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Dentist here, please listen to this advice!!! Even just a few implants will help preserve the bone for the future. Often times you only need four on the top arch and two on the bottom. I know this is still a huge cost but it will be entirely worth it!!!

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Not Indian but an Asian here; it's because you're taught basically since birth that your parents only do what they think is best. There's a hierarchy system in Asian families that westerners don't seem to understand: your parents are older than you, they outrank you ans they know better than you do. In many cases (like mine) the parents literally went through/escaped war situations to establish a better life for their children. They've made many sacrifices (all for their children) and never hesitate to bring it up. Asian parents do EVERYTHING for their kids - which is why you see a lot of Asian/Indian kids with obnoxiously nice cars, the parents want to give them things they themselves never had.

Being raised in the west causes a lot of issues, especially since western ideals are unavoidable and naturally implant themselves in children going tobwestern school/engaging in western media. We want to be who we are but we struggle with maintaining family morals, etc. It really isn't as easy as it seems to just "up and leave."

Asian families are VERY tightly bound and codependent in many different directions. So deep down, even when being oppressed or stifled you still have this mindset, "They know better than I do, I wouldn't survive without them." It's a very difficult mindset to escape.

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Yes, for people who are just using implants to replace one tooth. In OP’s case they would be using implants to retain the dentures rather than replacing single teeth. image of implant retained dentures