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he is a douche

I only met him in person once, he told me I was making the pizza wrong but wouldn't tell me what I was doing wrong. My pizzas consistently got 9.5/10 on random quality checks. Fuck that guy.

he does everything in his power to prevent his company from having to in any way provide insurance for full time employees. When tax season came around they actually passed around contracts saying that you were offered insurance benefits and chose to decline. Anyone who refused to sign was fired for whatever bullshit reason they could come up with. A lot of people had their hours cut on a regular basis because of the threat that we'd have to insure them.

Management makes about $9 an hour, which would be perfectly acceptable in the middle of nowhere but not in a city that gets ridiculous business and understaffs their stores.

he's also had a lot of work done and it's kind of obvious in person but I don't honestly feel that's a bad thing. Do whatever you want to your own face.

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Papa John's has better ingredients overall and Dominos has better cheese. I don't like pizza anymore.

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haha suffer

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lmao no they'd have no employees if they did

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frying pan with a lid, very small amount of olive oil. Makes the crust crispy without drying out the toppings.