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Have you ever pooped your pants while doing a massive lift? Asking for a friend

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haha yes!!! I'm impressed you answered lol! Happens to the best of us, got me on my first spartan race lifting something 300x lighter than you. GG on the win my friend

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I've never met somebody with experience in Scientology, thanks for doing the AMA! I'm pretty curious about what they actually teach- is all the $$ you spend for more teaching? Do they not have a regular service you can attend for free? Everything is paid for?

Also, I've heard you basically 'progress' by paying your way to the top. A PTW religion, so to speak (lol). Is that sentiment accurate? Is it obvious which members around you are ascended beyond the rest (i.e. paid the most)?

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First of all, reading what you do and just thinking holy shit this is amazing. Bravo.

Question is- How far do you think this science can go? Futuristic films have explored implications of being able to manipulate memories and even view them to a degree. How much of that is practical down the line and how much of it just feels straight impossible to you?

(Some examples off the top of my head- in Avatar where an individuals consciousness is transported to another body they can control... or in Altered Carbon when individuals can project a virtual reality for a prisoner, jump 'into their brain' and torture them etc).