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As a dental student, and a former dental assistant, I can tell you that it's actually more common nowadays to get dentures done similar to how you had them.

Everyone's bite is a little bit different and is mostly guided by your canines. So you wanna take impressions with them still in if you can. Labs can simulate what you'd be like with the teeth gone, and that way, you don't have to wait too long between the final extractions and the day you get your dentures. But if you take impressions immediately, you'd have to get all teeth removed at once, and likely have more appointments for realignment as everything continues to heal. So you take out a few, let everything heal, take impressions, then take out the rest.

Sorry you've had to go through this, especially for something you can't control. Amelogenesis imperfecta is unfortunate, but hopefully everything has gone well!

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Hey Amber!

Huge fan of Buffy (as I imagine a bunch of people here are).

An oddball question is tough, but I guess I'm gonna go with:

Do you ever wonder what it would've been like if you guys had done one of those "spells gone wrong" things, and you'd been the Slayer for an episode? If so, how would you have gone about that (like your portrayal, what would've happened to the others)?

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A full set of implants would cost like $50k per arch. It's much more affordable to get a hybrid set of dentures, which involves 4 or so implants up top and another 4 or so on the bottom. Then you get special dentures that latch onto the implants.

It's still pretty expensive, but a lot more common

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I haven't learned many things from dental school so far, but I have learned a few things!

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Are you gonna buy a giraffe one day?