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H! Upper Denture Wearer here. One day, ill have to get lowers too. Which do you find more problomatic / or more comfortable?

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Whats are best case scenario in all this?

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Thanks for the info. I was 35 when I got my uppers removed. 37 now. I could barely talk with them in when i first got them done.

I only have a few bottom teeth now. Fronts and a couple molars on one side. Really just dont want to have to have the full set but. eh.

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Well, my bottoms *whats left of them* are in good shape. Its just, Difficult to chew. Which isnt really a bad thing lol Forced diet? lol

Im just not looking for anything that will cause me discomfort. I have a partial for one side of my lowers but its truely the most uncomfortable thing. So i just dont wear it. its just for the back lowers molars.

I have always had issues with my teeth, but grew up poor, and still poor today. I actually wanted dentures when i was in my 20s, but no dentist would do it. They would say "Oh you just need a few root canals" which i had no money for. Even with insurance, your OOP expense can still be a couple grand. So my teeth continued to break , until i found a GOOD dentist.

My options were either 29 root canals, or Dentures.

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How does a "tic" feel?

Is it completely uncontrollable, like someone else is doing it.

Or is it more of "I must do this" kinda OCD thing?