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What platform?

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Yes. I have a lovely story I could share about this but I’m tired of thinking about it. My experiences over the last 6 months have made me pretty jaded, I realized that despite what senior leadership says, they’re all a bunch of narcissist who at the end of the day will always protect their own and avoid having to make tough decisions if it means going against one of their own.

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For sure. I paid for a year of wapo last year to support them but I'd much rather pay $0.50 or something per article, and read the ones I want from multiple top tier sources including my home town paper. I'm not buying 3 or more hundred dollar subscriptions though.

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Yeah I can see that. Doc is up there though. But yeah Jeff seems the most dead eyed.

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Sorry what is SIL? I might be dumb but can’t find via web search what the right one is for this context.