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So... Have you met Caprice?

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I don't feel weird at all. It's like doing an IAMA about going to heaven and asking "So, did you meet God?"

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Make those 2 years count as 200 and you will have outlived us all! Best of luck!

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Serious questions though:

  • How were you able to build 5G in liquid form?
  • How can the vaccine provide 5G in places where we'd have no signal otherwise? Is it with the tech from Roswell?
  • Does communication with Mr. Gates work 24/7? How does it work if he's asleep or unavailable?
  • Is that communication two-way? Can I ask him to expedite Age of Empires?

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As someone who has done three round-trips in Europe on interrail, this is very true and I'd like to emphasize the beautiful community spirit around most hostels. A few years have passed now and most of my memories of those trips revolve around the people I met, not the countries per se.