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RohFrenzy20 karma

srly respect for you ... and its nothing someone should worry about or something ... once its done a new self can grow ... been through that procedure a couple of years ago and im glad i did it... got my new teeth when i was 30 ... mine broke over time and like yours it dosent matter what i was doing i almost had "something to do" everytime i went to the dentist ... things become more worse since they discovered that i had 4 hidden wisdomtooth who forces pressure on all of my teeth. 13 years no one really noticed it and the result was that suddenly all my teeth broke apart over time ... at 29 i had a surgery where almost all teeth had been removed. only 3 of them are left for support in the upper jaw ... i hide myself for almost 4 years cuz of that ... didnt want to talk to any girls. but now after all this suffering i got a new self ... and it was worth it.