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Help me understand. You broke a contract you signed with your employer that prevents you from speaking publicly about the inner workings of the company and you chose to do it during a time when all are struggling to treat patients. You clearly opened your mouth during a time that couldn't possibly yield any positive change for you because everyone is literally struggling with the same problem. Instead of keeping your head down, rallying your people, dealing with a difficult situation you decided to smack down your CBA and fight your management and spread negative information about a situation that has minimal levels of control. You need to admit that you see the problem with your actions.

What could you have possibly hoped to change?

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How saturated is the market? How hard is it to get a job around a major city? How long before I can work a normal day shift?

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Happened to me. Filled 93 and 3 miles later car barely ran. Took to the dealer. Yep diesel. Apparent a bunch of people were bringing cars in and they new exactly who I had to call to pay for repair.

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What? I have a mattress with a 25 year warranty, no way I'd toss it after 10.

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Maybe you can get a dealer to take the car directly and that way they can ensure that the car doesn't have an owner before they sell it. It's a win for you and them.