying problem. Most men just use it for sexual pleasure while girls often genuinelly love the photos of them self and love to share it. Beauty is for many women same as cars are for men :-).

Lindvaettr2 karma

Might the reason women are more comfortable with being photographed nude be the way the ideal forms are viewed? Despite the common argument, I've noticed that women of a relatively healthy weight and decent proportions are considered generally attractive when dress scantily or nude, while society generally restricts appreciated male forms to v-torso, broad shoulders, and at least some visible abs.

Could it be that men more often feel they don't meet the social expectation of an attractive body?

AboutAsItGets2 karma

I dont believe it, no. And i even see "perfect men" to be more likely seen as gay in Europe. I believe that Dad Body has been accepted for a long time and not only as a fetish (old M + young F, etc). I for example always liked naked fit male body but would approach relationship with very fit male with extreme caution (experience and well facts).

And for snowflakes: i do not try to offend anyone. I just tell how i observe it, if i may.

twentybinders224 karma

When you're on location at the beach or outdoors do you ever bring lights or a shade/reflector? What is your usually camera and lens setup?

AboutAsItGets242 karma

I try to keep it low key. So no reflector or shades. I try to not look too professional as especially in public people are more agressive towards professionals. Most my shots are with 50mm and D800 at this moment. Had to downsize a lot during Corona.

Hereibe99 karma

Can you elaborate what you mean by people getting more aggressive with professionals?

Do you mean the general public is more likely to try to run you out if it looks like you’re filming a porno?

And how often does the general public run across your shoots? What steps have you taken to minimize that?

AboutAsItGets207 karma

Yes, instagram models made the professional photoshoot annoying for most people. They assume it is for money, not passion and react appropriatelly. Cannot blame them though. I cannot say i react really better.

I do simple nude art in public, erotica only in where it is unlikely to run across anyone (or anyone across us). It still happens time to time, but especially in germany it is not really big deal. If you for example jog there in forest, you quite often find people of all ages sexing.

Hereibe56 karma

How do they react? Any funny/outrageous/annoying/wtf stories?

So for erotic you still go outside but very far away? How long does it take you to get to your shooting site?

AboutAsItGets101 karma

Where i live now i do not need to make much effort. In Germany i was using lost places and forest just outside of main hikes.

Too many stories to write, but most funny are those where people want to join :-)

andai95 karma

man i need to start jogging

AboutAsItGets89 karma

Good for your health!

macbeth1026223 karma

I’m a male portrait photographer of about 10 years who’s considered getting into erotic photography, but I’ve only ever photographed clothed people. I know in my mind that I’m a safe person for models to be around, but what’s the best way to project that and make someone comfortable in this setting? Does it differ that much from “normal,” clothed portraiture?

AboutAsItGets242 karma

Just don't talk about it. Be casual. The more you talk about that it is something special about it, more uncomfortable it gets.

macbeth102686 karma

That’s actually really solid! Thanks! And your work is absolutely gorgeous, I should’ve mentioned as well.

AboutAsItGets51 karma

Thank you very much!!

Yes it is really like this. I had few photographers and you already from first email know what is going on.

inhalingsounds20 karma

One can tell by your work that there is a lot more than a job in it. It's passion work, and that's the purest form of art.

AboutAsItGets16 karma

Thank you very much, glad you understand it as it is...

bad_zack_again192 karma

Wow. Great job! How do you manage it? Where and how do you find your customers? Or do they find you? I mean this kind of people are very specific, not everybody would do it. Would interest me a lot. Thanks

AboutAsItGets272 karma

Thank you!

Mostly it is word of mouth since especially swingers are quite a large community in Germany. I am also registered and promote on various relevant kinky sites.

Many my customers also come from the past times as a photographer (mostly women) and also in my normal life i get few requests from my friends and people i know from Social media etc.

bad_zack_again66 karma

Thank you. And whqt is the most common age of your customers?

AboutAsItGets110 karma

50+ i would say.

bad_zack_again69 karma

That surprises me. I would guess young couples would easily undress themselves for fotos.

AboutAsItGets352 karma

I think it has a lot to do with three factors:

1) young couples are often still developing their trust in each other and are afraid of nude shoots

2) specific kinks develop rather later in relationship. Young couples are often kind of vanilla :-).

3) older couples usually are more confident / accepting their bodies and feel to be less likely judged by common beauty standards.

bad_zack_again67 karma

Ok. Now I'm a bit smarter. Do you know what they do with the fotos? Keep them secret, print and hang on a wall? Do people tell you something about?

AboutAsItGets99 karma

I would say some decent ones get printed and other shared on phone and in their swingers groups. I also photograph few (singles and couples) who have their OF so even some share it publicly

farmerjoee13 karma

Do you prefer shooting and “engaging” with these older clients as opposed to younger ones?

AboutAsItGets28 karma

It is different as younger couples are usually more shy.

rickyrlive29 karma

What sites are good for it to get into?

AboutAsItGets62 karma

By success rate facebook, sadly.

reelznfeelz21 karma

That's sad indeed. I refuse to use Facebook. I dropped it after the 2016 stiff and the revelations about Cambridge Analytica came out. But, then it means that 85% of the time when I want to participate in a community, I can't. Eg our local rock climbers group is on Facebook. Which is weird because these are mainly super liberal and independent anti-corporate types. But there they all are on FB.

I wish more groups would also have a discord or something. But they don't.

AboutAsItGets31 karma

Yes, it depresses me too a lot. I actually had no facebook until 2018 and had to join since all forums are dead.

rickyrlive20 karma

Oh really! That is surprising to get adult jobs through facebook.

AboutAsItGets44 karma

Yes sadly most forums are dead, people are on social networks. Sure photos there are censored and such, but thats how the life is nowadays.

2ck16 karma

I would have guessed Fetlife. Are you aware of the site and intentionally not on it? If so, would be interested to know why.

AboutAsItGets29 karma

I am on few sites, including FetLife but being on such sites means already big dedication. Most people just have no interest in online communitties with same kinks, just real life friends.

Most my customers come from Facebook where people see how open i am and admit to me they are interested in nude photoshoot etc.

I also photograph fetishes and sex, i think very small percent of my customers book me because they are exhibitionists. So being a photographer on kink site is rather unwelcome.

elektro-chemistry13 karma

This all makes sense now that I know you're German.

AboutAsItGets27 karma

I am actually Russian but grown up in Germany, yes.

skiimear18 karma

You probably know swingers who haven’t told you. There are a lot more out there than you’d think. One of my closest friends and her husband swing and they would be the last people you’d expect. Outside of her swinging groups she’s only told two people so she has many close friends that don’t know this about her.

AboutAsItGets8 karma

I am aware of that, that is also why i believe my best kind of promotion is to be openly doing my job and let people know.

scottoncandy1177 karma

Can you make a nice living as an erotic photographer or must you supplement your income to make a go of it?

AboutAsItGets199 karma

Now yes. In Germany it was impossible. I do not have much income outside of it anymore and try to live minimalistically so i do not need more income.

4thedeliveryguy37 karma

What are the general costs of booking you to shoot? Are there extra costs you charge for such as travel (or hard to reach destinations to shoot)?

Also do you charge more again if you/your husband get involved or does that change the price and reduce the costs to the client ?

AboutAsItGets73 karma

As a photographer, my photoshoots start at 150€ for a simple session (1-2h including photos). Double if they want a video (husband there as well). Travels need to include accomodation, reasonable bonus (time spent, effort) and travel costs.

RazerBladesInFood65 karma

I think you're under charging lol.

AboutAsItGets62 karma

I would, if i would be overbooked. I have in average 1 shoot per week, there were many weeks during last year i even had none. So...

RazerBladesInFood35 karma

That's honestly surprising to me. Maybe you just need some more advertising but I can assume that's pretty difficult with an adult themed business

AboutAsItGets48 karma

Yes. When you are banned even in most reddits, it is fairly hard on anywhere else :-)

AlcatK172 karma

Is there anything that turns you off photographing? Do you ever get dirt/sand/whatever in places you don't want based on the location?

AboutAsItGets416 karma

Actually few things. I do not like violence and rough talks, even BDSM should be rather sweet / cute.

Yes it gets places, but that is part of the fun :-). Just not stick penis full of sand in any hole :-)

TheFuckNameYouWant180 karma

Just not stick penis full of sand in any hole :-)

😂😂😂 I'm dying here. This is definitely great advice. Nobody wants to be touched with a sandy penis.

AboutAsItGets37 karma


notnormal777147 karma

Do you think the adult industry is now better or worse it was before? And also do you think ever to do weddings again?

AboutAsItGets263 karma

Thank you, good question!

I do not think i will do weddings again, probably only very close friends and ex customers references.

And not sure what you reffer to as "before" but i think adult industry is evolving positively. For example OnlyFans reduced greatly exploiting of models and importance of large production companies. Power shifted to performer's hands easily.

notnormal77725 karma

why not?

AboutAsItGets88 karma

Well there are much less large weddings, people are afraid to book in advance (what is neccessity for any wedding photographer), people have also much less money.

We also moved to another country so going back to Germany to shoot weddings is a lot of effort and costs.

RawLikeColeSlaw119 karma

What is m/w/d?

Also, I like the work you shared. :)

AboutAsItGets97 karma

thank you!!

Men, Women and Diverse :-)

Delicious-Tachyons82 karma

Thank you for answering that. I was worried it was "dog"

AboutAsItGets98 karma

Dog is ok, but imagine Dinosaurus!

Nuclear_F0x77 karma

What happened to your previous AMA? I remember it received quite a bit of interest.

AboutAsItGets133 karma

All my posts were deleted few months ago when i got reddit-wide ban. It was then lifted, never got explanation why it happened, but it deleted all posts from all subredits :-/. So i cleared my posts which i could not get reapproved.

Nuclear_F0x40 karma

Ah that's a shame, I'm sorry you had that experience!

AboutAsItGets72 karma

i was bummed yes. Was not expecting that from Reddit. Facebook? Yes.

LaLaLaaaNotListening65 karma

Why do all female nudists seem young and attractive and all male nudists are old, fat and bald? Honest question

AboutAsItGets65 karma

Ah 80% of my nudist friends and models are 40+

Answer? Men are more comfortable showing them self when they are not perfect (anymore)

Happier_61 karma

What's the most fun you've had on a shoot as a model?

And the most fun you've had as a photographer?

AboutAsItGets135 karma

Thank you, good question.

Hard to say really though, fun as entertaining? Hm. As a model probably most fun is on NiP shoots. Had one where i was invited to a family home for a dinner and coffee as "i must have been cold, poor girl" :-).

As a photographer most fun probably was when i first time seen pegging in real life.

harDhar46 karma


AboutAsItGets76 karma

Nude in Public

dota2newbee41 karma

Was not expecting the pegging comment. What a great moment for them to capture.

AboutAsItGets34 karma

apparently for them!

Belly8456 karma

I'm in Germany and have been looking to book a photographer. Whereabouts are you located? If I may ask.

AboutAsItGets82 karma

When in Germany than near Heilbronn, but i live now in Spain (Canaries). Make a holiday!

Belly8438 karma

Ah, I work in Stuttgart :) and I've always wanted to visit Spain. Maybe we can work something out sometime!

AboutAsItGets28 karma

Would love to!

scottoncandy14 karma

Hope you avoided the volcanic eruption!

AboutAsItGets9 karma

400km away, so yes. Thank you!

bad_zack_again54 karma

What kind of wishes do mostly have?

AboutAsItGets76 karma

Most common is just regular nude photoshooting as they rarely had chance for it and wanted something for them self. Usually first shoots are like that and only the following ones scale up...

bad_zack_again23 karma

Do you tell people how to pose or what to do during the shooting or they come to you with their ideas?

AboutAsItGets44 karma

My style is rather very natural, taught that during the weddings. If possible i let them be them self and only pose for some specific shots i had in mind or when they are too paralyzed / lost.

DaggerMoth42 karma

What camera setting would you use to catch a cumshot mid flight?

AboutAsItGets69 karma

1/2000+ ish or 4K video with at least 1/1000 shutter :-)

ericl19739 karma

Do you ever masturbate while shooting if things get hot?

AboutAsItGets98 karma

I would lie if i said no.

Up_All_Nite33 karma

Has there been any "smells" that noped you RTFO ?

AboutAsItGets42 karma

I shoot mostly outdoors so luckily not yet 😂

priths333 karma

Does it get really tiring to shoot outdoors in the sun for long hours? How do you and your customers manage?

AboutAsItGets49 karma

Here is very sunny, but never really hot. There is a constant wind 24-27°C so unless you are in wind shadow you can even wear full arm clothes. As for sun, i got used to it and shoots are often in the evening / not longer than 2-3h.

dota2newbee26 karma

You’ve mentioned that you often join in the fun during some of the shoots that can get wild. As a young, beautiful women, are there many instances where partners get jealous? I’d imagine 50+ swinging with similar couples vs playtime with you would be significantly different.

AboutAsItGets38 karma

I sadly do not get many young couples and older ones are usually not jealous. Especially swingers.

I had few cases of jealousy, but it was only by misunderstanding.

Happier_26 karma

How was Katya Clover to work with?

AboutAsItGets51 karma

She was my girl crush and pen friend for some time and in person she is even more entchanting as on photos. Very natural, and honnest and rare down to earth, rare in our business. I love her a lot.

Drtspt24 karma

The things that camera must have seen ! What would it say is the most intense moment?

AboutAsItGets62 karma

I dont know what was really intense, but i am still amazed to this day how real world orgasm differes from person to person and from what is portraited in porn. I genuinelly live it with them through.

lexmichaels223 karma

How much money do you make doing this?

AboutAsItGets61 karma

Not really much. Barely surviving to be honnest. Is now a bit easier when i moved to Spain where is not such sick taxes and prices as it was in Germany, but still the restrictions in travel etc makes it harder to find customers.

willflameboy22 karma

I'm guessing you often shoot in the nude, so is that challenging, and have you got any funny stories of on-set mishaps?

AboutAsItGets35 karma

It has its perks :-D. Many funny stories to tell. Mostly when the reality of the thrill to be photographed during sex or in the nude fails to meet the expectations :-).

agneev21 karma

What’s your photo backup strategy? Have you ever lost photos that you’ve considered quite important?

AboutAsItGets68 karma

I shoot on camera with two cards at the same time, have two cameras usually on the set (one on a tripod one on me). Never touch delete or swap cards during a shoot.

I backup as soon as i come home from one card, while other stays in the car. Upload to cloud and USB drive backup and working PC.

Never lost a single photo from a shoot.

Yes i am an IT weirdo.

madding24719 karma

When I was about 20 I wanted to get into this profession purely because I really appreciate the art. But I didn't know where to start.

How did you end up managing to start?

AboutAsItGets23 karma

I started with selfies because i couldnt find custoers as i had no work to show :-)

Tenno9015 karma

Do you ever get turned on doing the photo shoots or is it purely business? Not a creepy question, but a curious one. Why do you do this? What drives you?

AboutAsItGets33 karma

Yes i do... A lot actually.

And what drives me? I genuinely love to do it. I love to see and document love, intense moments, and the voyeur in me loves to watch. I love naked bodies, never been fan of fashion my self too.

Happier_15 karma

Do you have any technical tips for beginner photographers wanting to do erotic outdoor shoots like yourself? Things like lighting, angles, composition etc?

AboutAsItGets31 karma

Yes, do not overthink it. Keep it simple and focus on framing and actually shooting what you self like to see. If you shoot what you like, you will like what you shot and you will like to shoot more. Trying to mimic someones style or "work" will only make you disconnected.

Simplest good camera, good lens without too much distortion and find your style.

proactivepistachio15 karma

Are there girl equivalent of a guy with a camera or creeps in your field or is it a male stereotype?

AboutAsItGets33 karma

You mean creep as in voyeur photographer? Or just a girl who books girls for nude shoots to get off?

I am not aware of it, but i do not believe girls are innocent :-)

Th3NinjaCat13 karma

This is more of a hygiene question. How to you deal with discharge/body fluids let’s say mid shooting?

AboutAsItGets29 karma

Mine or customers? Mine, i usually remove them if it is too excessive (i actually like how i taste), customers, i let them do whatever they would do should i not be there.

HypeStripeTheDinkled13 karma

Hi! If someone makes online nsfw content and wants that to be disconnected from their real name/work life, do you have any tips on how to do that? Thank you so much!

AboutAsItGets13 karma

Yes, be really really good in Makeup / Photography AND IT.

But much better is to embrace your self not, repress what you enjoy.

saml0113 karma

Why did you stop doing wedding photography? I would imagine there would be a lot more clientele than the erotic photography.

AboutAsItGets37 karma

Because of Corona, but it was a downwards trend for a long time, having a lot to do with disappearing middle class.

saml0113 karma

Can you elaborate on that a bit more, what's the relationship between weddings and middle class?

AboutAsItGets21 karma

My wedding photography was attracting middle class, as the gap widens, middle class disappears and weddings are more likely to be either cheap or full blown luxury. Gladly ask specifics if it interests you.

KakariBlue5 karma

I can understand why a cheap wedding doesn't have a photographer (or at least not a professional) and would be closed to you. What's wrong with the full blown luxury side? I'm guessing those people hire a full photo & video crew with several people and dedicated editing that a 1 or 2 person shop can't compete with?

AboutAsItGets12 karma

yes. VIP weddings were much stress and customers too bitchy so was not worth the (~ 3x of) money.

Fentonious812 karma

So obviously you're nude as well when you photograph the other nude people, but then you also have someone photographing you while you photograph the people. Is this other photographer also nude?

AboutAsItGets13 karma

Mostly my backup camera on a tripod :-). I do not have as dramatic life as you project :-D

neuromorph11 karma

How many clients have you ended up sleeping with that you weren't friends with previously?

AboutAsItGets15 karma

mwd? 20ish if by sleep you do not really mean sleep but very intimate affair.

carbo12511 karma

I've always been curious. Do you need some kind of permit from Ordnungsamt to take such photos outside? :)

AboutAsItGets20 karma

Nudity is not illegal in Europe outside. For sex, we just stay away from people or where are other people doing or expecting to do the same :-)

NotANonConspiracist11 karma

Do you do most of your shoots in public? and if you do, has anyone ever interfered in what you were doing?

AboutAsItGets18 karma

Yes, most my shots are in public, or well at least outdoors. I have no studio (anymore) and like it more anyway.

Few times, but just innocent looking and sometimes snapping some phone photos or asking for a selfie. No bad experiences so far. But we rarely do anything "evil".

Yautja9310 karma

First of, I respect you a lot by everything you do, by how confident you are and really just doing what you love without thinking about the judgment of other people!

With that, I would love to ask you 2 things:

  • is there any tip on how to improve my self acceptance regarding my own body? I have some issues with it for years now, I'm a male 28yo, and I would never have the courage to do something nude, but by what you said, you help to start with so the clients don't feel weird

  • which leads me to the second question, since you are in Europe, I have no way or money to make a trip there and book a shoot with you, so you know people on same work as you in Brazil that work similar, with the idea of helping to even start? I think if I did a session like that, I would accept my body even more

Thanks for the AMA, loved to read your replies, you are awesome :)

AboutAsItGets12 karma

First thank you!!!

To your answers.

1) it is simple. If there is something you do not like, but could change, stop procrastinating and do it! If it is just fear of being accepted, i can tell you this: the only thing (every) women do not find attractive on men is.... (wait for it).... low self confidence.

2) Sadly no. I even believe have only like 2 or 3 customers in my gallery who are from Brazil. But try facebook, asking photographers for a colleague (not directly sometimes helps) etc.

NotANonConspiracist10 karma

Does your husband / SO routinely join you on your shoots? Has there ever been tension between the two of you during or afterward?

AboutAsItGets25 karma

Not often, usually only when i have to drive far so i have a rest. We have a kid so he usually takes care of him. And no tension. We know each other for very long time.

BartolomeuDias10 karma

Hi! very nice art work! 1. Does your family know, and what they think, about your work? 2. Does any accidents happen on the set? I mean snake bites, slippery rocks, aggressive passers-by etc.? 3. Do you often get requests that you refuse, like more hardcore stuff?

AboutAsItGets11 karma

Hi back and thank you!!

1) yes i am public about my work and identity. Even on facebook and Instagram

2) luckily so far not more than scratches and carpet burns :-)

3) i do often yes, but there is very few things i would not photograph. Which is probably why i am asked in the first place.

tquinn0410 karma

You photograph a wide range of erotic set ups. What would you say is your favorite kind to capture?

AboutAsItGets21 karma

I just love the transition from cuddling to sex. The moment when both do not want, because it is not right, but can't stop them self.

Electro8bit8 karma

Do you think there’s a possibility you’ll regret posting nude photos of yourself on the internet?

AboutAsItGets13 karma

No. I did everything in my powers to not depend on what other people do, think or want from me (anymore).

FlyingScotsmanZA7 karma

Hi, so I saw you mention earlier that you struggle to find young men to photograph, compared to young women who are more interested in it, due to young men feeling body conscious.

  1. As a man, I'd feel like a creep if I were to do a nude photo-shoot. Like put it back in your pants dude, what are you doing? I dunno if that's a me problem or something from society. Do you have any thoughts about that?
  2. Have you ever done any solo shoots with men and how did they go?
  3. What usually happens when someone contacts you and it's their fist time. Do they have ideas, or do you "direct" them or how does it work when it comes to setting up the details to get a shot.

Part of me is super interested in the service you offer because it would be nice to get something actually erotic and artistic if potential partners ask to share nudes, right? But again, I feel like a creep just talking about it.

EDIT: Also major props for answering so many questions. You've been here for a long time.

AboutAsItGets6 karma

Thank you for your questions, i really value it!

  1. well no, first i see no difference between men and women, second when i tell you during the shoot, you would not feel weird. And when booking, just ask in advance what is ok for the photographer. Not many are ok with male nudes. Communication is the key, in every relationship.

  2. yes of course, i believe i even linked to few photos from such

  3. most customers who end up booking (as opposed to wanting to just chat) do not talk much. The more you talk or think about it, the less likely you are going to book me. It is really not a big deal to do a nude photoshoot in 2021.

To Edit: thank you. I meant it seriously i will answer all questions. I really value when someone cares about what i do

BatXDude7 karma

Damn Yulia. You fit as fuck. You single?

AboutAsItGets13 karma

😂 swinger!

M2k350z7 karma

Do you have any general rules that your customers must follow or have any sort of restrictions on the service you do?

AboutAsItGets8 karma

No, so far i had only very decent customers so i set no rules except like very basics (regarding cancelations etc)

AirlineEasy7 karma

How much do you earn on average?

AboutAsItGets7 karma

Per shoot? My photoshoots start at 150€. Average is not much higher as i like to have more shoots, than one longer.

AirlineEasy16 karma

That is VERY cheap. Especially compared to wedding photography. You should consider raising your prices, considering you are in a niche not a lot of photographer would want to be in.

AboutAsItGets8 karma

Thank you!! I would raise prices if i would have more photoshoots.

kaneabel6 karma

How many times have you been asked to join?

AboutAsItGets8 karma

78% times i photographed :-)

stressfulmind6 karma

How did your choice of job affect your friendships and relationships with family and stuff?

AboutAsItGets12 karma

Positively. removes all fakes instantly.

stressfulmind5 karma

thanks for the answer, and how was the shift from a “normal” job to your current one? Was it hard to make a living in the beginning and is it now?

AboutAsItGets5 karma

Well i had no other choice. Corona removed all my incomes like day to day.

atomsej6 karma

Why do you get naked as well?

AboutAsItGets21 karma

It is 70% to make them more comfortable from start, 30% because it is too hot here :-)

akanosora6 karma

What’s your favorite focal length and why?

AboutAsItGets5 karma

50, because i had 90 on my MF and grown accustomed to. I am close but not too close, i am far, but not too far :-).

Girl-UnSure6 karma

Im not sure if you are still taking questions, but what are some of your favorite lens to use? Ive been using a 35mm 1.8f, but am thinking about upgrading to something a bit longer for better portrait work. Thanks!

AboutAsItGets6 karma

35/1.8 (1.4 before corona) and 50 1.8 (80 1.9 50eq before corona) were my go to lenses, yes. 50 is cheap, good and 1 step between full body or half body.

LetItBe10101016 karma

How do u market/sell your photographs? As plenty of nudes are available online free how do u make a living from this profession?

AboutAsItGets6 karma

I really dont from selling my photos. I have extremely large gallery, better than most photographers or sites, but this is not my income really. I live from making custom photos for my clients of them self.

Yossarianisdead6 karma

Are you familiar with Naomi Harris? And if so, did she inspire any of your work - ie how to approach groups, etc?

AboutAsItGets8 karma

No never heard of her, but i also try to not get too much inspiration from other photographers so i am not activelly seeking for similar work or artists.

milehiclub6 karma

Any tips for the at home amateur nude selfie taker? Always trying to improve what i send to my girlfriend. I'm male if that's relevant.

We're getting married soon and will be over your way for the honeymoon. Might have to book a session!

AboutAsItGets3 karma

That would make me really happy :-)

As for tips, well ask her what she likes! I can't say what are her kinks :-). Make effort, try to like the shot your self (light, background, message)

sgtxsarge5 karma

What's your ideal breakfast meal?

AboutAsItGets6 karma

Iberic ham, eggs and home made crackers or pancakes.

yumitsari5 karma

What was the most boring, plain and normal shoot you've ever done?

AboutAsItGets6 karma

NEVER nude, that is the beauty of it. Many weddings, yes.

tyYdraniu4 karma

i want to get into nude art and nude photography maybe even pornart area, how do you start to work in such areas?

AboutAsItGets8 karma

As a performer or photographer?

As a photographer probably easiest is to start with selfies and your partner. Then Facebook for TfP requests.

tyYdraniu4 karma

knowing about both would be interesting

btw i dont have a partner at the moment, do you suggest something else?

AboutAsItGets6 karma

Than (for both) i would suggest selfies. Not like typical selfies, but rather with a tripod, real camera, light and scene preparation like if you had a model. Sometimes having a dummy helps too. You can get show window dummy for 100€, best money spent on photo learning :-)

signull4 karma

What lenses do you use?

when far away?

when close? when taking shots while also being "in the action" sorta speak?

Curious about your camera gear.

AboutAsItGets3 karma

Nowadays i shoot 50% of my shots with 50 1.8 and rest with 35 1.8 / 24-120 f4. I had before medium format equivalent of 50mm so grown fond of it.

Banecn4 karma

Was the arm binder in the bdsm photo also your work or was there someone else on set to do the ties? Good work and beautiful photo. I was just curious.

AboutAsItGets4 karma

I did it yes, by far not my best work, just one of (few) i can publish.

Banecn4 karma

Well it looks better than any I've tied and it looks like it got the job done quite well. Do you like doing rope bondage? I think it can turn the body into some incredible works of art when done right.

AboutAsItGets5 karma

I enjoy it a lot on both receiving and giving side. Not so far away as to call it art bondage, but enjoy it a lot.

kinkyghost4 karma

How common is it for a couple to hire you to photograph one of them having sex with a third person who is not part of their relationship? I always wanted to have a professional photographer take those kinds of photos of my partner when I was in relationships with someone open-minded enough to do that.

Second question, how do you help reassure couples where one or both person is afraid of the photos being spread or leaking to the public?

AboutAsItGets6 karma

1) I have no statistics, and even if i had, i think my customers are not really reflecting on average (if than maybe German average)

2) I have not many being afraid. I am such data fanatic that they trust me more then they do them self. And also, it is actually a common kink, that someone spreads their nudes while they can deny influence and stay "innocent". I reassure my customers that my photos are explicitly private, and i ask before any publishing. That is rare between photographers, but i wanted to be such photographer as the one i would like to book my self.

Darth_Annabis4 karma

How would someone get started as a photographer in your line of work?

AboutAsItGets4 karma

Just do a great work and market it around you. Facebook works best for me so far.

yurieu14 karma

Are there cuckolding fantasies involved?

AboutAsItGets4 karma


NobodyDemex4 karma

Who is the guy in the Kiara Thumbnail...you got photos of him too? He's a damn cutie

AboutAsItGets3 karma

It's (then) her boyfriend

BroAnnoying6663 karma

Since you have no problem showing your body (which is beautiful btw), you know you can make a LOT of money by doing OnlyFans, right ?

AboutAsItGets3 karma

I have my gallery which is my priority, and OnlyFans too, but i am not good at promoting my self so, it is definitely not "lot". I also believe that OF only works for those who already have large social following (like Instagram etc).

antibra3 karma

What was your first swinger fotoshooting? How was it? How many people were on set?

AboutAsItGets6 karma

Most my swinger shoots are FFM threesomes. They are sometimes quite intense :-D

lirongrongil3 karma

Do you have a partner? What do they think of this?

AboutAsItGets7 karma

I am married, with a kid and my husband does IT support for my work and sometimes photographs me too. Sometimes also videos when i photograph, or assits etc.

thisisactuallymyreal3 karma

  1. Did you ever get aroused while you were the main photographer at that set? Does it interfere with your abilities?

  2. Can someone book a photo shoot with you and specify that only the photographer should be naked? :)

AboutAsItGets4 karma

  1. yes and i believe it makes my superpowers stronger :-)

  2. hehe, never had that so far, but tbh, i would not say no. I hate clothes outside. And most my photoshoots start with the couple having clothes on, so they have something for facebook, family etc.

SpongeBobward3 karma

May I ask how tall are you?

AboutAsItGets3 karma


hello_yousif3 karma

Home? Those people are outside. You’re a liar. Anywho…

Do you get royalties from clients that post their videos on tube sites?

AboutAsItGets3 karma

No, i give full rights with my shoots. I want only friendly relationships, not based on money. Even my gallery is one payment for lifetime.

ericbmakeufap2this2 karma

What's the most disgusting thing you've be witnessed while shooting erotic photography?

AboutAsItGets2 karma

I was lucky so far. I had only good experience, but i also talk with people a lot before the shoot so those who are in kinks i do not like, do not book me.

Shadowizas2 karma

I guess you do young couples nude/sex photoshoots,i will ask anyway even tho i know the answer,do the young couples get really into the sex bit and just "devolves" into full on sex intercourse that lasts to 10 minutes or more and do you continue taking pics? and does it happen sometimes the male to cum inside?

AboutAsItGets3 karma

I photograph and video real sex and trying to find a beauty in it.

TheSpazman2 karma

Speaking as someone who also resides in the realm / world of more adult-oriented art and the like, these shots are absolutely -wonderful-, and thank you for sharing them!

I suppose this is a curiosity question more than anything -- But have you ever been approached or asked about using the photos you take as possible artistic-reference material, or perhaps have a cache of solo / duo / three-way bits to use as such?

Apologies if this is an easily-answered question and I'm not looking hard enough -- Just on mobile at the moment.

Thank you for your time! Absolutely gorgeous shots, not to mention yourself behind the camera! Always wonderful to see / hear from more sex-positive people.

AboutAsItGets3 karma

Thank you very much!

Yes. I have a large online gallery which i update daily and have there many artists redrawing or manipulating the photos and sharing with others. In some cases people also use it in public promotion, mainly painters who ask for permission.

TheSpazman1 karma

Thank you for the VERY swift reply!

If you're a regular here on Reddit, I certainly wouldn't mind talking back and forth about that kind of profession! Or just ask permission, of course, for using some of your gallery for study purposes! :)

Also, you're doing well on your English so far! I know it's a harder language to get a grasp on, much like I'd imagine Slavic-languages tend to be.

Have an awesome day!

Edit: I goofed! Germanic language, potentially? I saw the Russkie note on the profile and got confused for a moment! Haha

AboutAsItGets2 karma

Thank you very much and have an awesome day your self!

Orangebeardo1 karma

Personally I love sex and everything to do with it, I want to make it part of my life more like you have but instead it's hardly a part of my life. It's probably easier for a woman to do, but that aside, do you have any tips for me to realize my dream?

AboutAsItGets4 karma

It depends, what do you mean by sex? As a photographer the entry to adult industry is fairly easy, especially if you are in no rush to make money. As a performer, the chance is now better than ever thanks to OnlyFans and similar sites.

LiamGTR1 karma

Why do you class dating sites as "pervy"?

AboutAsItGets6 karma

I meant pervy dating sites, as FetLife and so on.

Pamplemousse_VI-4 karma

Hi, Yulie! Please don’t take this the wrong way—I am actually curious, not trying to be rude. Do you deliberately only take nude shots of yourself that hide your vagina?

AboutAsItGets6 karma

I deliberately show all of my self, just not on free reddit subs. I do not like how many fake sites steal from reddit. Join my gallery!

Living-Stranger-11 karma

Why can't swingers just admit they are horrible people who can't be faithful?

AboutAsItGets8 karma

They are faithfull. Just having more dramatic sexual life. The fact that love equals sex is a religious stigma not based on any real life and usually hurts relationships more than it helps. As seen in number of divorces.

Witty-Indication-854-12 karma

Why are the men so ugly in your pic but the women beautiful?

AboutAsItGets10 karma

Lol. I do not agree :-).

rewardsthroway-14 karma

At what age did your father leave for a pack of cigarettes?

AboutAsItGets9 karma

You will fail trying to cast me to american stereotypes :-). I am BcEng in mechanical engineering and in relationship for 8+ years :-). I do it because i love it and always did, not because i had no options.

kangareagle2 karma

That guy’s a jerk, but I don’t know how it’s an American thing.

AboutAsItGets1 karma

I don't know, never seen the "father figure of a stripper" stereotype outside of american movies, so i assumed it is an american thing :-).