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Hi, I [23m] will also have to have a full set of dentures in the near future. Though I've never been officially diagnosed with anything, I fear I may have the same disorder. My teeth are at the point that I cannot even eat chips or anything mildy crunchy without part of a tooth chipping or becoming cracked. I have had 4 very infected teeth removed already and I'm afraid that there are many more to come. Since dentists where I live seem to treat teeth as more of a luxury item,my biggest issue is obviously finding enough money to be able to get mine removed and get dentures made for me. I'm also very nervous about dental work, no matter how many times I've been there, I get really bad anxiety trying to schedule a dental appointment. So just a few questions if you don't mind.

  1. Were you able to find some sort of program that helped you to pay for all the dental procedures?

  2. If you also get anxiety when scheduling appointments, how did you cope with that?

  3. What was the recovery process like?

  4. How was your mental state before you got dentures and how has it changed since then?

Thank you very much for doing this ama. I've never seen someone with the same sort of issues as I face, and it's a bit calming to see someone go through the same thing and come out ok.