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I was watching Total Recall today and a dwarf prostitute in a pink corset pulls out a huge knife and stabs a guy, then mows down a bunch of others with a machine gun. I thought it was fantastic and amazingly over the top, but I also felt guilty because a non-dwarf woman doing the same thing would've been pretty stand, and it was only absurd because she was a dwarf.

I'll be honest, I'm mostly just looking for validation of either my feelings of entertainment, guilt, or both. Can/should a dwarf character's be cool and tough, and their stature simultaneously be used for comic effect?

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It's a good way to slightly inconvenience a customer and get permanent unpaid time off from your job at the same time.

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This is the first question everyone who read this thought, so I think it's right. He's replying to us all. Thanks, OP.

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I would like to get an answer to this as well, from this author's perspective, rather than that of Omar Ilhan. There was a recent NPR interview with a female author who had just written a book on modern antisemitism. I may be very mistaken, as I don't remember that author's name, but I'm guessing this may be the same author.

It was largely a good interview, but when it came to Trump, she called out a Trump campaign ad against major bank/financial influence which featured George Soros, David Solomon, CEO of Goldman Sachs, and another extremely prominent finance industry person, all of whom happen to be Jewish.

I didn't find this argument terribly convincing, as, while all three are Jewish, they're also extremely prominent, recognizable figures. When discussing the issues with big banks, for example, Goldman Sachs is often the first one mentioned. To me, it seemed like somewhat of a stretch to portray the ad as anti-Semitic.

So, assuming Deborah Lipstadt is the same author that was being interviewed, I'd like an answer that goes a little more in depth into what made the ad specifically anti-semitic, as opposed to targeting major, very prominent financial players who happen to be Jewish.

Edit: The author being interviewed was indeed Deborah Lipstadt, although I'm not sure if it was a brand new interview, or an interview from reaired interview from 2018.

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Do you have any ideas for alternatives? Who should be in charge of redistricting? Who holds those people accountable and judges whether or not any redistricting is partisan or not?