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There's a "sling" of muscles that attaches your jawbone on either side to the rest of your skull, and is what makes your mouth close.

Someone born without a mandible (lower jaw) probably would have very poorly developed muscles there, if they're even there at all.

source: dentist.

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No. Fuck you. Next question.

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Yeah...sorry about that. I try to make small talk to lighten the mood and then oh right...you can't really answer. Sorry about that.

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Way too many people here believe that if someone doesn't have health insurance, it's because they're too lazy to get a job. And then they don't want their tax money going to moochers.

It's not the case, but the right wing in America convinced a lot of people.

Edit: autocorrect put "taxonomy instead of "Tax money" and hilarity ensued

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I'm a dentist. I just want to say, those are some REAL nice dentures you have. Whoever made them did a really good job.