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I don't have a question, I just wanted to tell you that you are painfully gorgeous.

Edit: 21 year old female. That last picture does NOT discourage me, but I'm also drunk.

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I love Hot Ones (depending on the guest) but it always kind of irked me how Sean Evans seems to be “on” all the time. If that makes sense.

Like they’re fun to watch but I feel like being the guest who’s there with him (without the post-editing effects and music, camera angles and whatnot) would be a bit weird and impersonal.

Edit: Alright guys, I’m not trying to talk smack on Sean Evans. I love Hot Ones. I’m just anxious about people with intensely-extroverted personalities. He seems like a really nice guy and he makes a quality show. Of course he’s gonna be “on” all the time. At least he’s not like Ryan Seacrest, who- at this point- I’m about 97% certain is an alien.

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You could honestly probably become a YouTube star with that idea.

“DesolateDarlin (or your real name) Tries Everything” or something. People write in suggestions of combinations, you mix them up and try them. With boundaries for your own health, of course.

Then the hook is that literally every episode/video inevitably ends with you saying “Yep, tastes like nothing.” Ha-cha-cha-cha.

Edit: The other hook being that you’re eating something most people would be repulsed by, while having zero negative reaction, yourself. Just casually eating chef boyardee and halibut as though it’s buttered toast.

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... Are you serious? I just told you that. A moment ago.

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You’re definitely right. Like if someone with a more relaxed personality did the show, the episodes would be an hour long. That makes sense