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Weird coincidence but I read up about this condition just last night because some jackass on reddit was making fun of some dude's yellow teeth and that pissed me off because mine are also yellowish since my GERD is thinning my enamel (I eat without chewing so I kinda fucked up my esophagus). Did you have the problem with teeth yellowness and were you self conscious about that? I gather that once you start losing teeth altogether, the colour is no longer the worst thing that could happen. If yes, did you have any techniques to overcoming it? Or comebacks if people were being assholes? I am a big laugher but I rarely do it now because I was regularly bullied for it so I kinda consciously stopped laughing ha ha :(

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I am diagnosed with BPD but also some OCD traits and PTSD. I really wanna try doing DBT by myself, but I have terrible intrusive thoughts, violent towards myself and others and they jump at me unexpectedly when I'm not engaged mentally in some distracting activity. I find mindfulness impossible because of this. How would you recommend someone deal with this issue to make full use of DBT? Basically, what's the best way to reconcile being mindful and violent intrusive thoughts that arise from the lack of distraction?

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I always thought Jesuits were free to meander around different sciences, I didn't realise you'd need a permission to study philosophy. Do you need permission to study most sciences? Like, what can you study without permission? Is there something you would never be allowed to study? And what can you do with the knowledge you gain, particularly the knowledge that goes against church's teachings? Are you forbidden to share it with others? And if yes, what exactly is the point of studying it, especially since you need to get special permission, is it simple self-betterment or something else?