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I was very scared of chewing gum throughout my life haha. I did what I could to avoid getting hit in the mouth, but there were a couple of times I went in for a filling and it became an extraction due to the tooth crumbling.

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I could, but unfortunately my insurance didn’t cover them with all the extra work (removing teeth, attempting and failing to save some teeth, etc) that was done. I’m definitely interested in it in the future, though!

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So my dentist did the denture process a little different from what I understand is “normal”. We went through removal in stages: upper first and then lower (because my lower were more stable and people see your upper teeth when you talk). He took out the left side and then right side, leaving the canines and all teeth in between. Once the gums healed enough, we had different impressions done (similar to when you got that fluoride goop treatment) and paired that with xrays and actual photos to make the dentures. This was so I could still do everything I needed to, being only 19 years old.

Once those were made, the rest of the teeth came out and the dentures went in. I had to go back every two weeks for a couple of months for things to get realigned so it wouldn’t poke me or cause blisters.

I’ve been told by my mom that I smile and enunciate more with my dentures. With my teeth having been as bad as they were, I was really timid and afraid of talking because I could see people glance at my teeth and try not to mention them. I was told at age 16 that I would need dentures but still held out for three years due to stubbornness. So I guess I was really relieved once I finally got everything done. I’m really happy not to be in pain all the time and not have to worry if my next dental infection will cause other health issues.

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A lot of dental school offer work for cheaper. We went to one near my house at first since I had so much work needed to be done. I’d look around and make sure you research how good the work is, since they’re students, but you can also request that an instructor uses you as an example. So they’re doing the work while people watch.

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Ah sorry, didn’t catch that. I don’t actually take them out for that. I’m still a little self conscious having them at all.