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Here's one that throwawayflirt did not answer.

On the ones who "pass" the test, do you ever come clean to them that you were a test? Do they actually end up closer once they realize they were tested?

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Hi Dentist! I will +1 on this one.

/u/throw_away4138 Have you considered implant-supported prosthetics? It is SO MUCH nicer than dentures, but pretty insane in cost depending on the work you need. I got mine a couple years ago and it was basically my life savings (and some debt) at that time.

The whole procedure was four surgeries and nine months, but being able to eat, smile, speak, and live pain-free are all amazing.

You don't need one-implant-per-tooth. I am doing well with six total implants: https://i.imgur.com/jjm80j0.jpg

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This is unfair. I had such a crush on you when I was a teenager and now I look and somehow I look much older than you are.

Are you sure you didn't actually become part vampire from that one vampire movie?

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I had read that they got weaker over time thanks to the constant interaction with other magnets, but then I was reading about specific magnet-to-magnet interaction in looping systems for one of my robotics projects. Further research says it will get weaker, but at a rate of 1% over 10 years under normal use. Thanks!

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Thanks. The desire to invent is obsessive, but the odd things I create are not enough to get me out of a day job. Open-source it is!

I don't think there's much of a mass market for a cat dish that provides different meals to each cat based on an RFID tag in the collar, then reports to twitter how much each cat is eating, when they're out of food, and when their fountain is low.