I have a genetic condition called amelogenesis imperfecta (also called congenital enamel hypoplasia), which boils down to I was born without much enamel on my teeth. This made them very brittle. Despite brushing, flossing, and using a prescription mouth rinse 4 times a day, I was still left with cavities and dental abscesses almost constantly.

I have been in an out of the dentist all my life for various procedures and ended up giving in to the final option of dentures just a couple months after high school graduation.

Here’s a picture for as much proof as I can think of. I’m not interested in showing my face (hence the throwaway account), so if this doesn’t suffice please give me ideas of how I could help!

Link in case hyperlink doesn’t work bc mobile user: https://imgur.com/a/CjpitHM

Edit 1: alright y’all, I’m going to end the official AMA. I’ll still answer all questions that I can, but please forgive me if it takes a while to reply. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has asked me questions and shown support. it’s really nice to see so many people coming out to either show support or to express how they have a similar issue I’ll do a FAQ edit here in a bit.

Edit 2: FAQ

-Why not implants? My insurance didn’t cover implants at the time and we didn’t have the money to cover the out of pocket expense. As for now, I’m not interested in letting another drill near my mouth ever again.

-How do you clean them? I brush them with a kid’s toothbrush and kid’s toothpaste before letting them soak in water and denture cleaner overnight. I don’t need to floss them. I don’t think I even can floss them.

-What was the process like? My dentist did it in stages where he took the back teeth out at first, let it heal, and then took the front teeth out. He did the top completely and then did the bottom. When I say “front teeth” I mean canines and teeth in between. I had various impressions done to get jaw shape and whatnot after the back gums were healed enough, so the dentures were ready (save for minor adjustments) by the time I got the front teeth out. They paired the impressions with xrays and physical photos. I didn’t have walk around without teeth. This lasted over the course of a year and a half. We scheduled it where we would roll over into a new year so my benefits would reset and we had more to work with.

-How is eating now that you have your dentures? Eating is roughly the same as people normally eat, but I have to adjust in certain ways. For example, I can’t have certain brand of gum, I have to cut up apples, etc. All of this I got used to growing up due to needing to be careful to not break my teeth.

-What about... you know... My partner and I haven’t done anything without them in. He’s still new to this and I’m still self conscious. Maybe one day.

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Pazgon1011 karma

Just how brittle are your teeth? How much force do you need to break a tooth?

throw_away41381455 karma

I was very scared of chewing gum throughout my life haha. I did what I could to avoid getting hit in the mouth, but there were a couple of times I went in for a filling and it became an extraction due to the tooth crumbling.

McGreed313 karma

Yeah, I had that happening to two of my back teeth, next to each another, one just broke half apart and then less a week after I got it fixed, the one next to it crumbled apart as well, half of it. Freaked me out.

They are now currently broken and I'm considering getting crowns, but the price and work kinda scares me.

throw_away4138335 karma

A lot of dental school offer work for cheaper. We went to one near my house at first since I had so much work needed to be done. I’d look around and make sure you research how good the work is, since they’re students, but you can also request that an instructor uses you as an example. So they’re doing the work while people watch.

Pazgon57 karma

Damn. My teeth have broke on multiple occasions as well - one of them broke due to chewing gum. I noticed that my chewing gum was crunchier than usual, and then I noticed the huge crater on my tooth. Fixing that was a nightmare.

samw42448 karma

Ate a hard candy a few weeks ago, chewd into it. Thought 'huh this feels like a large peice wedged in my gum' and half a tooth came out. The pain of the extraction was hell.

throw_away413855 karma

Replying to both of these, that’s what I was really worried about at all times. I stopped chewing gum once a filling came out and stopped eating hard candy when I noticed I started checking after every time I bit a mint into smaller pieces. With the starlight mints being white, it was always five seconds away from a panic attack when I spit something out that looked vaguely tooth-like.

RohFrenzy20 karma

srly respect for you ... and its nothing someone should worry about or something ... once its done a new self can grow ... been through that procedure a couple of years ago and im glad i did it... got my new teeth when i was 30 ... mine broke over time and like yours it dosent matter what i was doing i almost had "something to do" everytime i went to the dentist ... things become more worse since they discovered that i had 4 hidden wisdomtooth who forces pressure on all of my teeth. 13 years no one really noticed it and the result was that suddenly all my teeth broke apart over time ... at 29 i had a surgery where almost all teeth had been removed. only 3 of them are left for support in the upper jaw ... i hide myself for almost 4 years cuz of that ... didnt want to talk to any girls. but now after all this suffering i got a new self ... and it was worth it.

throw_away413814 karma

I’m glad to know that it has helped you. It certainly has helped me, and it’s honestly a life saver.

smallerlola420 karma

Can't you have implants instead of dentures?

throw_away4138670 karma

I could, but unfortunately my insurance didn’t cover them with all the extra work (removing teeth, attempting and failing to save some teeth, etc) that was done. I’m definitely interested in it in the future, though!

pooptits848 karma

Not trying to be a downer, just including this for general information: if you want implants, you're going to need to get them ASAP. Once your teeth are removed, your jaw bone will start to resorb. Your body breaks down the bone as it's no longer "necessary," thus you won't have anything to anchor the implants to, if you don't act quickly enough.

gennhaver714 karma

Dentist here, please listen to this advice!!! Even just a few implants will help preserve the bone for the future. Often times you only need four on the top arch and two on the bottom. I know this is still a huge cost but it will be entirely worth it!!!

thoughtfix67 karma

Hi Dentist! I will +1 on this one.

/u/throw_away4138 Have you considered implant-supported prosthetics? It is SO MUCH nicer than dentures, but pretty insane in cost depending on the work you need. I got mine a couple years ago and it was basically my life savings (and some debt) at that time.

The whole procedure was four surgeries and nine months, but being able to eat, smile, speak, and live pain-free are all amazing.

You don't need one-implant-per-tooth. I am doing well with six total implants: https://i.imgur.com/jjm80j0.jpg

throw_away413847 karma

Answering to this one in hopes all three of you see it. That’s definitely something I will talk to my dentist about. I don’t want to cause further issues for myself, so I really appreciate y’all getting in on this to let me know!

throw_away413848 karma

Huh that’s really interesting. I don’t have the money for implants, so I’ll probably just let it go, but that’s still good information for me to have while doing this AMA. Thank you for that!

pooptits20 karma

Absolutely. I'm sorry if that detracted from your post, overall. I am stoked that you have a smile you're not afraid to show anymore! Congrats :)

throw_away413815 karma

No, it’s okay. I’d rather have people read it and talk to their dentist than to take my word for it, since I know very minimal information! Thank you :)

TheNoobtologist37 karma

Also, don’t implants come with their own set of risks? Like bone infections? They have to drill them into your jaw.

throw_away413840 karma

They might; it would definitely make sense. We didn’t look too much into it due to the insurance issue, though.

rektralph1 karma

Do you not have abutments attached to implants for these dentures already?

throw_away41382 karma

I do not. I just have regular old dentures that you see grandma and grandpa use in the movies. Complete with accidental spitting them out while talking.

throwaway_6913290 karma

Does your Bf like it when you take them out for him? Serious.

throw_away4138245 karma

He was really weirded out at first, but he got used to it eventually. I only take them out when I’m ready to sleep so there isn’t much time he sees me without them. If anything, it’s more weirded out by seeing them in the bathroom in the morning.

CptainBeefart644 karma

Im sorry to burst your bubble but he meant take them out to blow him

throw_away4138315 karma

Ah sorry, didn’t catch that. I don’t actually take them out for that. I’m still a little self conscious having them at all.

nayrel195 karma

Your bf really has no idea what he’s missing

throw_away4138212 karma

Lol you say that like you speak from experience.

We’ve talked about it but neither of us are ready yet. It’ll definitely take some time.

SleeplessInS98 karma

It was a throwaway account that asked the question... It could be your bf asking indirectly !

throw_away4138116 karma

Oh shit!!!! Guess I’ll have to hurry up with this AMA then

cocoyumi265 karma

From what I can tell, I think? you had all your teeth removed beforehand. if so, was that hard for you emotionally? Did you struggle in any way afterwards or was it a relief to finally be free of them and the problems they caused you?

throw_away4138399 karma

So my dentist did the denture process a little different from what I understand is “normal”. We went through removal in stages: upper first and then lower (because my lower were more stable and people see your upper teeth when you talk). He took out the left side and then right side, leaving the canines and all teeth in between. Once the gums healed enough, we had different impressions done (similar to when you got that fluoride goop treatment) and paired that with xrays and actual photos to make the dentures. This was so I could still do everything I needed to, being only 19 years old.

Once those were made, the rest of the teeth came out and the dentures went in. I had to go back every two weeks for a couple of months for things to get realigned so it wouldn’t poke me or cause blisters.

I’ve been told by my mom that I smile and enunciate more with my dentures. With my teeth having been as bad as they were, I was really timid and afraid of talking because I could see people glance at my teeth and try not to mention them. I was told at age 16 that I would need dentures but still held out for three years due to stubbornness. So I guess I was really relieved once I finally got everything done. I’m really happy not to be in pain all the time and not have to worry if my next dental infection will cause other health issues.

cocoyumi117 karma

Everything you have described sounds excruciating so I feel relief on your behalf. I imagine using dentures has its own struggles but I’m really glad for you that the worst is over. Thanks for sharing and answering my question!

throw_away4138112 karma

Yeah, it definitely has its own struggles, but I’m happy with my decision. I wouldn’t put this on my worst enemy. I wasn’t knocked out for any of it (insurance yay) so it was definitely an experience. Thank you for asking a question!!

mdp30056 karma

I'm a dentist. I just want to say, those are some REAL nice dentures you have. Whoever made them did a really good job.

throw_away413865 karma

Ah thank you! My current dentist is really good at his job and I’m really lucky to have him after going through all of this. I liked his process and I liked that he was adamant about me not “just dealing with it” when it came time for adjustments and whatnot. I hope I do all the work justice by keeping them clean.

eatapenny40 karma

As a dental student, and a former dental assistant, I can tell you that it's actually more common nowadays to get dentures done similar to how you had them.

Everyone's bite is a little bit different and is mostly guided by your canines. So you wanna take impressions with them still in if you can. Labs can simulate what you'd be like with the teeth gone, and that way, you don't have to wait too long between the final extractions and the day you get your dentures. But if you take impressions immediately, you'd have to get all teeth removed at once, and likely have more appointments for realignment as everything continues to heal. So you take out a few, let everything heal, take impressions, then take out the rest.

Sorry you've had to go through this, especially for something you can't control. Amelogenesis imperfecta is unfortunate, but hopefully everything has gone well!

throw_away413825 karma

Hey, that’s super interesting! Thanks for that. I always wondered the science behind it, because I couldn’t imagine it was only for aesthetics.

Bodidiva15 karma

Do you have to wait until the gums are completely healed to use the dentures? Like a couple weeks?

throw_away413844 karma

I personally didn’t, but I didn’t get the dentures until the last of the front teeth came out. I was, however, told not to use denture cleaner or adhesive until he told me I could. I imagine it’s so chemicals didn’t get up into my gums. Just normal toothpaste and water for me.

When I got the dentures, he stuck them in and I wasn’t allowed to take them out until I came and saw him again. The dentures acted as a mold for the irritated gums so they didn’t become too swollen to the point where I couldn’t get them back in. It was a gross feeling though.

Bodidiva15 karma

That last bit does sound like quite an unpleasant experience. Thanks for the reply. I hope it's all good for you. Tooth pain is the worst.

throw_away413810 karma

It was but I slept a lot haha. Thank you for the questions!

imgamg248 karma

Do you get annoyed by having to take them out every day? Do you still have to brush them? If so, do you brush them in your mouth or after you take them out?

throw_away4138307 karma

They’re a little annoying to brush each day, especially since I take them out to brush them due to needing to brush the part where they touch my gums. I guess I might not have to brush them as often- the denture cleaner soak might suffice- but I’m so used to brushing my teeth four times a day that it’s ingrained.

rickrat184 karma

I have the same condition. I have had dentures since I was 28. Man I tell you, it was the best decision. No more toothaches, swollen jaw, pain, etc.

throw_away4138124 karma

That’s really cool! I knew, logically, that there were others out there with it, but it’s nice to be in touch with people to see how it affects them. I completely agree that it was the best decision I have made. I don’t mind the dentist, but man am I happy to not have to go back as often.

Abrham_Smith34 karma

Have you thought about using an ultrasonic cleaner for them?

throw_away413830 karma

I haven’t thought about using it, but that’s mainly because I’m so used to brushing my teeth. It’s definitely something I’m willing to look into.

naz_the_nag159 karma

How does it affect your confidence? My son is 5 and he got all his upper teeth taken out because of cavities. no matter that he brushes 3 times a day and doesn't eat sweets. I worry if he has something like yours. How did the dentist detected it on you?

throw_away4138140 karma

I had 6 baby teeth surgically removed at his age due to them crumbling despite doing what he’s doing. It put me in a really bad place because I didn’t deal with it properly and didn’t find out that it wasn’t my fault (I still blamed myself) until I got the word.

My father’s side of the family has it as well, so it was more connecting pieces. I’m sorry, but I don’t remember what tests they did to confirm. I hope having a name for it might help point you in the right direction though. Dentures definitely boosted my self confidence.

Trench-Coat_Squirrel31 karma

My SO's got confidence issues with her teeth, an autoimmune disease damaged them quite heavily. Thank you for sharing, its greatly appreciated by someone who's also connected by serious dental problems. Best of luck in the future!

throw_away413817 karma

I have an autoimmune disease as well but I’m not sure if it’s linked to my teeth since it’s a joint-centric disease. That’s interesting though! I’m glad that this AMA has helped a little!

DonSoChill114 karma

Are you going to get braces on them to confuse people?

throw_away413886 karma

Haha I should. At least those fake braces just to see what people say.

Ttrebble0cS96 karma

Pringles or Doritos?

throw_away413893 karma

Oh man, don’t put that choice on me!

RisenandReborn94 karma

I am so pleased to have found this!

I am 30 years old and have recently been fitted with full dentures. My speech is gradually improving but I am really struggling with what type of denture glue/sealant to use. I've tried several and they all seem so weak! Which do you find is strongest?

Also you're amazing! I found the whole process from start to finish quite draining on my mental and physical health. It's been an awful year and to know someone even younger than me has gone through this makes me feel a lot lighter!

throw_away413865 karma

I don’t use adhesive half of the time, they fit pretty well to the point where I don’t need it, but when I use it (days that require presentations, running around for sports, certain activities with my partner, going on rollercoasters, etc.) Fixident works good. I usually buy the Walmart version though because I’m cheap lol. You’ll have to mess about with how much you need and where to put it, and clean up can be a bit messy with it being goop. Get a soft kids tooth brush to brush the adhesive off roof of your mouth.

And thank you for the compliment! I’m glad my AMA is helping some people :)

grarghll26 karma

For cleaning off the adhesive, I suggest a paper towel. Leave it dry and press it hard against the roof of your mouth near the back, then drag it forward. If I've had the denture in all day (and the adhesive has worn down), I can get all of it out in three quick strokes. It's made denture adhesive so much more bearable.

throw_away413810 karma

Oh shit, that’s a great idea! I’ll have to try that. Thank you!

JohnnyNintendo72 karma

H! Upper Denture Wearer here. One day, ill have to get lowers too. Which do you find more problomatic / or more comfortable?

throw_away413877 karma

I find the upper dentures are more comfortable because my tongue doesn’t really run into them as much. You do get used to it, and I don’t even have a lisp, but it took some time. Good luck with your adventure! When you go to get the bottom ones, it’s less painful to mush your food between your tongue and upper than to “chew” while you recover.

JohnnyNintendo27 karma

Thanks for the info. I was 35 when I got my uppers removed. 37 now. I could barely talk with them in when i first got them done.

I only have a few bottom teeth now. Fronts and a couple molars on one side. Really just dont want to have to have the full set but. eh.

throw_away413835 karma

Yeah, I was told at age 16 that I needed dentures and I stayed in denial for three years, strictly because I didn’t want them. I can promise that it’s a lot better, pain and upkeep wise, to have them. Plus you look great when you smile lol

JohnnyNintendo7 karma

Well, my bottoms *whats left of them* are in good shape. Its just, Difficult to chew. Which isnt really a bad thing lol Forced diet? lol

Im just not looking for anything that will cause me discomfort. I have a partial for one side of my lowers but its truely the most uncomfortable thing. So i just dont wear it. its just for the back lowers molars.

I have always had issues with my teeth, but grew up poor, and still poor today. I actually wanted dentures when i was in my 20s, but no dentist would do it. They would say "Oh you just need a few root canals" which i had no money for. Even with insurance, your OOP expense can still be a couple grand. So my teeth continued to break , until i found a GOOD dentist.

My options were either 29 root canals, or Dentures.

throw_away413824 karma

Yeah, I had the 29 root canals option too, but they were adamant that it would be a bandaid solution. I guess at hearing I needed dentures at age 16 my mom started saving right then. I got really lucky that she has decent insurance.

I ended up switching dentists due to the previous dentist saying I was a meth addict and due to them not billing properly. When I went in to my current dentist (who was recommended to me by a couple of people) I got straight to the point and said I wasn’t taking no for an answer lol.

Blackburn3763 karma

With fhe dentures out, can you close your mouth further than if you had teeth?

throw_away413883 karma

I can but it starts to hurt my jaw where it connects. My jaw usually hangs in roughly the area it should be with teeth or I bite my tongue.

VivereAutMori62 karma

Hi! How expensive is dental work where you’re from? This is weird but have you looked into dental tourism? My family goes to Costa Rica for all our big dental procedures because it’s a fraction of the price. So example a full mouth restoration in Costa Rica is $10,000 versus $30-$90,000 in the USA. And it’s A++ medical care there too.

Sorry if this seems pitchy! I just saw your comment about implants being too expensive :)

throw_away413858 karma

Nbd, it doesn’t seem pitchy! I don’t have a lot of money, and was actually barred from being allowed to see the bill since I’d start feeling guilty (I was in a really bad place going through all of this). It’s definitely something I’ll think about if I decide to move forward.

Datacruncha55 karma

Have you ever looked into getting them insured in case they're lost?

throw_away4138117 karma

I have not but that’s probably a really good idea considering I can legally drink now.

CatsAndFacts51 karma

How many teeth did you have left when you decided to go with dentures?

throw_away413855 karma

Probably about 20. I had canines forward on both top and bottom and then a few on either side.

mekramer7928 karma

Does your syndrome effect your jaw bones? I was curious after the implant question.

throw_away413832 karma

It doesn’t seem to have, which is odd now that I think about it. I had a lot of dental infections to the point where my face even became swollen a couple of times, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. It could have made it easier for the infection to get down into everything.

Willamette_Willie25 karma

I just wanted to say, you aren't alone! I've had mine since I was 21. Also plagued with imperfecta, I spent 4 years battling to get a good fit with my dentures. Never made it happen. I now live without, can eat almost anything, besides a select few things, and I'm significantly happier!

I would like to ask you if the process of getting your dentures to have a good fit, due to a young age and your jaw still growing a bit, was a difficult one? My dentist by the time I have up had basically given up as well..

throw_away413816 karma

That’s really affirming to hear that there are other people out there. I knew in theory there were, but it’s really nice to get in contact with someone directly.

My dentist did it in stages where he took the back teeth out at first, let it heal, and then took the front teeth out. I had various impressions done to get jaw shape and whatnot after the back gums were healed enough, so the dentures were ready (save for minor adjustments) by the time I got the front teeth out. I probably would have lost it had he not done it this way. If you want to dm me, we can try to talk things out if it’s hard to understand.

Keyra1321 karma

So you were p young getting them, I can totally see how fucking scary that could be. How did finally getting them impact you socially/emotionally? Is that different from how you feel now?

throw_away413820 karma

It’s definitely very different. I smile and talk more nowadays and I don’t avoid social interaction as much. I don’t go seeking for it due to introvert life but I’m not self conscious with replying to a classmate.

elebrin16 karma

My grandmother had this same condition. Her adult teeth just sort of disintegrated when they came in, and she had dentures her entire adult life and she lived to 99 years old.

Did you get your dentures right away after the extraction, or did you have to heal for a time first? I know someone who had to have a full extraction, and they had to wait a few months before they could get their dentures so everything could heal first. This person has a whole host of health issues that affect healing (specifically, improperly managed diabetes).

throw_away413810 karma

That’s actually really affirming to hear that someone who lived that long had it as well and was able to manage it. I know that’s not the question, but I want to say thank you.

My dentist did it in stages where he took the back teeth out at first, let it heal, and then took the front teeth out. I had various impressions done to get jaw shape and whatnot after the back gums were healed enough, so the dentures were ready (save for minor adjustments) by the time I got the front teeth out. I probably would have lost it had he not done it this way.

IWillTouchAStar14 karma

Hi, I [23m] will also have to have a full set of dentures in the near future. Though I've never been officially diagnosed with anything, I fear I may have the same disorder. My teeth are at the point that I cannot even eat chips or anything mildy crunchy without part of a tooth chipping or becoming cracked. I have had 4 very infected teeth removed already and I'm afraid that there are many more to come. Since dentists where I live seem to treat teeth as more of a luxury item,my biggest issue is obviously finding enough money to be able to get mine removed and get dentures made for me. I'm also very nervous about dental work, no matter how many times I've been there, I get really bad anxiety trying to schedule a dental appointment. So just a few questions if you don't mind.

  1. Were you able to find some sort of program that helped you to pay for all the dental procedures?

  2. If you also get anxiety when scheduling appointments, how did you cope with that?

  3. What was the recovery process like?

  4. How was your mental state before you got dentures and how has it changed since then?

Thank you very much for doing this ama. I've never seen someone with the same sort of issues as I face, and it's a bit calming to see someone go through the same thing and come out ok.

throw_away41387 karma

Ugh I’ve been there and totally understand. I’m so sorry you have to go through all of this; I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. A lot of dentists near me feel teeth are luxury as well, which is dumb since a dental infection can literally kill you if not properly handled. If you’re concerned about cost, quite a few dental schools do work for cheaper. You’ll have to deal with students watching you (and trust me, they’ve seen worse), but you can close your eyes and it’ll be over soon.

  1. I was not, but I went to quite a few dental school appointments for extractions. My main dentist did a finance program that I could pay on the dentures a little at a time, even before the whole process started.

  2. I do get anxiety. I usually call later at night when I know I’ll reach voicemail. I’ll tell them who I am (I even spell my last name so they don’t have to call to ask), tell them what I need, and tell them my availability. I usually end it with “just schedule me and tell me when to be there”. They know me because I have explained in person what it’s about and are pretty accommodating. A lot of people have a fear of dentists so generally they understand.

  3. My dentist did it in stages where he took the back teeth out at first, let it heal, and then took the front teeth out. I had various impressions done to get jaw shape and whatnot after the back gums were healed enough, so the dentures were ready (save for minor adjustments) by the time I got the front teeth out. I probably would have lost it had he not done it this way. So I did a little recovery at a time. It took about a month to be completely set in how I needed to eat (I ate a lot of Mac and cheese and spaghetti-o’s lol). Don’t rush it- I t’s okay to take time to the harder foods- but remember to get your nutrition. I ate a lot of baby food. It’s practically apple sauce but other fruits and veggies.

  4. I was in a really bad place before. I’m still not in the best place now, but it’s a lot better now that I don’t have my teeth to worry about. The biggest issue was accepting that it wasn’t my fault and that there was nothing more I could do. Also accepting that there was times I shouldn’t have done something and that it’s okay because I have learned.

You’re very welcome, I hope it helps! I have had a couple of people mention that they have similar issues, so definitely scroll through the comments. It’s helped me a lot to know that there are quite a few people reaching out to share that we’re not alone.

good-looking12 karma

Are you aware of your dentures throughout the day? How different is your smile from before?

throw_away413814 karma

It goes through stages, similar to how you become aware of something touching you. I do end up playing with them though, similar to how people will stick a pencil in their mouth and roll that around.

paralogisme8 karma

Weird coincidence but I read up about this condition just last night because some jackass on reddit was making fun of some dude's yellow teeth and that pissed me off because mine are also yellowish since my GERD is thinning my enamel (I eat without chewing so I kinda fucked up my esophagus). Did you have the problem with teeth yellowness and were you self conscious about that? I gather that once you start losing teeth altogether, the colour is no longer the worst thing that could happen. If yes, did you have any techniques to overcoming it? Or comebacks if people were being assholes? I am a big laugher but I rarely do it now because I was regularly bullied for it so I kinda consciously stopped laughing ha ha :(

throw_away41389 karma

GERD is a bitch.

My teeth did yellow, but I was always the quieter kid so I didn’t talk or laugh much around people who didn’t know. Now that I have dentures I definitely smile, laugh, and talk a lot more often.

As for comebacks, I just tried to dig at their own insecurities despite it being dirty play. So, for example, “I may have yellow teeth, but at least I have a mother who loves me”. Dirty play, but play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Luk3warm-7 karma

Saw you mention gum.. What other foods are hard to eat/do you wish you could eat more of?

throw_away41389 karma

I can actually eat certain types of gum now. There are kinds made specifically for dentures, and I find that Wrigley’s Extra gum works similarly. Some gums like Bazooka stick everywhere and I regret everything the moment I realize it’s not working.

I can’t think of a food I have stopped eating, but I have adjusted to a lot. I cut up apples, cut corn off the cob, etc. I guess I wish I didn’t have to because it’s inconvenient to have to track down something in public to snack on an apple.

KayteeBlue6 karma

Hey! My best friend also has scores of dental issues, but has been wary of getting dentures for a number of reasons. I’ve been encouraging it because, in nearly ten years of friendship, she’s been unable to smile or laugh without covering her mouth. Can you offer some words of encouragement that I could maybe pass along to her? Maybe an experience or two regarding how it’s improved your life?

throw_away413819 karma

Dentures have completely changed my life. I, too, didn’t smile or talk much and only did so when I could cover my mouth. I smile, laugh, and talk a lot more openly now. It’s so nice to not be in pain all the time, not having to go to the dentist weekly, and being able to save money. It’s an adjustment, but I can still eat apples and corn on the cob and I can still chew gum and hard candy (Wrigley’s Extra gum works best for me, and it’s not something that I’m self conscious about when offering to people since it’s not a “denture gum”.)

Also toddlers really, REALLY like it when I pull them out. It freaks boys out when they’re getting handsie at the club (I spit them into my hand and just talk without them lol). I’m able to pass off buying denture cleaner as though I’m a good granddaughter picking up her grandparent their necessities.

Sk1-ba-bop-ba-dop-bo6 karma

Do you have issues with the feeling of having dentures in your mouth? I know from experience that some people actually gag because of it

Also - will you be outgrowing those at some point? Will you need a new set?

throw_away41387 karma

I don’t gag with them and have become used to them to the point where I only feel they’re there occasionally. Like how you can sometimes feel a jacket you’re wearing. I actually play with them a lot, like how someone will roll a pencil between their teeth.

I’m unsure if I’ll grow out of these, but I imagine I’ll need a new pair eventually due to normal ear and tear. I should talk to my dentist about that.

Elfere4 karma

Have you given a blow job since then? Did they tell you much more awesome it is without teeth?

(I'm deadly serious. I read about this in a book called something like 'the untalked about mile stones of life' and one of them was about how no one talks about the joy of getting a toothless blown job.

throw_away41387 karma

My partner and I have discussed it without them in (my sister calls it a gum job), but we’re still both uncomfortable at this point. I’m just careful to make sure they’re “glued” in properly before so no accidental biting happens lol.

(I expected this question so you’re fine asking)

cannibalistiic3 karma

What happened to your normal teeth?

throw_away413811 karma

I had 6 baby teeth removed when I was younger and the adult teeth started to deteriorate with time due to the lack of enamel I was born with. We ended up just pulling the rest in the denture process.

cannibalistiic3 karma

Did it hurt?

What's the upkeep like, have you been through multiple sets?

throw_away413817 karma

Oh it hurt like hell. I wouldn’t wish dental pain on my worst enemy.

I still have my original set but I occasionally go in for a realignment as my gums settle. As for upkeep, I just brush them with kids toothpaste (to avoid the “whitening” kind) and then soak them in water overnight. Every so often I’ll soak them with those denture cleaner tablets.

paross3 karma

Has this affected the shape of your face or speech?

throw_away41384 karma

Not really. I adapted around speech (though I did have a lisp for a couple of weeks after getting them) and I think my face shape has remained stable. It’s a little thinner now than when I was younger, but that could have to do with constant infections back then.

throw_away41382 karma

Cut the corn off the cob. I don’t like canned corn and I’m wary of trying to eat it on the cob

Bluebunny162 karma

I'm not much older than you and was informed I'll end up with dentures within the next few years. What's been the hardest adaptation?

throw_away41383 karma

Probably just accepting that it’s out of my control. It’s somewhat easy to adapt to how you eat and how you clean, and I did a lot of research before hand to learn all of this, but I blamed myself for a really long time despite doing what I could. I definitely recommend talking to someone as you go through the process. I was in a really bad place during it, and still struggle with some things, and I wish I talked to someone.

thatindianyouknow1 karma

How do people react when they first learn that you have dentures?

throw_away41382 karma

Not a lot of people know, but most are understanding when I tell them the medical history behind it. It ends up turning into a irl AMA.

UbajaraMalok1 karma

Can you have implants?

throw_away41382 karma

I probably could and I’ve thought about it, but the idea of another drill near my mouth freaks me out. I was awake during all extractions, so I’m pretty happy with leaving well enough alone.

DootDotDittyOtt1 karma

Didn't someone do this yesterday?

throw_away41382 karma

Did they? I was going to post it on my main account but decided against it. I hope I didn’t accidentally post it. Now you’ve got me worried.

keifhunter1 karma

How hard was the transition? I’ve been told I need uppers. Could you leave them in at night? Are there foods you can’t eat? What about talking? I have a small mouth, would that make it harder?

throw_away41382 karma

I have a small mouth as well, and it seemed to work out. The transition wasn’t actually as hard as I anticipated, and maybe that’s due to countless nights researching things. I cut food up that’s harder to eat (apples, corn on the cob, etc) and just take it little at a time. You’d have to test with gum what sticks to your teeth and what doesn’t. Wrigley’s Extra gum seems to work for me, and it’s not a “denture gum” that I’m worried about offering.

I’m able to leave them in at night and actually do so often mainly for laziness. They start to feel a little gross if you don’t brush them and rinse your mouth out though. Talking is fairly easy once you get used to it, but I had a lisp for the first few weeks.