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I have the same condition. I have had dentures since I was 28. Man I tell you, it was the best decision. No more toothaches, swollen jaw, pain, etc.

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Hi Emmy! Have you met any of the cast of the UK version of Shameless?

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My dad had full dentures from 27 years old, I had partials at 28, full at 37. I had two teeth left on the lowers and that was great for partials, but they started hurting/rotting too no matter how well I cleaned them. I finally got full dentures on uppers and lowers. The lowers are worse, but, overall beats a toothache!

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Have you seen Taffer’s wife ? I wouldn’t have any stress anymore... js

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Good question. Mostly but there is just some things I cannot eat. Nuts, hard stuff etc. but compared to having rotting teeth hurting all the time it’s worth it.