What’s up everybody, my name is Martins Licis and I just won "World’s Strongest Man"! Taking on The Mountain, Hafthor Bjornsson ( from Game Of Thrones), Brian Shaw (4x World’s Strongest Man), Mateusz Kieliszkowski (who nobody cares about), was an insane battle. It’s been a childhood dream to stand on the top of this podium, and to hold the title as the strongest on the Planet! You can follow my journey on youtube.

http://www.youtube.com/c/MartinsLicisStrongman Follow me on Instagram @Martinslicis

Edit: Thanks so much everybody! I've got to head out now and prep for Barcelona and maybe go on a bike ride. But please keep asking questions and I'll try to come back later and answer some more!

h/t to r/strongman for strongman events

Proof: https://i.redd.it/qzux5993iml31.jpg

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OhRCiv1402 karma

Hey Martins, love your youtube channel.

  1. What's Mateusz like in person?
  2. What's the best part about getting to compete with Mateusz?
  3. How can I warm up my rotator cuffs before a workout?

MartinsLicis1401 karma

  1. He gives awkward hugs, but is still a very good friend.
  2. Beating him.
  3. Scarecrows with depressed and retracted shoulders.

KissmeElon1185 karma

What aspects of training/diet/ nutrition did you have to change to move from a competitive athlete to a world class athlete?

How is Matseuz so handsome?

MartinsLicis1425 karma

I’ve always had the intention of being competitive, and trained as so.

How dare you bring Mateusz into this.

heyitsryan856 karma

how do you think you rank in a hugging competition between you and all of the other top strongman competitors? I feel like you would be high up in the rankings but I think Rob kearney would give you a run for your money. Criteria would be hug strength, fluffiness and comforting but not creepy back rubbing mid hug.

MartinsLicis1789 karma

I started the strongman hugging trend. Strongmen typically don’t hug, so it’s been a battle to break that ice. I’m highly trained, and am likely the best hugger in the sport.

rbeardsma601 karma

Martiiiiiiiiins! I wanted to say you're my favorite strongman and hope to meet you one day. I have a few questions:

  1. What sacrifices (if any) have you had to make to be the World's Strongest Man?
  2. Do you do your own programming or does someone do it for you? I know you are a fan of training specifically for the events of the next contest, how do you structure your programming with that approach?
  3. Any advice for someone who hopes to transition from "just some strong dude training in his home gym" to reach that next level strength?
  4. What happened to Lindsey?

MartinsLicis607 karma

1) Oh boy... Ouch.. my body. Worth it. 2) I very much enjoy writing my own programming. 1-2 events focused on first in a training day, followed by accessories. 3) Get a coach that’s masterful in biomechanics and hone your technique before focusing on strength. 4) Lindsey decided to move on and do her own thing.

DementedCowboyLifts501 karma

Hey Martins, I do have a very big concern. I want to do strongman competitions and become the world's strongest mexican. The thing is I'm 5'8" and right now weight around 200 pounds. Is this aspiration of mine too delirious, mad or unbelievable. Am I too short for this goal? And how do I continue onto this path. About 2 years of lifting experience and I've polished myself a lot. I want more improvement and more knowledge! -dementedcowboy

MartinsLicis705 karma

You can always become the World’s Strongest Man as a middle-weight. However, I believe with intention, it’s possible even as a heavweight. Rob Kearney is 5’10, and only getting stronger.

AbstergoSupplier232 karma


Hoping to see you back on the stage in Columbus in 2020.

If you could design your ideal 5 event contest what would the events be?

MartinsLicis336 karma

-Log press -Deadlift -Farmers -Stones -Stones again

temple_noble202 karma

Hello, Martins (and friends)! Amateur strongwoman from Kansas here. Happy to say I have been watching since day one.

I'd like to know how you handle the mental side of competitions. Do you visualize beforehand? Write down goals? And during a competition, how do you handle nerves? What was going through your mind at Wembley - how did you bounce back after a rough start?

I think you've spoken about this a little bit, but I'd love more detail. Happy lifting!

(PS: Romark, thanks for your hard work!)

MartinsLicis293 karma

Visualize constantly. Write down goals: Especially my deficiencies and how I plan to make them my strengths. Meditate, and remember... anxiety/nerves = flight or fight = bigger lifts. Put that anxiety to work for yourself. In Wembley, it felt as if I had exhausted my adrenals. I had no nervous energy or anxiety left in me. I was too calm. It took a lot of focus and visualization for me to fire up at the end.

galanothmvp196 karma

Hey Martins! First I want to say I love your videos, and mad props to Romark he is doing great work.
1) I've always struggled with having relatively weak QL's and it has affected my deadlift and farmers, are there any exercises you suggest adding in to my training?
2) For people who are new to strongman, what is a good resource to learn some of the common movements (log clean & press, yoke, stones, etc.)?

MartinsLicis276 karma

1) Weighted side planks, Windmills, Turkish getups, unilateral sandbag carries on shoulder. 2) StartingStrongman.com & follow untamed strength on YouTube.

secondary_walrus128 karma


If you could go out to dinner with any 3 strongmen all-time (dead or alive), who would they be, where (apart from Macaroni Grill) would you eat, and what would you order?

Also, did you get my daughter's drawing of you standing on a black forest ham while pressing a barbell made of giant oranges?

MartinsLicis143 karma

When did this barbell drawing get sent?! I hope I got it/get it!

DIMEScs105 karma

Death Note vs One Punch Man vs Attack on Titan?

Ps. You’ll always be my 2nd favorite strongman

MartinsLicis110 karma

Impossible choice.

bowls84 karma

MARTIIIINS! What’s your daily orange intake now that you’re only two weeks until Barcelona?

MartinsLicis105 karma

Not enough

galanothmvp70 karma

Are you ever planning on doing a collaboration with Brian Alsruhe?

MartinsLicis77 karma

Very possible. But no plans set yet.

Labzy68 karma

Hey Martins, who do you think is someone we should keep an eye out for in the strongman scene. Someone that's going to rise up the ranks to be great?

MartinsLicis116 karma

Novikov, Trey Mitchell, and Romark

thescotchie66 karma


  1. What do you do to maintain/improve your pull-up strength?
  2. What are some of the most effective grip exercises you do?
  3. What do you do as far as keeping yourself healthy? ie. massage, stretching, etc...

On a side note, I met you at worlds and my wife got a picture with you. It's the best picture we have from the whole event. Good luck in the future and I hope to meet you again.

MartinsLicis79 karma

  1. Practice pull-ups. (Make sure you have strong scapular depression)
  2. Single arm hangs
  3. Daily stretching and mobilization.

Thank you!

jutah198366 karma

What is best in life?

MartinsLicis278 karma

To make your enemies yell “Martins!” And eat their oranges, and hear the lamentations of their puppies.

AHandsomeTurtle56 karma

Hey Martins! I am a student at the University of Maryland and I want to start getting into strongman so that I too can grow up to be a king of sorts! I have two questions: 1) What are the best things that I can do (exercises, lifestyle adaptations, etc) when beginning strongman, when taking rests, and during the grind? 2) Would you ever consider a visit to the College Park campus?

MartinsLicis83 karma

1) lots of focus on technique on the big lifts. 2) I am shy.

SavickasIsTheGoat53 karma

Could we ever expect a collab with Zydrunas Savickas? What is your friendship/relationship/competition experience with him?

MartinsLicis57 karma

It’s possible and likely!

SpicyMango11244 karma

Hello Martins, First I want to congratulate you on both winning WSM 2019 & the impressive growth of the youtube channel you guys are doing amazing :D . I only got two questions for you :

1- Since Arnold's Barcelona is only few days away, how confident do you feel about getting the the 1st place instead of 2nd this time, and what event are you most anxious or afraid of underperform at it ?

2- Does being a Strongman give you the power to bit through ice cream ?


MartinsLicis42 karma

1-I won Barcelona last year! My sights are on winning Arnold’s Ohio. Aiming for first in Barcelona again (but I only have 1.5 arms to work with due to some nerve damage I’m mending). 2- I BELIEVE IN YOU. And I have no idea about the ice cream.

ptrain37743 karma

Hey Martins! Hope Lindsey and Romark are here reading this as well! My wife and I have been watching your YouTube videos over the past year and they are amazing! We got to watch you last year in person during The Arnold in Columbus. It was inspiring to watch you compete after watching all the hard work and fun you have in the videos!

My question for Martins: What are some of the biggest drawbacks you've noticed about being a Strongman vs having a "normal" body build?

Lindsey or Romark: What have been your favorite experiences been over this time working with Martins?

MartinsLicis91 karma

In general, if done well, there’s no drawbacks to being a strongman, or performing strongman training. In fact, I’d say it’s a great way to be strong and healthy. It’s when one performs strongman at a professional level that the drawbacks kick in; added body weight makes overheating a problem, and the constant ridiculous intensity of training is hard on the body.

Digidorphus36 karma

Hey Martins, (Hey to Romark and Lindsay too!). Huge congrats on winning world's strongest man this year!

My question is simple, what would you suggest that would help me develop habitual exercising? I always seem to make it a few days, then rest for a day, month... Kay it's been 6 years!!

Any suggestions on helping a guy keep his mind and motivation on track??

Thanks! And good luck at Arnolds!!

Kevin from Canada!

MartinsLicis75 karma

One intense workout a week is all you need to see your body change. Add more days over time.

CaeanCouto36 karma

Hey Martins, what kind of training do you do to strengthen tendons/ligaments?

MartinsLicis50 karma

Higher reps with tempo.

psycochiken28 karma

What do you think the ultimate strongman meal is?

What's your favorite event?

What's your least favorite event?

I also want to say congratulations on winning worlds strongest man... by more points than I have made total in my two strongman contests!

MartinsLicis40 karma

Burritos Atlas stones Keg toss

Thank you! Keep training!

Tabbott9028 karma

Hey Martiiins! Love your content and your entire team. Really awesome content and personalities. I’m a personal trainer and I do my own programming so I would love get an insight into how you would structure your programme if you were not training for strongman events?



MartinsLicis55 karma

6-Month Linear periodization. Each month a new routine progressively getting heavier with lower repetitions. Start the program with high repeititon work 10-20 reps/set to build work capacity and tendon integrity.

willcatch2227 karma

Hey Martins, big fan of your YouTube channel! How much longer do you see yourself in the strongman game? What, if you have any yet, are your plans post strongman?

MartinsLicis62 karma

4 more years I believe is what I want to commit to. We will see! Will open first gym on Mars.

batdan1324 karma

How much was the deadlift you did to win? What all were the categories you won and which ones did you place 2nd or more?

MartinsLicis71 karma

The car deadlift in the Heats at World’s Strongest Man was, I believe, 830lbs for reps. I took first with 9 reps, and plenty left in the tank.

My best deadlift is 970lbs.

SecretlyACommie22 karma

What are your plans after strongman? Maybe you can expand the Training Hall to other locations, Maybe you can become an artist

P.s. Congratulations on winning World's Strongest Man

MartinsLicis56 karma

Expand gym. Open first location on Mars.

Koikirai20 karma

As this is an AMA I need to ask a question. So Martins.... If the opportunity ever arises will you, Romark, and Lindsey join me in having some kind of eating competition? I feel like Romark can eat a lot. I'm feeling sushi, but also open to other ideas?

While I have your attention though I just wanted to say a little something. So back in 2017 I went to giants live finals in Manchester. I only went because my friend was like "This looks fun lets go" I got up at 6am to hop on a coach and travelled for 6 hours to go watch the giants live finals. It was insane. I couldn't believe what I was watching. I instantly fell in love with the sport. Yeah I remember watching it as a kid growing up and just being completely unphased by it. However this live show changed everything. I saw the show and immediately turned to my friend and went "I'm going to be down there." she laughed, but I was dead serious. I signed up to a gym the very next day. I have been training my ass off in the gym ever since. I have competed in strongman comps up and down the UK, shit I've even pulled a god damn locomotive now! Two weeks ago actually. Now here's the part about you Martins. I saw you in the 2016 WSM and was like "There's something about this dude" anyways time progressed. I kept training. You kept training. I started posting my trash on instagram. Started following those I admired for inspiration. Then I remembered you from WSM and started following you on instagram. It was awesome. You are just an all round decent dude. Not just strong. I was like "Man I'd like to eat a burrito with this dude"

Then Bodypower 2018 came around (basically the UKs biggest fitness event) I was in absolute AWE meeting the SBD Team. I met Ben and chatted for a long time. I met all the athletes I looked up to. Powerlifters, Strongmen, Strongwomen. It was amazing. They had a competition on where if you queue up and get signatures for all the athletes in the bio book your name would be put into a hat to win the 2018 WSM signed framed t-shirt. Man I wanted that t-shirt SO BAD! I spent my entire time at the SBD booth getting those signatures. What I also didn't know was two VIP tickets to the 2018 Giants Live show were also up for grabs. On to that in a minute though. Anyways I went home from the show after my name getting put in that hat. Comes to the next day I hit the gym just getting warmed up. Then suddenly my phone goes off "SBDApparel has tagged you in their story..." "NANI?!" then my phone goes off again with an email from SBD...HOLY BALLS I WON!!! I actually won. I'd never won anything ever in my life. Man I was so happy to win that t-shirt. Then in the email they asked for my details to post the t-shirt and for me to get the VIP tickets.Once I'd finished my gym session and calmed down a little I was like "Hmm I wonder who is gonna be there..." Then it just so happens you're on the roster. Man I was gonna get to meet you. I was so excited.

Now before I started hitting the gym and competing in strongman I was lost in life. I had no idea who I was. I didn't know what I wanted in life. I never really did any sports. I spent my life wasted in front of a computer screen playing video games and eating junk food. I was a complete mess. I hated life and I'm gonna be honest I pretty much didn't care if I didn't wake up the next day or not. I stopped doing things I enjoyed because I didn't want to seem weird to others. I stopped doing the things I love and basically tried to be someone I'm not just so maybe I might have some friends and be happy. That all changed when I found strongman, the community, and you. When you started your youtube channel man you showed me that I can do the things I love and still be awesome. You were just you with a take it or leave it attitude. I trained solidly for a year but had put other things I enjoyed to one side because who the hell would respect an athlete who watches cartoons and plays video games in his down time. You just being you showed me how I can just be me and do all the things I enjoy without having to worry about others.

Finally September 15th 2018 came around. Ben from SBD showed me around the arena, showed me backstage. Some of the athletes were warming up. There you were warming up by doing deadlifts. I stood there and watched chatting with Ben. I took my seat for the show to begin. I have never shouted so loudly in my life. Sitting in the front row cheering for you. It was such an amazing show. Then after the show Ben comes to get me and says "Let's go meet some of the guys!" at this point I'm so nervous because ya know "You should never meet your idols" went back stage and there you were. Getting ready to go out front and meet everyone else. Ben went over to you and explained that I'd won the competition and we had a chat and took a pic here (Which is a terrible picture btw as you outangled me like crazy) I told you one day I'll be out on that field with you and you said "Hell yeah I'd love that!" from that moment on I was like "My mission is to be worlds strongest man and be like Martins!"

In the last 9 months everything has pretty much fallen into place. I've been doing better and better every competition placing better than the last. I've made good friends all over the strength community and met a lot of awesome people. I've also come to realisation that in fact I don't want to be like you. I want to be like me. I want to beat you on the field. I want to work my ass off along side you, and make you my rival. I want to believe in the Martins that believes in me, and I do. I'm coming for that WSM Trophy.

What I'm trying to say is you've unintentionally had a massive impact on my life. I'm much better for it so thank you for just being you and doing what you do. I have a lot of respect and admiration for you. I hope we get to meet again one day.

Sorry if this is a tough read I'm really bad with trying to put my thoughts into words, but I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.

Lindsey is cooler than you though. Sorry dude.

Stay awesome Martins, Romark, and Lindsey

BONUS PIC - Here's the signed framed t-shirt I won. Hangs next to my bed. Best thing I own.

MartinsLicis31 karma

Well, that was a novel. How do you type so much, so fast? - It was a pleasure to meet you. I remember that interaction! That passion and spirit is EVERYTHING! So KEEP KILLING it my man.

sikkerhet19 karma

I like your flower. How many lettuces would it take to reach your daily caloric intake?

MartinsLicis34 karma

Is this lettuce chocolate covered? Starting something new here. Chocolate dipped lettuce!

guesting19 karma

At what age did people take notice of your strength as being exceptional?

MartinsLicis64 karma


MartinsLicis79 karma

Okay, maybe 10.

WeaponizedSleep19 karma

Mateusz Kieliszkowski (who nobody cares about)

Why you gotta besmirch my man Kiels like this?

Actual questions:

  • what is your ideal 5-event show?

  • if you could eliminate any one movement from everyone's training forever, what would it be?

MartinsLicis98 karma

Because. He should slip on a banana peel.

Log, Dead, Farmers, Your Mom, Stones.

Bench press. We go to the gym to LIFT! Benches are for parks.

YYCGolfer17 karma

MATEU.....I mean, MARTINS! Huge fan, hope you kill it in Barcelona. My question is regarding deadlifts. I've been lifting for a number of years, but only in the last few months have I started to take deadlifts seriously thanks to guys like you, Eddie and Brian. From your experience, how often should I be going up in weight and trying to hit PR's?

MartinsLicis38 karma

I only attempt 1 rep PRs in contest. Otherwise, I aim for rep PRs at least once a month.

colournotcolor16 karma

Martins!!! You have become a huge inspiration for me in the past year, so thank for doing this! I believe in the Martin's that believes in me! I always ask the same questions in strongman AMA's: What do you see a lot of strongman competitors doing in training that they shouldn't be doing? What do you wish you saw more competitors doing?

MartinsLicis37 karma

Thank you! - Too many strongmen focus on strength before technique and control. Master body awareness, then strength.

Beepus9615 karma

Hey Martins, big fan! What are some of the most impressive feats of strength (apart from your own) that you’ve seen in person?

MartinsLicis46 karma

Big Z pressing the Austrian Oak (I believe 450lbs at the time) for 4 repetitions when nobody else could even get one.

newman4byu13 karma

Have you ever pooped your pants while doing a massive lift? Asking for a friend

MartinsLicis39 karma

When I took third, in my first international Giants Live show in Icealand, during the Mooring Bit carry against Mark Felix. It happened. You’re welcome.


JackOffensive11 karma

How awesome is Mateusz in real life?

MartinsLicis18 karma

Awkward at hugs, but otherwise a great guy and a good friend.

samaim10 karma

Will you do a back flip with Juji and Tom? Also any tips on sweeping and vacuuming technique?

MartinsLicis36 karma

Warmup your rotators before janitorial work.

I will only flip your Mom.


avidworks9 karma

Your shoes always look on point. What do you recommend for someone getting into weight training? Flat or high heeled shoes? Also, favorite gym in Western MA?

MartinsLicis20 karma

PositionUSA. Great weightlifting shoes. Air Jordans make for the best shoes for carry events. I even prefer Js for squats as well.

HighHeathenHammer9 karma

What's your advice to someone who wants to casually train as close to a strongman level but can't find any strongman gyms nearby? No farmer's carry handles, no stones, no heavy tyres available etc.

MartinsLicis20 karma

Deadlift, Squat, Overhead.

The_Jixjax8 karma

Yo Martins, what's your favorite Anime?

MartinsLicis26 karma

Currently, One Punch Man.

American_potatoe7 karma

MARTIIIIIIINS! I got to watch you at WSM and that has been one of the best experiences of my life. My question is will you ever come out with a book of some sort that documents your training philosophy, stretches, methods and so on? I have seen probably every second of video of you on YouTube and Offical Strongman but it would be amazing to have all that wisdom compiled in a book that I can reference while training.

Thanks for taking the time to do this, brother. You're truly one of the greats and it has been awesome learning from you.


MartinsLicis15 karma

I will absolutely come out with a book, or some sort of well-compiled work of information on my journey in strength, and the health benefits of peeling oranges.


franklinsteiner16 karma

any tips for bulking up? i lift 5 times a week but i find getting calories in me to be difficult. congrats on crushing it.

MartinsLicis22 karma

Eat more.

MartinsLicis14 karma

Reach out to Probodycoach on instragram. He’s my nutritionist. Maybe he can take you on.

DW5600BB6 karma

Can i get an orange Martins?

MartinsLicis21 karma


Etiennewar5 karma

Hi Martins! Huge fan! What can I expect to see from the Arnold in 2020? Will Hafthor or Mateusz overcome you?

MartinsLicis25 karma

They will need to overcome their sadness of losing.

aaronnuke5 karma

How do you move on mentally from a setback?

I believe in the Martins that believes in me!

MartinsLicis8 karma

Video games.

AstralAlpaca5 karma

Are you coming to Latvia anytime this year? Also do you know of back expert Stuart McGill? he might be able to help you with good spine rehab

MartinsLicis12 karma

Possibly in December. Will see! I do not know of Stuart.

SauceOfTheBoss5 karma

Martiiiins! How have you handled your newfound YouTube fame? We love your channel and think you can go far in entertainment if you choose! It's fun to watch you do your thing.

MartinsLicis15 karma

This is so much fun. I love all of you. I wish I could clone myself 200,000 times over to hang out with all of you.

Weirdben5 karma

Marrrtinnnnnsssss !!!

Firstly congratz on the big win and also thank you for doing this AmA.

1) What are your thoughts on the way that WUS is planning to expand ?

2) What is the next big win you want to accomplish ( guessing the arnolds ) ?

3) If you want to talk about it, what is going on in regards to Lindsey ?

4) Are there more collabs upcoming on the youtube channel.

Thank you for beeing the inspiration that you are. Also big shout out to Romark for providing us with the quality content.

MartinsLicis11 karma

1) We will see! They are very ambitious. I hope they succeed. 2) Arnolds and WUS for sure 3) She’s moving on to something else. 4) Yes! Jujimufu coming soon. And more as well.

Thank YOU for the support!

MartinsLicis5 karma

1) Oh boy. We will see where my right arm is at. I hope it can wake up for that show! 2) Arnolds Ohio for sure! 3) We split ways because she was getting too strong. 4) Absolutely.

... Oh wow, I just answered this twice. My poor brain. So many questions!

rodman90005 karma

Hi Martins, Huuuuuuuuuuuuuge fan of yours (even bigger fan of Mateusz, so don't let it go to your head! :P J/K!)

Random question for you....What are you proud of in your life, but haven't had the chance to elaborate on your YouTube videos or in public?

MartinsLicis5 karma

I’m proud of beating your Favorite Strongman >:(

hoj5 karma

What is your favorite thing to eat when you're trying to put on mass?

MartinsLicis8 karma


New_Childhood4 karma

Martins!! Your hilarious personality has gotten my wife to enjoy strongman and watch it with me so thanks!

My question is about competing and setting yourself up for a long career.

  1. Would you recommend someone compete early and often to learn how to compete or compete seldomly and spend more time building in the gym?

  2. Same with events, is there a certain level of strength you should reach on barbell lifts before worrying about events or should someone start practicing yoke, stones, etc. as soon as they have access to them?

  3. Finally, any advice/things to keep in mind when coming back from injury? I’ve got 2 weeks until I get my cast off for some wicked wrist tendinitis and cartilage damage. Don’t want to just run myself into the ground because I’m excited to be back.

You’re awesome dude. My favorite strongman behind Matuesz (jk jk).

MartinsLicis7 karma

Hell yeah! 1. Start with just a few competitions a year. More time needs to be spent on technique in the beginning rather than brute strength. 2. Both together is best. 3. 1-2months: High repetitions with a slow controlled tempo.

lenartjebumater4 karma

Hey dragon! I've read you sacrificed your body for wsm. In your opinion if you would have theoretically stopped training strongman and just focused on health, how much of an impact has winning wsm had on your body and health, currently and also in your future years including when you get old?

Sorry for any mistakes, Much love from Slovenia!!

MartinsLicis21 karma

My intention is to be healthy through life. Yes, this sport has caused many injuries throughout my body, but all in all, if I stopped now and focused on health, I’d be in a great place. Hopefully, when I retire in 4 years, or so, I’ll still be in a good place.

intergazachtic4 karma

Hi Martin's I wanted to let you know you are my favorite strongman. You are so funny and motivational! I have two questions if you dont mind. Once you finish strongman what will you do next in terms of competition? Also stormcloaks or imperials?

MartinsLicis10 karma

Once I finish strongman, I want to open the first ever gym, on Mars.


DonaldLilPump4 karma

Hey Martins! I just got second in my first ever strongman competition in July. Do you have any conditioning tips for strongman? I won static events but lost due to the loading race.

Love the channel. Thanks.

MartinsLicis9 karma

Cardio. High-volume work. 10-20 repetition sets with squats. Carries for max distance.

Funderstruck4 karma


What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you still game, since I know you’ve mentioned overwatch before?

Is there any specific song you like to listen to to pump you up? I hear in the background of a lot your videos bands like Sabaton, so is metal normally your go to?

Are you planning on doing some seminars in the US? Like what you did in China?

MartinsLicis10 karma

Painting, a tiny bit of gaming, bike riding, skateboarding, lots of cute dates.

Sabaton, Rammstein, and the sweet sound of leaves rustling in the wind, pumps me up.

Certainly will be doing more seminars in the future. Conquest and competition is priority in the meantime.

Bigreddoc4 karma

Holy shit that’s a lot of questions already, anyway I’ll ask a dumb one that I’ve wondered about... I see you always use the WOW straps but just wrap them like regular straps. Is there a reason you don’t use their “special” way to wrap them (https://youtu.be/qoS-Jjxoa6g)?

Also... Fuck, marry, kill- Odd, Romark, Mateusz?

MartinsLicis7 karma

I like WOW straps because they are strong, and the material is very grippy. I don’t need to do the special wrap... once around locks on perfectly.

joosewv4 karma

Hey Martins! I just want to say following your channel has inspired me to get in the best shape of my life, so thanks for that!

(1) Roughly how much time do you spend on stretching, mobility and such per day? Also, since your form is always impeccable, (2) are there any online resources you would recommend for someone honing their technique who doesn't have access to a strength coach? Thanks!

Edit: deleted a question that was already answered.

MartinsLicis10 karma

1) just. 15-30 min. Consistency is key. 2) Squat_University on instagram. Untamed Strength on YouTube.

Irrepressible_Monkey3 karma

Congratulations on being the World's Stongest Man! Are you interested in going for any particular strongman records, such as the Dinnie Stones or the Húsafell?

Edit: By the way, if you ever try caber tossing, watch out as it can hit you in a sensitive place!

MartinsLicis8 karma

I want to eventually have the World Record log press. It’s been the most difficult event for me to raise my strength in, and therefor the one I want to conquer most of all.

rune21813 karma

Hey Martins! Hope you're doing well.

What are some of your favorite exercises for core, outside of events/deadlifts/squats?

Thanks for all the content and good luck with WUS :)

MartinsLicis11 karma

Windmills, weighted planks, hanging leg holds/raises, late-night dates. ;D

NaturalStrength3 karma

First off. I'm so happy for you winning the WSM this year. I remember seeing you in Iceland when you did the giant's live comp and could tell that you would go far, so much power even at that low of a BW

Now the question.

As a fellow strongman and anime fan, what are your top 10 favorite anime shows?

MartinsLicis15 karma

One punch man, Attack on titan, Death note, Gantz, Samurai Champloo, Trigun, Your Mom

KissmeElon3 karma

What advice would you have for a powerlifter looking to make the switch to strongman?

MartinsLicis11 karma

Mobilize your shoulders, and practice overhead pressing/ leg drive.

JpFire903 karma

MARTINS!!!!! Love the channel, and congrats on your WSM win. It’s always nice to see a nerd like myself do amazing things. I am a 29 year old firefighter aspiring to strongman. Any advice as I begin my journey? Much love brother.

MartinsLicis6 karma

Don’t fight the fire inside you. Let it grow.


Imacmumf3 karma

Is there gonna be a new Rogue Martins dragon shirt comin out soon, or did I hear that wrong?

MartinsLicis6 karma

Yeah yeah, keep your pantyhose on, it’s coming.

ThatMedicGuy673 karma

Hello Martins! What are some things that can be done to help the growth of Strongman locally? (Louisiana) Also, a few of us at the local Strongman gym here in Baton Rouge are planning to go to the local Brazilian steakhouse in an attempt to consume enough meat to shut the doors on the place for the night. We would like to invite you to participate!

MartinsLicis7 karma

Good question! I believe opening a strongman gym, putting on classes, and quarterly competitions, is likely the best way to help grow a local Strongman community. Thank you for promoting our favorite sport!

ss-gogeta3 karma

Hey Martins, I really enjoyed and learned a lot from the YouTube content over the past year. Also thanks for doing this AMA! Do you have any tips for the final peak for a meet and how you like to structure training when peaking for reps vs max weight?

P.S.: is Mateusz your favorite strongman?

MartinsLicis7 karma

Final month of training for a contest should, for the most part, focus on practicing the events as close to a contest setup as possible.

Mateusz is hardly a strongman. He’s a big baby.

scoobydoo2chainz3 karma

MARTINS! I am a huge fan. Thank you for all the great youtube content and my pink Martins tank top! OK Here we go

1)How often is too often to compete for a novice strongman? I've heard the more the better. Last Comp was in May and I'm looking at October, Feb and May for more comps. I love this sport.

2)How do you like Sigma in Overwatch?

3) What are your favorite accessory lifts for strengthening my rotator exercises?

MartinsLicis6 karma

1) just a few a year. More focus on Technique, mobility, body awareness in the beginning is imperative. 2) Not my style. Will see how it pans out. 3) Scarecrows with retraction and depression of the shoulders.

vali_IVotM3 karma

Hello Martin, I have a few questions for today.

How awkward are Mateusz's hugs?
Do you ever do cheat days? If so how big are they?
What exercise would you recommend to someone who casually works out and practises martial arts?

Thank you for your time and have a good day

MartinsLicis5 karma

1) I’ve never been more embarrassed hugging someone. But we will have a discussion on this and work on it. Communication is key in relationships. 2) My cheat Days are fasting Days where I get to take a break from eating. 3) Stone lifting, sandbag carries, squats, overhead pressing, Long kinky nights.

The_Walkin_Dude13 karma

Martins buddy I half remember you talking about you spent a long time working on mobility early on. Did you have a specific routine ?

MartinsLicis3 karma

Main focus: hip and shoulder mobility!

Lordxeen3 karma

How would you match up against Magnus Ver Magnusson in his prime?

MartinsLicis12 karma

It’d depend which game we’re playing. I assume he’d win at Chess, since Icelanders dont do anything else on their spare time. However, put us up against eachother in an amateur salsa dancing showdown, there’s no chance his knees (even in his prime) could keep up.

Vesploogie2 karma

Will you ever be able to go into detail about your diet? I’m super curious as to how it looks compared to Stan Efferdings.

Worst injury you’ve ever had?

Favorite mobility exercises? How much time do you spend on your flexibility compared to heavy lifting? It seems like you do more than anyone else combined.

Do you think strongman will keep growing as it has been or is there a popularity peak soon around the corner? What do you think it will take to get the sport as popular in the US as it is elsewhere?

Thank you so much, you are the best! Martiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins!

MartinsLicis5 karma

You can reach out to Nathan Payton, or Probodycoach on instagram. He’s my nutritionist.

I stretch everyday. The “World’s Greatest Stretch” is still the World’s greatest stretch.

Strongman will keep growing. I’ll make sure of it.

Thank you!

ChiefQuinby2 karma

If I was to start training today, starting with a fat thor bod what would you recommend for building muscle and shedding fat?

MartinsLicis4 karma

Eat your bodyweight in grams of protein / Day. Focus on technique, mobility and body awareness. Don’t worry about fat or strength too soon... Focus on building good habits first, and falling in love with the process.

roytromb2 karma

Martins!!! Big fan, like everybody here. Good luck with the nerve damage recovery. Sucks to hear about Lindsey, hope you are good there. Questions: 1. I remember you used to represent Latvia early on, when and what made you transition to representing the USA? 2. How do you feel winning WSM before Mateusz? 3. Besides sleep what are some affordable ideas on recovery for a beginner Strongman? I’m pretty sure I’m not doing it right.

Thank you for taking us along your journey and keep up the great work.

MartinsLicis3 karma

Thank you! 1) For sponsorship and opportunities, it was a better choice for me to switch to representing the USA. 2. YUSS 3. Play video games and stretch everyday. Drink a lot of water.

Rammstein12242 karma

Hey Martins, congrats on the win, it gives the "little" guys like me hope that strongman isn't just for the pituitary giants.

Since i have been watching your channel about a year ago i have started incorporating strongman into my regimen. Now that i am getting up into the real heavy weights i am starting to have slight pain in my shoulders, elbows, and knees that i really want to prevent getting worse.

It seems as though you are able to avoid a lot of the real bad injuries a lot of strongmen deal with and I'm sure its partly due to great form while lifting but what other things do you do to help combat/prevent major injuries? Stretches(before, during, or after), hot/cold treatment, support wear?

PS: The girlfriend and I visit Cali every once and awhile so next time we visit were gonna stop by the Training Hall, hope to see you and a 1st place Arnold's and second 1st place WSM trophy.

MartinsLicis4 karma

Technique, control, and mobility before strength is the answer to staying healthy!

Yes, come by!

naughtynurse82 karma

Hey Martins! I've been training strongman for the past year. Now that strongman is gaining popularity do you think there's a chance that strongwomen will too? Do you have any tips or advice for the women trying to get into the sport?

MartinsLicis3 karma

I hope to see strongman grow in popularity for women and all weight classes. To get this sport to the level we want it at, it’s absolutely necessary to make it accessible to all body types and people! This sport belongs to everyone.

Tips for women? Same as for anybody. Technique, mobility and body awareness is more important than brute strength in the beginning YEARS.

emmapmccarthy2 karma

How long did it take for you to gain the strength to compete in a worlds strongest man competition?

MartinsLicis6 karma

Almost 20 years of training.

bigthirsty2 karma

Martins! Can’t thank you enough for sharing your life with the world. I have started lifting regularly because of your videos and it’s making me a better father for my 2 yr old.

Question: Do you think the sport of strongman suffers due to the variety and inconsistent event lineup from contest to contest? Compared to something like powerlifting, strongman seems to change from competition to competition. Do you think the sport would benefit from consistency? Thanks again!!!

MartinsLicis5 karma

No, it variety that truly makes this sport special. We need better promotion. It’s growing. Just takes time.

Keep being an amazing Dad. You have the most important job in the World.

bulwerk2 karma

Have you ever had a herniated disc or other back injury? If so, how did it affect your training? I'm surprised everyone in the sport doesn't blow their spine out.

MartinsLicis6 karma

My back is great health. My neck currently is a bit of a concern due to too much log pressing.

rainandpain2 karma

Hey man! Love your videos and you as a person. I have so many questions but I'll try to narrow it down.

  1. Was there a moment in your life when you realized you could actually become world's strongest man and could you describe that moment?

  2. I want to beat the deadlift record at my college gym before I graduate next year. The record is about 650 lbs. My current 1RM is around 430. What specifically would you recommend to help me go about reaching this goal?

MartinsLicis4 karma

1) When I was 9 years old. I was convinced I would one day be WSM. 2) Heavy eccentric work, Isometrics, and above all, perfect your technique.