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What are your aspirations in life?

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Don't forget jails and treatment centers. All to often, addicts who have been arrested are forced to go to a court ordered treatment as a condition of their parole.

When I went to rehab 4 years ago, all but 3 of us, out of 25, were there as a result of a court order. For many of them multiple times.

Criminalizing addiction has gone a long way in other industries profiting off of the crisis.

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My brother was a quad for 36 years. His Dr wanted to wean him off his pain meds. Then threatened to cut him off completely when he popped dirty for marijuana. It was a nightmare.

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That was amazing. Makes me proud to be a Maryland Democrat.

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I'm glad you did the AMA...and to think I got down voted for even suggesting it. Your eyes are truly beautiful. How rare is your particular condition...with the purple eyes and all?

Edit-also, are there any other health conditions you are susptable to other than poor vision and skin cancer?