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"I am the one who winks!"

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With unlimited time and resources, what would your ultimate cosplay be? :)

Edit: Thanks for all the replies. :D

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Congratulations on being the World's Stongest Man! Are you interested in going for any particular strongman records, such as the Dinnie Stones or the Húsafell?

Edit: By the way, if you ever try caber tossing, watch out as it can hit you in a sensitive place!

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Making associations such as colours, personalities, etc. with numbers is how people make record-breaking feats of memorisation, such as learning tens of thousands of digits of pi. However, synesthetes such as yourself make these associations naturally.

Have you found that you have an extraordinarily good memory for certain information because it's triggering your synaesthesia?

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I'm now imagining him sneezing inside his mousehead...